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The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem.
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May 20, 2024:
May 7, 2024:
April 22, 2024:
    We’re now rate-limiting our podcast pages after significant, sustained crawling from IP addresses belonging to Microsoft. You (and they) can download a complete podcast database from the Podcast Index; extra costs for us have been well over $750. Anyone got Bill’s address?
April 18, 2024:
April 17, 2024:
March 25, 2024:
January 8, 2024:
    The Podcasting 2.0 show regularly receives boostagrams and donations to help run the Podcast Index. In total over the last few years, Chad Farrow calculates it has earned $70,319 in donations, plus a further $38,400 in micropayments.
December 4, 2023:
October 30, 2023:
October 11, 2023:
    Should we worry? Well - a) Listen Notes data appears to also suggest that the number of new episodes could be higher in 2023 than 2022, so the amount of podcast episodes being created isn't in decline; b) we've spotted a large number of new podcasts being launched in existing podcast feeds - a new podcast taking the place of a dead one won't appear as a "new" podcast in any data; c) Podcast Index reports that the number of "active" podcasts seems to be bouncing back upwards; and d) podcast consumption appears to be increasing in every country with comparable figures.
September 18, 2023:
    The Podcasting 2.0 Music Top 100 is new data from the Podcast Index, showing the most boosted songs played in music podcasts. (We covered it at the beginning of September; it's now updates hourly).
September 4, 2023:
    The Podcast Index has released the Podcasting 2.0 Music Top 100, a list of songs played in podcasts and their earnings. The top track by Corey Keller earnt $171 during the measured period.
August 15, 2023:
    For a time yesterday, Substack was blocking popular podcast app Overcast, and the Podcast Index, from accessing shows hosted on the platform. The shows are hosted using the Cloudflare CDN - "Do not host podcast feeds behind Cloudflare", says Overcast's developer Marco Arment, before explaining what settings to use if you do.
August 14, 2023:
July 31, 2023:
    Adam won't be playing Tiësto or Golden Earring though - not yet. The only songs played are those submitted to services like Wavlake or submitted directly to the Podcast Index, with artist payment details.
July 24, 2023:
    The Podcast Index spends around $620 a month on hosting fees for virtual machines, said Dave Jones in Podcasting 2.0 last Friday.
July 17, 2023:
    Podfans is now listed on the Podcast Index and our new podcast apps page; it's the only podcast player that supports all the new podcast namespace features. You can join the waitlist on the website.
July 6, 2023:
July 4, 2023:
    In May 2018, Apple Podcasts requested that all podcast feeds should be secure, and that in future a secure feed would be required for analytics and to submit new podcasts. It's still not a requirement - but as of today, data from the Podcast Index suggests just 3.8% of the 4.1mn shows available are not served using a secure feed. In 2018, that figure was 83%! (Here's why a secure feed is important.)
June 27, 2023:

Thank you to Podfans for becoming our latest supporter. Podfans is supporting us by giving 1% of all podcast support to Podnews (and a further 1% to the Podcast Index): currently in closed alpha, it is a new podcast platform allowing you to discover new shows, listen, and earn revenue. You, too, can support us here.

June 19, 2023:
May 24, 2023:
    A new podcast data website has been launched. "This will allow users to query the Podcast Index in a user friendly way, with extra data that we computed," says the website owner, Benjamin Bellamy. The initial beta focuses on French-speaking podcasts.
May 4, 2023:
April 17, 2023:
    We reported on Edison Research's "batting average" data a few weeks ago, suggesting that true crime is "the genre that yields the highest chance for a hit". Curious, we compared the top 200 list with all 4.05mn podcasts in the Podcast Index, rather than Edison's own comparison with 20,000 shows, just to see if it made a difference. It didn't: the top 5 genres remained unchanged.
April 3, 2023:
March 20, 2023:
March 10, 2023:
February 20, 2023:
    The Podcast Index website now shows cross-app comments for individual podcast episodes, where that has been enabled by the podcaster. The Podcasting 2.0 podcast is a good place to see them.
