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A full time position
Fully remote: working with a USA-based team at Frequency.

Audio has been transformed over the last 10 years, and with the latest boosts to mobile technology, data bandwidth, and hardware, any form of audio is now available for us as we go about our day-to-day activities. More and more listeners are tuned in to their favorite music artists, podcasts, and audiobooks. The technologies for delivering the content are there but the ads that support the medium are practically the same style of ads heard in the car in the 1990s. Audio Advertising is now in need of its own revolution to make the listener experience and connection to advertisers authentic and enjoyable.

About Frequency

Considered Audio’s first Creative Management Platform, Frequency is powering the future of audio advertising. Frequency makes audio advertising easy and more effective by automating the ad creative process and leveraging data and proprietary creative technologies to enhance ad performance. A pioneer in the space since 2017, Frequency has been developing the latest cutting edge technologies that the world’s largest Audio Publishers and Advertisers now use.

What we’re looking for...

We are looking for an experienced product manager to join the growing Frequency team with an appreciation for all things creative. You'll be responsible for the roadmap, management and delivery of key features for the Frequency platform. You’ll play a central role in evolving and scaling the platform that supports ad operations for iHeartMedia and other world class publishers. We’re looking for an experienced product manager who has an affinity for technical products, a passion for process, and an unquenchable curiosity. This position is US-only and fully remote.

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