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Chrisley Confessions - deep links to episodes

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June 19, 2019: 42: Suffering is Optional, Not Having Children, and Fear of Flying | Audio file

June 12, 2019: 41: Stay-at-Home Dad, You're Never Too Old, and Marriage is a Hard Job | Audio file

June 5, 2019: 40: Respect Your Rights, Code of Honor, and UnGodly Jokes | Audio file

May 29, 2019: 39: The Clothes Don't Make the Man, Religion is Tough, and Just Say No. | Audio file

May 22, 2019: 38: Be a Man and Get a Mortgage, Daddy Issues, and Real Estate 101 | Audio file

May 16, 2019: 37: Dishes and Lighbulbs, Turning the Tabloids, and Sister Sister | Audio file

May 8, 2019: 36: A PhD in Sarcasm, Busy Moms, and Passive Agression | Audio file

May 1, 2019: 35: Two Hats for Every Head, Keep Your Business of the Gram, and Teens in Love | Audio file

April 24, 2019: 34: Todd is Angry, Children's Sins Belong to Them, and Kardashians | Audio file

April 17, 2019: 33: Education is Experience, Get a Life, and Different Opinions | Audio file

April 10, 2019: 32: A Marriage Worth More than the Kitchen Sink, Find the Blessing in Everything, and Emily from Texas | Audio file

April 3, 2019: 31: Cancer Doesn't Discriminate with Brandon Janous | Audio file

March 27, 2019: 30: Being Happy Alone, Scripture Says, and Honor from a Distance | Audio file

March 21, 2019: 29: Mornings on the Right Foot, Seeking Grace, and New Wives in High School | Audio file

March 13, 2019: 28: New Spouses, New Addictions, and Global Warming | Audio file

March 6, 2019: 27: Incarcerated Baby Daddies, Chrisleys Love New York, and Insurance Premiums | Audio file

February 27, 2019: 26: Road Trips, Let it Go, and the Booty is Out There | Audio file

February 20, 2019: 25: Remember Your Joy, How to Relax, and Educate Yourself | Audio file

February 13, 2019: 24: Nosy Nelly, Dating Age Gaps, Weddings, and Funerals | Audio file

February 6, 2019: 23: Helicopter Parents, Leap of Faith, and Your Confessions | Audio file

January 23, 2019: 22: Ungrateful Brides, Finding Common Ground, and Putting Marriage First | Audio file

January 16, 2019: 21: Little Spoon, Public Eye, and Mutual Respect | Audio file

January 9, 2019: 20: Boys with Dogs, Aging Parents, and Flirting | Audio file

January 3, 2019: 19: Todd Chrisley Does Laundry, Tweens, and Eat that Liver Before It Eats You | Audio file

December 26, 2018: 18: A Chrisley Christmas: Believe in Something! | Audio file

December 19, 2018: 17: Millennials Shacking Up, Grandchildren as Children, and Who's the Favorite | Audio file

December 12, 2018: 16: Own Your Shame, Veterans Care, and DeMarcus Drop-In | Audio file

December 5, 2018: 15: Leading by Example, the Other Side of Addiction, and Phone Tag | Audio file

November 28, 2018: 14: Peeling Back the Layers, Codependent Parents, and Rude Fans | Audio file

November 21, 2018: 13: Millennial Woes, Bad Children, and Bad Parents | Audio file

November 14, 2018: 12: Medical Survaillence, College Quest, and Flippant Society | Audio file

November 7, 2018: 11: Alcohol, Newlyweds, and Ugly Stepmothers | Audio file

October 31, 2018: 10: House Help, Cell Phones, and Interfaith Marriages | Audio file

October 24, 2018: Adult Babysitting | Audio file

October 17, 2018: Dealing with Heartache, Searching for a Purpose, and In-law Issues | Audio file

October 10, 2018: Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts Joins the Chrisleys to Answer This Week's Voicemails! | Audio file

October 3, 2018: Savannah is Back! We're Talking About Communication, a Meddling Mother, Boundary Issues & Explaining Sex and Puberty to Children | Audio file

September 26, 2018: The Power Of Prayer, Parenting Tips For Soon To Be Parents, Fighting Siblings, and Faith Being Tested | Audio file

September 19, 2018: Betrayal, Waiting for a Proposal and the Forgotten Instagram Account | Audio file

September 12, 2018: No Gear Sticks, Pageantry, and Keeping the Bedroom Poppin' | Audio file

September 5, 2018: Part 2, Confessions and Truth: Step Children, Ex-Wives, and Lies | Audio file

August 29, 2018: Episode One, Just The Beginning | Audio file

August 17, 2018: Trailer Episode | Audio file

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