February 14, 2023:
    One of the original podcasts, Trade Secrets with Dave Winer and Adam Curry, has returned to podcast apps. The podcast ran from Sept 2004 to Jan 2005, and includes discussions about the name "podcasting", iPodder, the open nature of the medium, and old-fashioned cellphones. With the permission of both Dave and Adam, to preserve our history we've given it a modern RSS feed, so you can listen in your own podcast app. (It's also available in any new podcast app that uses the Podcast Index).
February 13, 2023:
February 6, 2023:
January 30, 2023:
January 23, 2023:
    While we did the above, we also added Podcast Index as a 1% split.
January 16, 2023:
January 2, 2023:
December 19, 2022:
    In the Podcast Index API, the /search/byterm endpoint now returns the pubdate of the most recent <item> in the response.
December 16, 2022:
    The last Podnews Weekly Review for this year is an epic - more than two hours, including interviews with Barometer, Oxford Road, the Podcast Index and Ad Aures, and 2023 predictions and 2022 highlights from 12 different podcast folk. Sponsored by Buzzsprout, it's available now.
December 12, 2022:
    Podindexr is "an R package providing a tidy interface to the Podcast Index database API".
December 5, 2022:
November 25, 2022:
    New today - weekly podcast stats from the Podcast Index, to help us all spot trends in production. Find them in the new "Podcast Data" section below (which would make a fine sponsorship for someone)
November 16, 2022:
    The service only works for shows hosted with Anchor, for playback within Spotify. Open video podcasts using RSS work across many other platforms including Apple Podcasts; Podnews analysis of the Podcast Index suggests there are now 53,952 video podcast shows on RSS, up 38% year-on-year.
November 4, 2022:
    Adam Curry and Dave Jones are on the last ever Podland News this week, looking back at the last two years of the Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0. It's a long interview, but worth it; and you'll also find out what's next for this weekly review show.
November 2, 2022:
October 10, 2022:
September 20, 2022:
September 12, 2022:
    The dump of Podcast Index data, to be found at the bottom of the Podcast Index website, now has newestEnclosureDuration as a new field. This shows the duration of the latest audio file, in seconds.
September 9, 2022:
August 25, 2022:
    Adam Curry, the "podfather", spoke with Dave Jones at Podcast Movement 2022, explaining the history of open podcasting, the Podcast Index and the features available with the new podcast namespace.
August 15, 2022:
    The Podcast Index has more than 4.1m podcasts in it - but aren't many of them abandoned shows not listed in other directories? No - there's an automated removal process from their database. "90 days after birth, the podcast has to have at least 2 episodes, one of which is longer than 3 minutes. This criteria only applies to the free hosting platforms."
August 8, 2022:
    The team at the Podcast Index have worked on a proposal for the podcast:verify tag, which would remove email addresses from RSS feeds, and instead use a simple one-click claiming process. It uses a simple token system, letting podcast hosting companies understand which services people are using, and avoiding the near-25% dropoff from email verification. It's built to be simple to implement, and great for privacy. If you work for a podcast hosting company, or a service like a directory or tool, they would appreciate your feedback on the proposal.
July 25, 2022:
    The July 19 dump of data from The Podcast Index now includes descriptions and categories. 369,000 shows have no description at all; most podcasts have about 22 characters; and only 44,000 have descriptions of more than a thousand characters. Apple doesn't search your podcast description field; but Spotify, Overcast, Google and most others do; so we'd recommend putting more in there if you want your podcast found.
July 18, 2022:
June 28, 2022:
    The number of open video podcasts are on the rise. In November last year, Podcast Index listed 39,194 video podcasts. As of June this year, Podnews can reveal the number had grown by over a quarter to 50,863. We measured these by looking for enclosure files with the extension mov, mp4 or m4v, the three filetypes Apple Podcasts supports. Apple has recently put video podcasts in the spotlight again; Spotify launched its own proprietary video podcasts tool in April (which we can't measure).
June 6, 2022:
    Curious how they sound? Listen to Podland this week for an interview with Dave Jones from the Podcast Index, and some ads automatically inserted by Buzzsprout Ads.
