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June 14, 2019: Is Calpol the heroin of childhood? SAPS124 | Audio file

June 7, 2019: As Predators Flock to Teen App Snapchat. Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Safe. SAPS123 | Audio file

May 31, 2019: How can we get our children playing outside again? SAPS 122 | Audio file

May 24, 2019: How To Become A Calmer More Confident Mother - SAPS121 | Audio file

May 17, 2019: Juggling The Complexities of Working from Home with Kids - SAPS 120 | Audio file

May 10, 2019: Children Could Be Banned from School. Is It Wrong to Punish Children for NOT Having the MMR Vaccination? SAPS119 | Audio file

May 3, 2019: 5 Evidence-Based Secrets to Revising That Will DRAMATICALLY Improve Your Kids Grades SAPS118 | Audio file

April 24, 2019: More Than a Score - Special Episode with Nancy Stewart! | Audio file

April 19, 2019: What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health SAPS117 | Audio file

April 12, 2019: Fussy Eaters? Sue Joins Disney Junior UK for a Parenting Hacks Tea Party To Give You Her Top Tricks & Tips! SAPS116 | Audio file

April 5, 2019: Why cooking up a happy step family is like a slow burning casserole! SAPS115 | Audio file

March 29, 2019: Why Boredom Is GOOD for Your Kids - SAPS114 | Audio file

March 22, 2019: Sue’s Tea Party on Bedtimes for Disney Junior - SAPS113 | Audio file

March 15, 2019: Raising Adventurous Eaters in a Chicken Nugget World - SAPS 112 | Audio file

March 8, 2019: How to raise children to love maths even if you don't. Ending Power Struggles Over Exam Revision. In conversation with Neil Coleman from Outdoor Play and Learning. SAPS 111 | Audio file

March 1, 2019: New Baby? How to get your partner to help out more. Let’s Talk’ - Teenage Smokers. Sue in Conversation with Sean Grover - SAPS 110 | Audio file

February 22, 2019: Celebrating the impact of global educationalists at ‘The Nexus Education Blog Awards.’ What to say when Grandma dies. Plus, Joel Hawbaker discussing ‘Blended’ families. SAPS109 | Audio file

February 15, 2019: How to support step children when their biological father doesn't want contact. Supporting children with two houses after divorce. Sue in Conversation with Jayneen Sanders author of 'Some Secrets Shouldn't Be Kept'. SAPS 108 | Audio file

February 8, 2019: Moving House? 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust Easily, Anorexia and Bulimia: What to Look For, Want to positively TRANSFORM the atmosphere in your home? Plus Sue in Conversation with Maria Lianos - Carbone from A Mom's World SAPS107 | Audio file

January 25, 2019: “So, do you want kids?” 10 essential parenting questions you’ve GOT to ask your partner. 6 Parenting Tips When Your Child is Disruptive in Class Plus · Ant McPartlin Diagnosis & Sue’s Masterclass on ADHD - SAPS 106 | Audio file

January 18, 2019: Why Babies Cry in the Bath & What You Can Do About It. Myths About Perfectionism & #FamilyFun ‘ING’ Activities - the Antidote to ‘Too Much Screen Time’ - SAPS105 | Audio file

January 11, 2019: Is your family's screen time under control? Don’t Stew- Ask Sue: Should I let my son’s girlfriend stay over? Sue in conversation with ‘Hattie’s Friends’ author Lesley Berrington – wonderful books about disability. SAPS104 | Audio file

December 28, 2018: A Compendium of Parenting Advice at the end of 2018 - SAPS 103 | Audio file

December 21, 2018: Sue’s parenting phone- in on ITV ‘This Morning’ covering sibling rivalry, autism and clingy babies; Sue meets Anne Hegarty from ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and asks ‘Was Holly Willoughby wrong to take her kids out of school to host the Show with Dec? | Audio file

