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June 11, 2024:
June 5, 2024:
May 10, 2024:
May 9, 2024:
April 30, 2024:
    New from Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios and Wondery, The Competition is now available everywhere. The series focuses on the contestants of the Distinguished Young Women (DYW) program, a quasi-pageant/ academic competition that’s one of the most lucrative scholarship programs for teen girls in America, and follows seven participants as they experience the highs and lows of competing for two weeks, away from home and under the most high-stress circumstances. Wil Williams reviews it in their newsletter.
April 22, 2024:
    Spotify is the largest global digital audio advertising company, with ad-supported revenue in Q4/23 of €501mn ($533mn), compared with SiriusXM $479mn; iHeart digital audio revenue $317mn; Cumulus digital revenue $221mn; Audacy digital revenue $69.1mn; Acast $45mn. All these other companies are IAB members.
April 15, 2024:
March 29, 2024:
March 27, 2024:
March 22, 2024:
March 21, 2024:
March 18, 2024:
February 21, 2024:
    Audacy, the owner of a number of podcast companies and broadcast radio stations, has had its reorganization approved in bankruptcy court, and should emerge from the Chapter 11 process following FCC approval. The plan reduces its debt from $1.9bn to $350mn.
February 16, 2024:
    A new season of true crime podcast Up and Vanished, "In The Midnight Sun", launches today. Hosted by Payne Lindsey and produced by Tenderfoot TV in partnership with Audacy, the new season investigates what happened to Alaska Native, Florence Okpealuk, who vanished from the subarctic town of Nome in 2020 - and the grim reality of the high rate of missing and murdered Indigenous people in the United States.
February 9, 2024:
    The Infinite Dial 2024 (for the US) will be unveiled at Evolutions by Podcast Movement in Los Angeles on Mar 28. The gold-standard study from Edison Research is America’s longest-running survey of digital media consumer behaviour. This year, it’s with support from Audacy, Cumulus Media, and SiriusXM Media.
February 7, 2024:
    When director, actor, critic and historian Peter Bogdanovich passed away in 2022, he was working on One Handshake Away - a podcast interviewing some of the biggest film directors working today. His ex-wife Louise Stratten stepped in to serve as narrator and co-host, with three-time Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro filling in as host for the final three episodes. It's new today from Audacy and Stak.
February 5, 2024:
February 2, 2024:
February 1, 2024:
January 24, 2024:
January 10, 2024:
    Last September, we reported that Tenderfoot TV was suing Audacy’s Cadence13 for breach of contract. A joint statement was released yesterday, saying: "Tenderfoot and Audacy have reached an agreement. Their work together on some of the biggest podcast franchises in the space continued uninterrupted throughout the litigation period, and the companies look forward to continuing their successful partnership on future projects." Terms weren’t given; the relationship lasts until 2026. Audacy has filed for bankruptcy.
January 9, 2024:
January 8, 2024:
January 5, 2024:
    Shows from the Women’s Meditation Network, like Meditation for Women, have signed with Audacy for sales and distribution. The network was founded by Katie Krimitsos.
November 10, 2023:
November 9, 2023:
November 7, 2023:
October 25, 2023:
    Audacy released its State of Audio: Level Up guide. The free download is designed to be "a modern blueprint for audio advertising, designed to provide a go-to playbook – including planning tips, creative how-to’s and innovative trends – to help advertisers level up the performance of their audio investments"
October 23, 2023:
    Ghost Story is new from Wondery today - a jaw-dropping tale of a haunting, which becomes a murder investigation, which leads to a family drama. It's made by Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios.
October 20, 2023:
    What's up with Cadence13? The website was last updated in February 2023; and new seasons of Radio Rental, Gone South, To Live And Die In LA, Culpable and Say More with Dr? Sheila all just reference Audacy, not Cadence13. A spokesperson tells Podnews: "We continue to release shows through this studio. ... Like all media companies, Audacy is focused on building equity for our master brand, and in that mission, we’re aligning our studios and market-facing brands."
October 19, 2023:
    Gone South returned in a new season this week, telling the story of a manhunt for a serial killer that would lead to a shocking standoff with a man once tasked with protecting the town. It's from Audacy Studios.
October 6, 2023:
October 5, 2023:
    The third season of Sound Judgment launched last week - exploring the audio storytelling craft of podcasting. Last week, Classy’s Jonathan Menjivar, of Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios and alum of Fresh Air and This American Life, shared strategies and self-doubts on the challenge of making a gripping podcast about class in America; and to come are Anna Sale, Nikki Boyer and others.
October 4, 2023:
September 21, 2023:
September 15, 2023:
    Minimum guarantees: The Coffeezilla video alleges that minimum guarantees were made to creators by Kast Media that became unsustainable. Similar minimum guarantees have been made - and then cancelled - by Audacy, who made an agreement with APM; and a Tenderfoot TV agreement with Cadence13 is the subject of legal action. We are aware of at least one further podcast network who is not paying creators on time.
September 8, 2023:
September 5, 2023:
August 30, 2023:
August 14, 2023:
    Last week, Audacy's financial results included note of "an early exit to an onerous podcast ad representation contract". They didn't say who at the time; The Verge reports it is this agreement with APM. The final para of the press release: "UTA brokered the deal on behalf of American Public Media."
August 7, 2023:
    Audacy released its Q2/23 financial results.. "In June, we successfully negotiated an early exit to an onerous podcast ad representation contract," the company said, which resulted in a $10.4mn charge: the company didn't say who (it's one of their two biggest), or split out podcast revenue data other than to say that RPM (revenue per thousand downloads) grew by 38%.
August 2, 2023:
June 22, 2023:
June 16, 2023:
June 15, 2023:
May 31, 2023:
    The domain appears to have been withdrawn from auction. It still forwards to its owner, Audacy; it went on sale in January with a starting price of $2.5mn.
May 18, 2023:
May 11, 2023:
    Audacy published its Q1/23 financials. Excluding the loss of Crooked Media (which switched to SiriusXM in May), podcast revenues would have been up 14%; but they fell in real terms (the company didn't say by how much). However, locally-produced podcasts are the most profitable part of the business, the company said.
May 10, 2023:
    Expect financials from Audacy and the New York Times in the next few hours.
May 2, 2023:
    Data: Audacy shares its State of Audio guide with a number of case studies suggesting audio does better than social media, and specifically pushing the efficiency of podcast host reads. Data is from Nielsen, Veritone, Claritas, and others.
April 26, 2023:
    Announcing a new case study, audio ad management company Frequency says that Audacy is now more than 3x more efficient with Frequency's tools.
March 30, 2023:
March 28, 2023:
March 17, 2023:
    Audacy released financial results. Podcasting revenue was down 8% y/y. Excluding the loss of Crooked Media (which switched to SiriusXM in May), revenues would have been up 14%. The company claims 9% increase in Q4 downloads.
January 24, 2023:
January 16, 2023:
January 2, 2023:
December 30, 2022:
    The former domain-name of Entercom's live radio and podcast app, RADIO·COM, is being sold by auction for $2.5m. Entercom is now "Audacy", and that's been the name of the company's app since 2021. The auction closes on 28 March.
November 18, 2022:
    Spotify has signed another exclusive: Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, described as one of the world’s most listened-to podcasts, will be exclusive on Spotify early next year. The deal includes video podcasts. The show was with UTA and Cadence13's Ramble Podcast Network, and is another loss for owner Audacy which is threatened with stock market de-listing.
November 11, 2022:

The last word in podcasting news: announcing the Podnews Weekly Review, with James Cridland and Sam Sethi. This week: a look at the financial reports from big podcast companies, and an interview with Vizzy co-founder Nic Ivanov. %%promo-end%%

November 10, 2022:
    Agnes Kozera has left Podcorn, the company she co-founded, according to her LinkedIn. The company was acquired by Entercom, now Audacy, in Mar 2021.
November 9, 2022:
    Audacy published its financial report for Q3/22. Digital, including podcasting, made $62m in the quarter: up 2% y-on-y, down 10% q-on-q. Total revenues declined 3.8% y-on-y. The company is threatened with stock market delisting; stock hit a record low of $0.27 yesterday.
October 5, 2022:
    Podcast studio Cadence13 may be up for sale. The company's owner Audacy is hoping to sell it for around $100m, says Axios, though Audacy dismiss the story as a rumour. The company's stock is currently at 44 cents, down 88% over the past year; if it's not back to over a dollar by February, the New York Stock Exchange could delist the company.
September 16, 2022:
August 31, 2022:
August 26, 2022:
August 24, 2022:
August 18, 2022:
August 8, 2022:
    Audacy released its financial report for Q2/22. The company made $69m from "digital", including podcasting, up 18% year-on-year. Podcast downloads grew 40% year-over-year; revenue from podcasts was up in the "upper teens", though (unlike others this week) the company didn't give numbers. Overall, the company was "adversely impacted by declining macroeconomic conditions and ad market headwinds".
August 5, 2022:
    Audacy's financial statement will be released later today.
August 2, 2022:
June 27, 2022:
    Project Unabom is the newest podcast from Apple TV+, and goes live today. Hosted by journalist Eric Benson and produced by Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios, the podcast explores the story of serial bomber Ted Kaczynski and what drove him to his dystopian vision.
June 16, 2022:
    Justaposition is new today from Audacy's Cadence13 and UTA, featuring Hyram Yarbro, a TikTok and YouTube star. Hyram will explore issues including mental health, navigating the complex world of social media, vulnerability, how to make a positive social impact, and skin care. The show will also be available on YouTube.
June 9, 2022:
    Mother Country Radicals is new from Crooked Media and Audacy - a highly personal, politically charged account of a counterculture group of young activists in pursuit of radical change through any means necessary, which included bombing the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, breaking comrades out of prison, and teaming up with Black militant groups to rob banks, all in an attempt to build a revolution in America. You can binge the entire series on the Audacy app.
May 10, 2022:
April 25, 2022:

Thank you to Audacy for helping Podcorn, Pineapple Street Studios and Cadence13 return as Gold supporters. We're grateful for your support.

