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Why'd You Push That Button? - deep links to episodes

These are magic links to individual episodes for Why'd You Push That Button?, provided to help you share audio for this podcast.

These links work on everything - they open the episode on Apple Podcasts on an iOS device like an iPhone; will open the episode on the Google Podcasts player on an Android device; and will open a web player on any other device. We’re currently linking to Google Podcasts on the web, since it displays episode notes in full. Right-click a link to copy the link address.

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June 19, 2019: Death Online: Mourning a robot | Audio file

June 12, 2019: Death Online: Planning your digital afterlife | Audio file

June 5, 2019: Does deleting Instagram make you happier? | Audio file

May 29, 2019: Why are you anonymous online? | Audio file

May 22, 2019: Why do you promote your tweets? | Audio file

May 15, 2019: Why do iPhone users judge people with green text bubbles? | Audio file

May 13, 2019: We’re back this week! | Audio file

February 6, 2019: Should we be kind to our smart assistants? | Audio file

January 9, 2019: Why do you use an exclusive dating app? | Audio file

January 2, 2019: Why do you ask questions anonymously? | Audio file

December 26, 2018: Why do you post on fake holidays? | Audio file

December 19, 2018: Why do you send voice messages? | Audio file

December 12, 2018: How do you choose your emoji skin tone? | Audio file

November 28, 2018: What makes a place Instagram-worthy? | Audio file

November 21, 2018: What have you bought on Instagram? | Audio file

November 14, 2018: Who is your Instagram boyfriend? | Audio file

November 7, 2018: Why do you text like that? | Audio file

October 31, 2018: Why did you leave the group chat? | Audio file

October 24, 2018: When is it okay to record someone? | Audio file

October 17, 2018: Why do you delete your tweets? | Audio file

May 15, 2018: How do you break up on Instagram? | Audio file

May 8, 2018: Have you turned off push notifications? | Audio file

May 1, 2018: Why did you unfollow me? | Audio file

April 24, 2018: How do you save your Tinder date's phone number? | Audio file

April 17, 2018: Why is it so hard to build a successful music social network? | Audio file

April 10, 2018: Why do you leave restaurant reviews? | Audio file

April 3, 2018: Why do you have a finstagram? | Audio file

March 27, 2018: Why did you ignore my Facebook event invite? | Audio file

March 20, 2018: Do you take selfies in public? | Audio file

March 12, 2018: Does tech encourage ghosting? | Audio file

March 6, 2018: Who owns a meme? | Audio file

December 23, 2017: Holiday Spectacular 2017 | Audio file

December 19, 2017: Why do you share your location? | Audio file

December 12, 2017: Why do you hold on to text threads? | Audio file

December 5, 2017: How do you send nudes? | Audio file

November 28, 2017: Why do you rewatch your own Instagram stories? | Audio file

November 14, 2017: Why do you stalk people on Venmo? | Audio file

November 7, 2017: Why do you share streaming service passwords? | Audio file

October 31, 2017: Why do you like celebrity photos on Instagram? | Audio file

October 24, 2017: Why do you turn on read receipts? | Audio file

October 17, 2017: Why do you Super Like people on Tinder? | Audio file

October 11, 2017: Coming soon: Why'd You Push That Button? | Audio file

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