December 14, 2018: The Dangers of Creating Cotton Wool Kids. Practical tips to handle whining, complaining & moaning. Sue in Conversation with Lotte Stringer from Hectors House a charity helping to prevent suicide. SAPS101 | Audio file

December 7, 2018: As David Beckham gets trolled for a peck on the lips with Harper, we ask ‘What is an appropriate way to show affection to your kids these days?’ Do you want your kids to play with more ‘traditional toys’ this Christmas or are you bursting to get t | Audio file

November 30, 2018: The number of boys with eating disorders has doubled - We explore why being a stay-at-home dad with young children isn’t easy Plus, Sue is in conversation with Tom Harbour of ‘Maths with Parents’ SAPS99 | Audio file

November 23, 2018: The REAL age kids have full access to Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram, get a mobile phone & stay at home alone – the findings will shock you! What Makes A Great Grandparent? Sue offers her tips for ‘Coping With The Early Days of Singled Games. Parentin | Audio file

November 16, 2018: Why cutting down on mobile phones isn't just for your children. The #ChooseRespect message this Anti Bullying Week. Plus Sue in Conversation With Louise Mercieca author of ‘How Food Shapes Your Child' SAPS97 | Audio file

November 9, 2018: Would you like your child born in July or August to start school later? Would you change your child’s surname after splitting from your partner? Plus, Sue on BBC Radio talking about 'Lawnmower Parents!' | Audio file

November 2, 2018: A Clip Selection For Half Term - SAPS95 | Audio file

October 26, 2018: Practical Tips To Help Shy Children. Encouraging Boys To Read More and What To Do About Sleep Deprived Teens plus Sue in Conversation with Jo Fitzgerald of Little Sponges - SAPS 94 | Audio file

October 19, 2018: Does school uniform need to change? How can I protect my children from inappropriate online content? It seems to be everywhere. Fussy Eaters. There are FOUR parental 'feeding styles,' but only ONE is good for your kids' health – are you using it? SAPS9 | Audio file

October 12, 2018: Should we stop hugging our children when they hit the teenage years - should dads stop hugging their daughters? Your toddler bedtime and sleep question answered & Sue in Conversation With Tina Stubbs of the fabulous Life’s Little Bugs - SAPS92 | Audio file

October 5, 2018: Ideas to help full-time working parents. We discuss what happens to kids in a divorce plus Sue is in conversation with Deborah Khan author of ‘She’s Back’ a fresh, pragmatic and above all useful guide for every woman returning to work. SAPS91 | Audio file

September 28, 2018: Tips for Coping with Empty Nest. Measles, Mumps & Rubella Are on The Increase – Should Vaccinating Kids Be Compulsory? Plus Sue on BBC Radio Leeds talking about her Amazon best-selling book ‘Parenting Made Easy – How To Raise Happy Children’ SAPS9 | Audio file

September 21, 2018: Was Kirstie Allsopp right to smash her kids iPads? Fortnite is putting children at risk from online paedophiles can you argue with the National Crime Agency? Sue in conversation with Dr. Janet Rose Principle of Norland College - SAPS89 | Audio file

September 14, 2018: Is Your Kid’s Sibling Rivalry Out of Control? Tips for Babies Who Won’t Take Naps, plus Sue in Conversation with Tracy Gladman from The Worrinots! SAPS88 | Audio file

September 7, 2018: Summer Special Edition 2 - including Don't Stew Ask Sue advice on interrupting kids, worries at different ages, encouragement rather than praise and reading readiness - SAPS 87 | Audio file

August 31, 2018: Summer Special Edition including Sue with Eamonn Holmes on Children Spending Too Long Online and conversations with Gina Bale, Andy Cope and Elaine Wylie - SAPS 86 | Audio file

August 24, 2018: How to Spot your Child’s Language of Love. Starting A New Job? – Sue’s Tips to Make Sure You Get A Better Work/Life Balance. Listen again to Sue’s ITV ‘This Morning’ parenting phone in on ‘Baby Led Weaning, ADHD and a 3-Year-Old Who Thinks M | Audio file

