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Podcast Editor and Producer

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A part time position at PodQuake, Guwahati Assam, India

We are seeking a talented and experienced Podcast Editor and Producer to join our team and help us create engaging and high-quality podcasts. As a Podcast Editor and Producer, you will play a crucial role in shaping the overall sound and production of our podcasts, ensuring a seamless and captivating listening experience for our audience. You will have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of podcast genres and topics, collaborating closely with hosts, guests, and the production team.


  1. Audio Editing and Post-Production:

    • Edit raw podcast recordings to create a polished and professional final product.
    • Enhance audio quality through noise reduction, equalization, compression, and other audio processing techniques.
    • Ensure a consistent audio level and balance throughout the podcast episodes.
    • Edit out any technical errors, pauses, or irrelevant content to maintain a smooth flow.
    • Incorporate sound effects, music, and transitions where appropriate to enhance the listening experience.
  2. Content Management and Organization:

    • Manage and organize podcast files, including backups and archives, to ensure efficient workflow and accessibility.
    • Maintain an organized system for tracking and managing episode drafts, edits, and revisions.
    • Collaborate with hosts and guests to gather necessary information, including introductions, sponsor messages, and promotional materials.
  3. Show Development and Creative Input:

    • Contribute creative ideas and suggestions to enhance the overall quality and appeal of the podcasts.
    • Provide feedback on episode structure, pacing, and content flow to optimize listener engagement.
    • Collaborate with hosts and producers to develop show concepts, segments, and interview formats.
    • Quality Assurance and Delivery:
    • Conduct thorough quality checks on each podcast episode to ensure technical accuracy, audio consistency, and adherence to brand standards.
    • Meet production deadlines and deliver completed episodes in the required format and specifications.
    • Coordinate with the production team to ensure the timely release of episodes across various platforms.
    • Stay Up-to-Date with Podcasting Trends and Technologies:
    • Keep abreast of industry trends, new techniques, and emerging technologies in podcast editing and production.
    • Continuously improve technical skills and knowledge of editing software and tools.


If you have a passion for audio storytelling and want to contribute to the creation of compelling podcasts, we would love to hear from you. Join our team and help us captivate audiences with exceptional podcast content.

About us: PodQuake is a leading podcast management agency dedicated to helping creators and brands unleash the power of their voices. With our expertise in editing, production, and strategic guidance, we elevate podcasts to new heights, delivering captivating content that resonates with our client’s audiences worldwide. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and personalized support to help you make a seismic impact in the podcasting landscape.

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