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Boostagram numerology

Boost! When some people send you boostagrams, part of podcasting’s value4value tipping technology, then you may see strange numbers. Is there a hidden meaning in a tip of 420 sats?

Here’s a list, first written by Gary Arndt of the Everything Everywhere podcast, and now living on Github for anyone to edit...

200Mendoza Line Boost
300Spartan Boost
315Caesar Boost
333Magic Number and a half Boost
420Stoner Boost
500Indy Boost
666Satan Boost
755Hank Aaron Boost
777Stryper Boost
958Usain Bolt Boost
1004Trucker Boost
1034Riot Boost
1066Norman Boost
1138Lucas Boost
1215Magna Carta Boost
1414Irrational Boost
1492Columbus Boost
1618Golden Boost
1701Star Trek Boost
1776Liberty Boost
1948Israel Again Boost
1999Prince Boost
2001Arthur C Clarke Boost
2112Rush Boost
2222Row of Ducks Boost
2260Duck Duck Go Boost
2718e Boost
3142Pi Boost
3333Double Magic Number Boost
4205High 5 Boost
5150Van Halen Boost
5280Mile High Boost
5555High Five Boost
7734Hell Boost
8008Boob Boost
8701Usher Boost
10000Wilt Chamberlain Boost
90210Beverly Hills Boost
221905RandsDay Boost
312009Bitcoin Birthday Boost
376006Google Boost
5318008School Calculator Boost
8675309Jenny Boost

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