August 17, 2018: Why A Half-Hearted 'Sorry' Doesn't Teach Your Kids Anything, 7 Quick Stress Busters for Kids and Role Models For Daughters - SAPS 84 | Audio file

August 10, 2018: Sue in Conversation with Speech Bubble. The Psychological and Social Benefits of Sport for Kids. Simple Tips To Aid ‘Reading Readiness’ plus Sue’s new eCourse on Sucessful Stepfamilies - SAPS83 | Audio file

August 3, 2018: Help for Nannies Handling Flirtatious Fathers, Controlling Mothers and Sparring Partners. Ways to Engage Parents - Ideas for Play Therapists plus Sue in Conversation with Andy Cope from The Art of Brilliance - SAPS82 | Audio file

July 27, 2018: Why Counting To 3 is a BAD idea. Why Encouragement is better than Praise Sue In Conversation With Elaine Wyllie – from The Daily Mile – fighting obesity the simple way - SAPS 81 | Audio file

July 20, 2018: Sizzling Summer: Tips to Help you ALL Enjoy the LONG Summer Hols. 10 Simple, Quick & Easy Strategies for Stress-Free Air Travel with Children. Fool Proof Tips to get Kids Away from Technology - SAPS80 | Audio file

July 13, 2018: Supporting Your Children Through Divorce, Ages & Stages of What Children Commonly Worry About & Sue in Conversation with Gina Bale of The Little Magic Train SAPS79 | Audio file

July 6, 2018: The Pros and Cons of Siblings Sharing Bedrooms. Is 54 too old to have a baby as Brigitte Neilsen gives birth to baby Frida? & I’m in conversation with Jayneen Sanders author of ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ - SAPS 78 | Audio file

June 29, 2018: How Will #MeToo Affect Raising your Kids? Ideas to stop being a ‘Helicopter Parent?’ & Sue In Conversation With Emma Boardman Magliocchetti from Bambini Lingo - SAPS77 | Audio file

June 22, 2018: Thumb Sucking, Playing With Guns and Getting Your Little Darlings To Behave plus I’m in conversation with Ben Povey – from ‘Educating Greater Manchester’ on Channel 4 - SAPS76 | Audio file

June 15, 2018: Military Mums, 'Me' Time, Homework Battles and a conversation with Mine Conkybayir, Neuroscience Award-Winning Author, Lecturer and Trainer - SAPS75 | Audio file

June 8, 2018: The Sue Atkins ‘That was Easy’ Button – Sue’s Alternative to the Naughty Step. Pain Free Potty Training & Getting Your Little Darlings To Behave The First Time - SAPS74 | Audio file

June 1, 2018: Is Banning Children from the Internet like ‘Child Abuse? When to Be Worried If Your Baby Isn’t Talking Yet & What To Do With Teenagers Hogging Bathrooms! SAPS73 | Audio file

May 25, 2018: When is your child too OLD to call you 'Daddy'? Handling Your Child’s Exam Nerves & Stress Positively, New Baby – New Challenges & Sue In Conversation With Sean Grover on How to Seize Back Control from Your Bullying Child - SAPS72 | Audio file

May 18, 2018: 5 Reasons Why Excessive Gaming is BAD for Your Kids & How to Disable Fortnite in-app Purchases So Your Kids DON’T Rack Up A HUGE Bill On Your Credit Card! Plus, We Discuss the Pros & Cons of Taking Your Kids Out of School in Term Time & Whether Schools (links coming shortly) | Audio file

May 18, 2018: 5 Reasons Why Excessive Gaming is BAD for Your Kids & How to Disable Fortnite in-app Purchases So Your Kids DON’T Rack Up A HUGE Bill On Your Credit Card! Plus, We Discuss the Pros & Cons of Taking Your Kids Out of School in Term Time & Whether Schools | Audio file

