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April 8, 2024:
February 15, 2024:
January 29, 2024:
    The BBC's Brown Girls Do It Too is back for a new season. An award-winning podcast, it talks about things that we can't talk about in an email and still hope to get it through email firewalls. Vox Media put us into spam purgatory recently, as one example, and we're still not sure why. Anyway, if you know what "it" is, then this is for you.
December 29, 2023:
    In the Podnews Weekly Review this week, hear from 21 people across podcasting about their highlights of 2023, and predictions for 2024. More consolidation for podcast publishers, diversity in monetisation techniques, big-name retirements as podcasting reaches 20, and the benefit of multi-platform podcasting, it’s all in this episode: speakers include Acast’s Ross Adams, Vox Media’s Nayeema Raza, Skye Pillsbury from The Squeeze, Ausha’s Jennifer Han, and many more. Listen here.
December 6, 2023:
    Podcasting is coming to SXSW, with Vox Media partnering with the Conference to provide an Official Podcast Stage. A number of popular shows will be brought to the stage next March.
November 6, 2023:
    Apple Podcasts' PR person, Zach Kahn, is being promoted to PR for Apple Vision Pro. He was the first PR person for Apple Podcasts, joining from Vox Media in Jan 2020. We understand Apple Podcasts will gain a new PR representative next month.
October 25, 2023:
    It's a year since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Vox Media's Land of the Giants returns for a new series today. Hosted by Vox’s Peter Kafka, the show will tell the story of Twitter (now known as X) at a crucial moment for the platform, including interviews with former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, first VP of Product Jason Goldman, Yoel Roth, a former head of trust and safety along with additional early and recent employees.
October 2, 2023:
August 16, 2023:
July 27, 2023:
    Vox Media's Land of the Giants, a narrative podcast about big tech, has a new season out today: it looks at twenty years of Tesla, including its forgotten origin story as well as its polarising CEO. If that's not enough Musk for you, in October, there'll be a new season on Twitter.
July 18, 2023:
July 11, 2023:
    Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel returns today with Vox Media, as the show turns to 'always-on'. The show joined Vox Media earlier in the year, after being a Spotify exclusive with Gimlet since 2019. It's being produced by Magnificent Noise.
June 23, 2023:
    Vox Media's Criminal has launched Criminal Plus, a subscription product that will offer additional benefits including a quarterly subscriber-only virtual event, free and discounted merchandise, and more.
June 7, 2023:
    Lillian Xu is joining Vox Media as the Executive Director of the audio business. She joins from New York Public Radio. We're also told she plays pickleball, which we fondly imagined was a game played with actual pickles, probably in a bar at the end of a long night. It turns out not to be.
May 5, 2023:
March 14, 2023:
March 1, 2023:
    Up Against The Mob returns for a second season today from the Vox Media Podcast Network and Cafe. In The Springfield Crew, host Elie Honig will revisit one of the most pivotal cases of his career – a Springfield mob story that helped unravel one of America’s most notorious crime families.
February 24, 2023:
    The Podnews Extra podcast has an additional long-form interview with Nayeema Raza, Director/Executive Producer of On with Kara Swisher, a Vox Media podcast. She spoke with Sam Sethi about video podcasts and the benefit of doing live shows.
February 9, 2023:
    The Pitch has launched a new season - the first since partnering with Vox Media last year. The show features investors being pitched by entrepreneurs, and sees over $900,000 being invested.
January 23, 2023:
    Seven audio workers have been laid off by Vox Media, reports Vox Media's Hot Pod, including the team producing Cover Story. Vox Media declined to give exact figures. Around 130 people were laid off in total, or 7% of the workforce. Spotify is also to cut staff this week, according to Bloomberg.
December 8, 2022:
November 15, 2022:
November 11, 2022:
November 3, 2022:
September 8, 2022:
August 1, 2022:
July 29, 2022:
June 8, 2022:
June 3, 2022:
May 12, 2022:
May 10, 2022:
March 9, 2022:
February 9, 2022:

Lemonada, The Tiny Chef Show, Vox Media, AconiteCo, Spotify, Crooked Media, WNYC, and BeWokeVote. But you don't have to be a household name to win. Each year, indepdendent creators smaller teams make a big splash at The Webby Awards. You could be next.