June 3, 2022:
    In Podland News this week, Sam interviews Dave Jones from the Podcast Index, with an update on the work that Podcasting 2.0 is doing.
June 1, 2022:
    "The former UFC commentator" is no longer the #1 person in the news according to the Podnews Ranker for the last 90 days; he's dropped to #7, being replaced by Sounds Profitable's newest partner, with a member of the Podcast Index at #2. The top five most covered companies were unchanged. Our mentions of women in the industry dropped slightly to 35% of the total.
May 16, 2022:
    Lightning addresses - like - are an easier way to send cryptocurrency. (That's our Editor's). The Podcast Index is looking into how to support them.
May 9, 2022:
May 2, 2022:
    The Podcast Index have produced an "episode by GUID" endpoint. It uses episode GUIDs as set in the RSS feed. /episodes/byguid?guid=PC2083&feedid=920666 is an example. Documentation on the way, they say.
March 28, 2022:
March 21, 2022:
February 28, 2022:
February 1, 2022:
December 31, 2021:
    Podcast Index added 466,000 shows in the past six months. It added 3.1m this year, but that's not that surprising, given the index launched in September 2020. Unlike the above two, shows are mainly added automatically: either discovered from open RSS feeds or submitted by podcasters or others.
December 27, 2021:
    Listen to us using some new podcasting apps, like Fountain, and you can tip us small amounts of Bitcoin while sending us a message. These are called boostagrams - thanks to Dave, talking about Spotify's new Pod City that "Everybody’s building a podcast studio! Not sure what to make of that. 🧐"; and to Adam, who thanked us for including a donation link for the Podcast Index last week. Here's how to enable your podcast; and some new podcast apps to try.
December 23, 2021:
December 20, 2021:
    When does a "lifetime account" only last nine months? When it's a lifetime account with podcast hosting company bCast. The service, which currently hosts 630 shows in the Podcast Index, has been accused by users of being a scam. After selling "lifetime accounts" on AppSumo earlier this year, bCast has announced that all lifetime accounts will expire in just two weeks. The TrustPilot reviews (which bCast still links to from its front page) are scathing.
December 15, 2021:
    Do Anchor podcasters find it too hard to get into Apple Podcasts? The Podcast Index's Dave Jones reports that "726,234 Anchor feeds in the index do not have Apple iTunes IDs". The company stopped auto-submitting podcasts to Apple in June, resulting in a significant slow-down for Apple numbers. (Earlier this year, Buzzsprout told us that only 60% of their shows have bothered submitting to Apple).
November 29, 2021:
    Umbrel has been updated to v0.4.9; Helipad is due to be released this week by Dave Jones of the Podcast Index. The tool will show boosts and boostagrams in real time.
November 22, 2021:
    In Podcasting 2.0, Adam and Dave discuss the week's developments at the Podcast Index with Castamatic developer Franco Soleri - including deep thoughts on Docker Dumpster Fires and Podcast Player Audio Processing.
November 8, 2021:
    Castamatic is the latest podcast app to include support for the Podcast Index and value4value. It features a "machine-learning auto-leveler", a silent-skipper, and additional features.
November 5, 2021:
November 1, 2021:
    The Podcast Index team has been working on cross-app comments, allowing podcast listeners to comment on podcast episodes, and view others' comments, across a number of different apps. The tool uses open, non-centralised technologies. You can join in the conversation on their Mastodon website.
September 3, 2021:
    Twitter has confirmed that it is working on a tipping process using Bitcoin and the lightning network. This is of interest for podcasters because it uses the same technology as value4value listening, including 'boosts'. "If every Twitter user has a lightning wallet, the listener onboarding problem gets solved overnight," said Podcast Index's Dave Jones.
August 25, 2021:
    A new podcast app, Podopolo, has launched on iOS and Android. It promises "a New World of Interactive Podcasting". It uses the Podcast Index as a directory, and supports the credits tag in the namespace.
August 23, 2021:
    Anchor now has more than 1.7m RSS feeds in the Podcast Index (1,711,303). 244,642 have updated in the last 90 days (14.2%).
August 16, 2021:
August 10, 2021:
    According to the Podcast Index, only 5.8% of podcasts currently don't have a valid website link. They'll still work in Google Podcasts - they just won't be recommended.