May 11, 2018: What to do if your kids interrupt you ALL the time & should we teach cooking in schools again? SAPS70 | Audio file

May 4, 2018: Vampires at The Nursery – what to do if your child starts biting, How To Decide Between Childminders or Nurseries & Sue In Conversation With Ross McWilliam author of books for children on self-esteem, confidence & emotional resilience - SPAS69 | Audio file

April 27, 2018: Teen Girls and The Dangers of Diets, Body Image & Spots, Coping With Your Ex after Divorce & The Highs & Lows of Being An Older Dad - SAPS68 | Audio file

April 19, 2018: Andrew Merriman talks about adjusting as a Dad to Down’s Syndrome, we discuss is it ever OK to put your kids ‘on a diet’ & the shocking rise of internet ‘child shaming’ SAPS 67 | Audio file

April 13, 2018: Should Smacking / Spanking Be Banned? - SAPS66 | Audio file

April 6, 2018: Sue in Conversation With Parenting Experts - SAPS65 | Audio file

March 30, 2018: Talking to your kids about the ‘Birds and the Bees, teething top tips and why it’s NOT a good idea to shame your child on social media - SAPS64 | Audio file

March 23, 2018: As Netflix announce collectible stickers – is it OK to actively encourage kids to binge watch? As a primary school encourages children to play with knives, hammers and fire to toughen them up we discuss how to help our kids take ‘safe’ risks plus | Audio file

March 16, 2018: Why we need to hug our kids more, tips to stop running on empty, how to handle your boomerang kids, Sue in Conversation with Safeguarding Expert Ann Marie Christian plus my parenting Round Up on Eamonn Holmes new talkRADIO Show - SAPS62 | Audio file

March 9, 2018: The Signs of Drug Taking In Your Teen, Handling The Death of a Loved One, Plus Our Nutrition and Hydration Week Special promoting and celebrating nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally - SAPS 61 | Audio file

March 2, 2018: Should Kids Be Allowed To Splash Their Pocket Money On Anything They Like? Baldrey-Chourio from Nana’s Manners! Coping With Stroppy Stepchildren & In Conversation With Headteacher Drew Povey from ‘Educating Greater Manchester’ About Handling Stress | Audio file

February 23, 2018: Simple Potty Training Tips Even When A New Baby Is On The Way, Why You Shouldn’t Join ‘The Clean Plate Club,’ Plus Ways To Help If Your Child Is Being Cyber Bullied - SAPS59 | Audio file

February 16, 2018: What kids are learning when they fidget, climb or hang upside down, what to do if your kids constantly WHINE plus how to tell if your child is taking part in the 24-Hour Fort challenge - SAPS 58 | Audio file

February 9, 2018: Top Tips for Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave GUILT FREE, Advice For Dealing With Messy Teenagers, Simple Ways To Nurture Creativity in Your Kids Plus Ways to Encourage Smart Talkers With Libby Hill. SAPS57 | Audio file

February 2, 2018: Co-sleeping, being the 'Perfect Parent' & in conversation with parenting writer Liat Hughes Joshi SAPS56 | Audio file

January 26, 2018: Avoiding Tearful Goodbyes With Clingy Toddlers, Creating Cotton Wool Kids plus Expert Swati Popat Vats and Dennis the Menace! - SAPS 55 | Audio file

January 19, 2018: Signs that you’re a ‘Pushy Parent,’ Tips for dealing with your child’s friendship challenges, homework in the news, plus life saving tips to stop your child from choking. SAPS54 | Audio file

January 12, 2018: How To Prepare Your Kids For The REAL World Of Work, Signs That Your Baby is Allergic To Formula, Alexia Leachman on Fear Free Childbirth & Sue’s Interview With Dr. Ger Graus OBE Global Director of Education at KidZania. | Audio file

