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New Podcast Trailers

New Podcast Trailers

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If you’re always on the hunt for more great podcasts to listen to, you’re in luck!

Podnews’s podcast news section features new and newsworthy podcasts every day; and our new podcast trailers RSS feed highlights some of the best.

Here’s where to listen:

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts RSS Feed

You should also be able to search for “New Podcast Trailers” in any podcast app.

How does it work?

We mention new shows, normally submitted directly by the publishers themselves, every day in our newsletter.

Every day, we automatically check those shows we mention for a trailer - a special, short taster of a show which appears in podcast directories to help you decide what to listen to next.

If one exists, we’ll add the newest trailer to our feed.

We use (and help support) the Podcast Index to help us build this feed.

How many people use it for my show?

We link to your content, so it will appear as a play on your hosting company’s dashboard.

We also use OP3 to measure these plays: see our stats here. “Shows” will be named by the title of the podcast.

If you’re able to see it, we add a _from=podnews flag to the audio file as a GET parameter, so your own podcast hosting service may know how many listeners we get you.

Other formats

We also produce:


We use OP3 to measure this feed. Here’s their privacy policy, and here is ours. Many podcasts we link to also use other prefix analytics services.

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How does this work with copyright?

We link to the original podcast audio. A play from this RSS feed will appear as a play from the podcaster’s hosting company; we’re not caching the audio for these shows. The same goes for the artwork.

Our episode descriptions are made from our writeup of the podcast, and link to the publisher’s website and more details.

If shows have been submitted to us, our response is clear that we add trailers to our feed.

We believe we’re using these trailers as intended in New Podcast Trailers - to promote a new podcast. But, if you have concerns, do get in touch.


New Podcast Trailers
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