August 3, 2021:
August 2, 2021:
July 30, 2021:
    Last Friday, we disclosed that FeedBurner (still) powers 56,000 podcasts: a number we sourced from the PodcastIndex database. In The New Media Show, Todd Cochrane commented: "I'm not surprised. The question is, are they active?" Here's the answer: of the 56,000 Feedburner shows in the Podcast Index, 9,115 (16%) were updated in the last 90 days - including The Adam Carrolla Show, Tom Merritt's Daily Tech News Show, TED Talks Daily, The Moth, and shows from the Irish Times and Monocle 24, just to name a few.
July 26, 2021:
July 19, 2021:
July 12, 2021:
    There should be a new Podcast Index website shortly, too.
July 5, 2021:
    Podcast Index has launched a new end point by GUID. GUIDs, a permanent ID for your podcast, are pre-generated for every podcast in their database; but if you set one directly, that'll always overwrite Podcast Index's.
June 22, 2021:
    We've just hit 4 million podcasts in the Podcast Index. The website says 640,240 were active in the last 60 days.
June 21, 2021:
    The Podcast Index, at the time of writing, lists 3,999,001 podcasts. 422,354 have been updated in the past 30 days.
May 31, 2021:
    The Podcast Index data shows that Anchor + Megaphone host 1,603,876 podcasts out of 3,869,347 podcasts available: their owner, Spotify, now hosting 41.4% of all shows.
May 26, 2021:
    Do you publish a private or members-only podcast feed? Chances are, you want to keep it that way. The Podcast Index has launched an open project to collect regex patterns for your private URL scheme to stop The Podcast Index, and others, ever displaying those feeds publicly.
May 19, 2021:
May 17, 2021:
    Like Podnews, Overcast is also submitting new shows to Podcast Index, its developer Marco Arment has said.
May 12, 2021:
    Use Chrome or Brave? Podnews's podcast search might save you some time. In the address bar, type podnews, hit the TAB button, and then type the podcast you're looking for. We search Apple, the Podcast Index and (if you want) Spotify.
May 3, 2021:
April 26, 2021:
    Like many, we were (too) reliant on iTunes IDs, and last week's issues were a wake-up call. Podnews's podcast pages are no longer reliant on them. We use a mix of Podcast Index, Apple Podcasts and other data. Legacy links will continue to work.
April 22, 2021:
    Overcast has quickly integrated Podcast Index like this, so that users of that app should be unaffected.
April 21, 2021:
    The Podcast Index twitter account says: "Wake me up when any podcast app developer can add the Subscribe button and share a % of the revenue." Their value4value method gives revenue to independent app developers as well as podcast publishers.
April 19, 2021:
April 12, 2021:
April 5, 2021:
March 31, 2021:
March 22, 2021:
March 8, 2021:
March 1, 2021:
January 27, 2021:
    Libsyn has added the namespace for Podcast Index and Google Podcasts by default in their feeds "in preparation for productisation". This work now allows advanced podcasters to hand-code additional tags into feeds at their own risk - "picture a big flashing neon proceed-with-caution light", said Rob Walch in The Feed episode 185 (47'04").
January 25, 2021:
    5.4% of the podcasts in our database already use The Podcast Index namespace. We highlight each in the "Information for podcasters" section in our podcast pages, and the tags they use.
January 19, 2021:
    Playapod, a podcast app, has had a new release on Android which uses Podcast Index as a default.
January 18, 2021:
    The Podcast Index has also produced a stats API. If you're logged in as a developer, it lives here, and says the index has 1,371,245 current podcasts, and 45,967,114 episodes.
January 13, 2021:
    On the Podcast Index, in the same episode (43 minutes in), Walch also clarified: "Any Libsyn user from day 1 can add those tags to the RSS feed. The support's already there. We just haven't added it to the UI". Rob Greenlee and Walch then set out to clarify Libsyn's view of the project.
January 12, 2021:
    The Playapod app is to add Podcast Index support shortly. "We have been wanting to do this for months but nothing like big tech censorship to make it a higher priority.", they say in a toot.