January 5, 2018: Why Autism is Different for Girls, Snacks for our Kids, ‘Parentioners’ (that’s older Dads to me & you) & 20 Quick Parenting Life Hacks to Make Living With Kids Easier! SAPS 52 | Audio file

December 29, 2017: A Review of 2017 on The Sue Atkins Parenting Show - SAPS51 | Audio file

December 22, 2017: Philippa Johnson on Family Mediation Week, Tips For Handling Teens & Booze At Parties, Banish Homework Hassles & Living With Down’s Syndrome - SAPS50 | Audio file

December 15, 2017: Why too many toys are BAD for your kids, what to do if your kids HATE sport & teaching your baby to fall asleep ON THEIR OWN! Episode 49 of The Sue Atkins Show | Audio file

December 8, 2017: Fighting! From Stepfamilies To Siblings Are you brimming with love or do you squabble over everything? SAPS48 | Audio file

December 1, 2017: Vicki Dawson On The Importance Of Sleep - Plus - Being OK With Being An Imperfect Parent, Discover Your Child’s Secret Language of Love & Why Family Talk Time Could Save Your Relationship! Episode 47 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show. | Audio file

November 24, 2017: #GlitterGate, Perfectionism & Autism, & Ways To Cope With OCD SAPS46 | Audio file

November 17, 2017: Nurturing ‘CAN DO’ Strong, Resilient Kids, Anti – Bullying Tips & What To Do If Your Boys Want To Wear Tiaras & Tutus. SAPS 45 | Audio file

November 10, 2017: ‘Why is it that we go on courses from ‘Marketing to Management’ but feel embarrassed to ask for parenting help?’ Saying NO to kids confidently, juggling work/life balance & bedtime battles. SAPS 44 | Audio file

November 3, 2017: Discover The Power of The Sleep Fairy, What To Do About Absent Dads and a Mum's Journey Through Asperger's -SAPS43 | Audio file

October 27, 2017: Feral Families, Unruly Children & Scotland Bans Smacking - has the world gone mad plus why SkinToSkin is changing babies lives Episode 42 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show - SAPS42 | Audio file

October 20, 2017: How Girls with Autism Are Totally Different To Boys & Why Some Teenagers Lie. Episode 41 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show - SAPS41 | Audio file

October 13, 2017: Dr Foster - enthralled or disgusted by the harrowing lessons of divorce? Episode 40 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show - SAPS40 | Audio file

October 6, 2017: Sue talks age-appropriate e-safety with eCadets & learns about GoBubble – the new app that allows children to take advantage of the best bits of social media without any of the negative dangers. SAPS39 | Audio file

September 28, 2017: Drew Povey's Educating Greater Manchester secrets! SAPS 38 | Audio file

September 22, 2017: The REAL Super Heroes, ‘Saying Goodbye’ Support for Grieving Parents & Teacher’s STRESS. Episode 37 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show | Audio file

September 15, 2017: Julian Caldwell - Get ConnectDad! SAPS 36 | Audio file

September 8, 2017: Does middle child syndrome exist and do the Royal Family need to worry about it? SAPS35 | Audio file

September 1, 2017: Last minute back-to-school tips and smacking blows up! SAPS34 | Audio file

August 25, 2017: Sue talks chores, anti-social behaviour and 'I'm bored' in radio interviews! SAPS33 | Audio file

August 18, 2017: Liam Hackett Ditches the Label and tackles bullying - SAPS32 | Audio file

August 11, 2017: Helping Your Kids Become Smart Talkers - with Libby Hill SAPS31 | Audio file

August 4, 2017: Sue's Parenting Tips, Techniques and Tools - SAPS30 | Audio file

July 28, 2017: Why A Moving Child Is A Learning Child - SAPS29 | Audio file

July 21, 2017: How to avoid sibling rivalry and the dangers of Fitbits - SAPS28 | Audio file

July 14, 2017: The importance of play for your child - with Dr. Amanda Gummer - SAPS27 | Audio file

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