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Genius Hack - deep links to episodes

These are magic links to individual episodes for Genius Hack, provided to help you share audio for this podcast.

These links work on everything - they open the episode on Apple Podcasts on an iOS device like an iPhone; will open the episode on the Google Podcasts player on an Android device; and will open a web player on any other device. We’re currently linking to Google Podcasts on the web, since it displays episode notes in full. Right-click a link to copy the link address.

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May 28, 2019: Returning to the moon & Disaster for Huawei?? | Audio file

May 28, 2019: 5G Fears and some Technology Myths | Audio file

May 6, 2019: The Science of Superheros | Audio file

May 1, 2019: Game Streaming in the 90s? And the Gameboy turns 30!! | Audio file

April 23, 2019: Some Late Black Hole facts and predictions for the future | Audio file

April 9, 2019: How we once viewed the Future | Audio file

April 2, 2019: The internet as we know it is about to change! | Audio file

March 26, 2019: Google Stadia and the streaming revolution | Audio file

March 20, 2019: Will Robots Take Our Jobs??? | Audio file

March 12, 2019: Viruses, Bacteria and Human Extinction!! | Audio file

March 5, 2019: Season 2 Premier!! The future of Prosthetics | Audio file

February 25, 2019: The Best of Season 1 (Part 2) | Audio file

February 18, 2019: The Best of Season 1 (Part 1) | Audio file

February 12, 2019: Trailblazing Women in Science | Audio file

February 5, 2019: The World of Deepfakes | Audio file

January 29, 2019: Ireland's First Satellite, EIRSAT-1 | Audio file

January 22, 2019: The End Of Smartphones?? | Audio file

January 15, 2019: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and our Expanding Universe! | Audio file

January 7, 2019: Using Nanotechnology to fight Pollution | Audio file

January 1, 2019: The Future of Science | Audio file

December 24, 2018: The Science of Santa | Audio file

December 18, 2018: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence | Audio file

December 11, 2018: The Christmas Comet and Mars InSight! | Audio file

December 9, 2018: Are We Cyborgs?? Genius Hack Pilot Episode! | Audio file

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