January 11, 2021:
    Podcast Index: 31
December 25, 2020:
    Podland has Adam Curry and Dave Jones from the Podcast Index on this week, and talks about closed vs open.
December 24, 2020:
December 22, 2020:
    Libsyn has said it will support the Podcast Index tags, Adam Curry will announce in the next edition of Podcasting 2.0. Buzzsprout is already supporting the new tags, and Blubrry has already said it plans to support them soon too. The podcast will have a special guest: our Editor.
December 21, 2020:
    The Podcast Index is suggesting a method of improving podcast download tracking statistics with a _guid parameter. The idea is to produce a random guid per enclosure, which is consistent for every listener. "Instantly, you have perfect stats," developer Dave Jones says, since it gives certainty for total download numbers without threatening privacy.
December 14, 2020:
    The new "podcast" namespace is now used in almost 100,000 feeds - 97,458 across 7 different hosting platforms, with two more hosting companies currently committin g developer time to implementing it. These stats were gathered from the Podcast Index database and cross-verified against the public hosting feed stats at ListenNotes.
November 30, 2020:
November 23, 2020:
    Who supports what in the Podcast Index? This is a list showing the podcast hosts and players and what they support - so far.
November 10, 2020:
November 9, 2020:
    Spotify, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have all pulled an episode of the Podbean-hosted Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, after Bannon called for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray. Twitter have also permanently suspended Bannon's account. The episode in question is still available via Apple Podcasts and the Podcast Index.
November 2, 2020:
    PowerPress 8.4.1 was released at the end of last week. It includes a submission tool to The Podcast Index and to Amazon Music.
October 29, 2020:
October 26, 2020:
October 19, 2020:
October 16, 2020:
    Podcast Insider highlights new RSS tags being worked-on by Adam Curry's Podcast Index.
October 14, 2020:
    The free and open podcasting app for Android AntennaPod has released v2 on Google Play and F-Droid. A significant rewrite, it looks great, is nicely geographically aware (giving locally popular show suggestions), and offers access to searches within iTunes, fyyd and, soon, The Podcast Index.
October 13, 2020:
October 12, 2020:
    Our cover story: In "The Tech Stuff" below, we highlight the most exciting news for independent podcasters for some time: the proposal of a set of new tags for RSS from The Podcast Index. For podcasters, this could mean better discoverability and accessibility, more revenue and protection against piracy.
October 5, 2020:
    We have added the web version of Podfriend to our list of podcast apps on our podcast pages. The service uses Podcast Index.
October 1, 2020:
    PODdash helps you find new episodes just published, and sort them by category. It uses The Podcast Index.
September 30, 2020:
September 28, 2020:
    Podfriend is "the world's friendliest podcast app". Out for Windows 10, with more platforms on the way, it's powered by the Podcast Index. We're an especial fan of the podcast they're listening to on desktop on the site's front page.
September 21, 2020:
September 18, 2020:
September 14, 2020:
    The Podcast Index has added a language field (taken from the podcast's RSS), and plans to add a "detected language" field in future (to catch podcasters who've not correctly set it). Joe Moraca produced SVG versions of the logo (which we now show in search). The website's development documentation has moved to pages on Github.
September 11, 2020:
    Add My Podcast has just added two new services - Podcast Addict and The Podcast Index. The service adds shows to a set of podcast directories automatically.
September 10, 2020:
September 8, 2020:
    Adam Curry has launched a new, open podcast directory for app developers, working with developer Dave Jones. Speaking on a new podcast, Podcasting 2.0, Curry and Jones worry that "Apple is starting to tinker with their directory", and say that the company is "a very centralised private entity that is controlling pretty much what everybody considers the default yellow pages for podcasting." His alternative, The Podcast Index, promises that the "core, categorized index will always be available for free, for any use". You can sign up to be a developer on their developer portal.
June 11, 2018:
    Audioburst, the podcast indexing company, has launched Audioburst Creators, a set of promotional tools. "Transcribe, Clip, and Share your audio content for free. Just enter your RSS feed and we’ll take care of the rest!"

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