January 28, 2022:
January 19, 2022:

Crooked Media, Vox Media, WNYC, Wondery, Pineapple Street Media, and beloved shows like Keep It!, Why Won't You Date Me, And That's Why We Drink, Tai Asks Why and more.

January 5, 2022:
January 4, 2022:
    Rob Byers is to join Vox Media's Criminal Productions as fulltime Technical Director. He's currently Director of Broadcast and Media Operations at American Public Media, and a Board Member of AIR; he's been mixing Criminal and This Is Love for many years. Vox Media is hiring for a number of production staff.
December 14, 2021:
    Vox Media is to merge with Group Nine Media, the publisher of POPSUGAR, NowThis, Thrillist and others. The new Vox Media will have around 2,000 employees; both companies produce a number of podcasts.
November 30, 2021:
    The first investigative series podcast from New York magazine, Cover Story is released today. Produced with the Vox Media Podcast Network, the first season, Power Trip, uncovers the truth behind the psychedelic revolution.
November 17, 2021:
October 22, 2021:
September 8, 2021:
August 31, 2021:
August 12, 2021:
August 11, 2021:
August 4, 2021:
July 29, 2021:
July 23, 2021:
June 22, 2021:
June 15, 2021:
June 2, 2021:
May 21, 2021:
    Our technical review of the site shows that audio from companies like NPR, Vox Media and others appears to play from; we've asked the company - which doesn't give an address on their website - for clarification of their licensing agreements.
April 12, 2021:
March 26, 2021:
    Samsung has launched Samsung Podcasts within the Samsung Free app in the US. The service offers instant access to "thousands of podcasts" from publishers like American Public Media, CNN Audio, Conde Nast, iHeartMedia, Kast Media, Motley Fool, NPR, PodcastOne, PRX, This American Life, Vox Media Podcast Network and Barstool Sports. Both Blubrry Podcasting and Libsyn have announced a launch partnership: both require you to specifically add your podcasts to the service. Samsung has a roughly 25% market share in the US; this is available now on Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Note 10 devices.
March 24, 2021:
March 17, 2021:
February 17, 2021:
February 3, 2021:
December 18, 2020:
December 2, 2020:
October 16, 2020:
October 2, 2020:
    Vox Media Podcast Network and Epic have collaborated on a new show, Go for Broke, which is out today. The podcast is on bubbles, and the irrational enthusiasm that creates them - the first season focuses on the dot-com bubble.
August 7, 2020:
    The Cut returns to audio with a new weekly podcast from the Vox Media Podcast Network. Avery Trufelman (99% Invisible) is the host, leading "an ensemble of voices engaged in the conversations that matter most to women and those who love them". It returns on August 19.
July 9, 2020:
June 29, 2020:
June 24, 2020:
    Land of the Giants is back for a new season: focusing on Netflix, and how a tiny tech company disrupted Hollywood forever. Produced by Vox Media Podcast Network, it's narrated by Recode's Peter Kafka and Rani Molla.
March 11, 2020:
    Pivot has launched its own YouTube channel, with an in-video version of the podcast. We're told that the hosts "see the channel as another way of engaging with the show’s devoted fanbase". (Vox Media)
February 20, 2020:
    New York Media merged with Vox Media at the end of last year; and Vulture's Good One podcast, a podcast about jokes and the people that tell them, is relaunching as a weekly Vox Media podcast. It's the first to officially enter the Vox Media fold. (Megaphone)
January 28, 2020:
December 19, 2019:
    Vox Media's Zach Kahn has joined Apple Podcasts, in the clearest indication yet that Apple may be planning original content.
October 28, 2019:
    Zack Kahn from Vox Media adds on his personal Twitter that "we are building a billion dollar industry on late 90s tech, and it's going to really hurt us unless we start modernising", and "even the best podcast hosting providers are doing a C+/B job". We helped a podcast publisher with an issue with Apple Podcasts last week: their podcast host had let them upload the wrong sized image, and had also allowed them to upload a VBR audio file. Both of these issues are easily caught by simple software routines, and are obvious best practice.
October 21, 2019:
September 26, 2019:
August 12, 2019:
    Eater's Digest is new, promising the wildest, most important stories from restaurants and kitchens around the world. (Vox Media / Eater / Megaphone)
August 6, 2019:
July 23, 2019:
    Land of the Giants launched today - all about the five giants of the internet, going by the not sinister name of FAANG. The first season focuses on the rise of Amazon. (Recode / Vox Media / Megaphone)
June 10, 2019:
    Spotify has launched a "Daily Podcast Playlist", spotted by Vox Media's Zack Kahn. Evo Terra notes that it "appears to contain ten new episodes of shows you are subscribed to (in Spotify), a short clip telling you to try something new, and nine episodes from popular shows." We're not seeing it; but the only podcast we subscribe to in Spotify is this one.
June 4, 2019:
    Also from Apple's WWDC - in the next version of iOS on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple Podcasts will be on the front screen, "right next to one of the most used apps in the world — the App Store", notes Vox Media's Zach Kahn in a tweet. He says this will help first-time listeners discover podcasts.
May 31, 2019:
May 21, 2019:

Welcome to almost 400 new subscribers in May so far, including people from Himalaya, PodcastOne Australia, Media Monitors, Cadence13, Vox Media, ESPN, Luminary, Acast, NRK, NPR, Spotify, PRX, ARN and Radio-Canada. Please, tell your colleagues (and tell your HR people about our free jobs board).

May 20, 2019:
May 10, 2019:
April 24, 2019:
    Liz Nelson has joined Vox Media as Editorial Director, Vox Podcasts. "Liz will push Vox and Recode's current and future podcasts to the next level," we're told. She joins from Gannett, where she was VP of Content Development.
April 18, 2019:
February 20, 2019:
February 7, 2019:
    Zack Kahn (Vox Media) compares podcasting to radio - even with this big purchase of perhaps $260m, radio is still worth US$19bn. "We've got a ways to go", he adds.
February 6, 2019:
January 4, 2019:

Welcome to our recent new subscribers, including folk from Spotify, Havas Edge, Audioboom, Vox Media, Gimlet Media, and broadcasters BR, NPR, SRF, ITN and NPO. Tell your colleagues!

November 13, 2018:
    Vox Media has selected Panoply as their new podcast host. The company will use the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace audience targeting tech, starting with a limited trial across SB Nation's titles. They were previously using ART19.
October 24, 2018:
    It Seemed Smart was launched yesterday by Vox Media and SB Nation. Promised are absurd stories of stolen bats, pirated play calls, renegade cross-country road racers, and fantasy football's own insider trading scandal. (SB Nation / Vox Media / ART19)
September 26, 2018:
July 6, 2018:

Thank you to our 98 new subscribers this week, including excellent folk from CliffCentral, Stabl, Radio France, Bavarian media regulator BLM, Radio NRW, Southern Cross Austereo, Vox Media, A&E Networks and Panoply.

April 27, 2018:

Thank you to our new subscribers this week, including fine folk from Hindenburg Systems, FBI Radio, Castbox, Panoply, Wondery, Spotify, NPR, VOX Media, Storiyoh, ABC Australia, SBS Australia, Engle, the BBC, the Belgian Standaard and MTG Radio. You're very welcome!

March 15, 2018:
February 22, 2018:
    Vox Media is making 50 staffers redundant: the cuts mostly target social media video teams, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That's about 5% of total staff.
February 14, 2018:
    In HotPod 151, Nick Quah looks into Vox Media's afternoon podcast Today, Explained, which we covered yesterday; and talks to Fusion Media Group (owners of The Onion) about their plans in podcasting.
February 13, 2018:
    VOX Media is to launch a new daily podcast called Today, Explained. Hosted by Sean Rameswaram, there's a trailer up now with a song. It starts February 19th and is aimed at your afternoon commute.
January 25, 2018:

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