April 20, 2022:
April 14, 2022:
    Borderline Salty was launched earlier this week - a call-in podcast all about food. Give them a call on +1 833-433-FOOD - they will take listener calls, offer advice and expertise, and explore the ever-changing trends, topics, and culture around food. It's new from Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios.
March 31, 2022:
    Brian Swarth is now SVP of Subscriber Engagement and Product Marketing at cable broadcaster AMC Networks. He was Head of Marketing for Audacy's Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios.
March 30, 2022:
March 28, 2022:
March 22, 2022:
    HBO Docs Club is a deep dive into a wide variety of titles from HBO Documentary Films, past and present. Produced by Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios and HBO Max, it'll be hosted by Brittany Luse and Ronald Young Jr, and launched yesterday. - read more
March 15, 2022:
March 2, 2022:
February 28, 2022:
    HBO has announced HBO Docs Club, a deep dive into a wide variety of titles from HBO Documentary Films, past and present. Produced by Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios and HBO Max, it'll be hosted by Brittany Luse and Ronald Young Jr, and launches in March.
January 27, 2022:
January 21, 2022:
January 19, 2022:
January 10, 2022:
January 5, 2022:
December 21, 2021:
December 15, 2021:
November 10, 2021:
November 9, 2021:
November 3, 2021:
October 26, 2021:
October 25, 2021:
October 21, 2021:
    Now we know what Audacy spent $40m on - the company has bought WideOrbit's digital audio streaming technology, and will rebrand it AmperWave. Audacy's announcement just mentions digital audio streaming (for live radio); but WideOrbit's announcement mentions podcasting, too: the company does some hosting for clients. Audacy currently uses Omny Studio, a company now owned by competitor iHeartRadio.
October 15, 2021:
    Audacy has bought something for $40m. The SEC report says it's a "small digital acquisition", but gives no other details. The company also says its revenues for Q3/21 should be up about 23% year-on-year.
October 12, 2021:
    Launching today, Audacy and Osiris Media's Breaking Waves looks into the Seattle grunge scene, which defined rock in the 1990s: with bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.
October 8, 2021:
October 7, 2021:
September 27, 2021:
    Foundation: The Official Podcast is an accompaniment podcast for AppleTV+'s Foundation original show. It was launched on Friday, and is produced by Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios.
September 22, 2021:
September 17, 2021:
September 16, 2021:
August 27, 2021:
August 12, 2021:
August 5, 2021:
July 27, 2021:
    Audacy has launched Podsauce, a podcast discovery show. The show (in both audio and video) will "give viewers and listeners the inside scoop on new podcasts from the genre’s top talent and discover hidden gems they might otherwise have missed out on." There will also be a minute-long version on the radio.
July 22, 2021:
July 16, 2021:
    Radio is making way for podcasts - in Cleveland, quite literally. Evergreen Podcasts has purchased the former radio station complex of WDOK-FM. The building is six times larger than Evergreen's current offices; the company will employ 25 people by the end of the year. The building is in "Radio Lane", but that name's unlikely to change for now. WDOK-FM, better known as Cleveland's Star 102, moved in to the Halle Building with other Audacy stations in 2012.
June 29, 2021:
June 25, 2021:
June 22, 2021:
June 15, 2021:
June 11, 2021:
June 2, 2021:
May 26, 2021:
May 18, 2021:
May 14, 2021:
May 13, 2021:
May 11, 2021:
May 10, 2021:
    Audacy's Q1/21 results saw "weaker results in podcasting", said CEO David Field. The company, formerly Entercom, saw overall revenue fall by 19% year-on-year.
April 28, 2021:
    C13Originals, the documentary studio division of Audacy's Cadence13, has expanded its partnership with Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and New York Times bestselling author.
April 20, 2021:

Thank you to Audacy, who's companies Cadence13, Pineapple Street Studios and Podcorn are new gold sponsors today. Formerly Entercom, Audacy is a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company, and unapologetic champions of audio – everywhere, on every device.​ Their help allows us to remain independent. Here's how to support Podnews.

April 14, 2021:
April 2, 2021:
March 31, 2021:
    Entercom, which owns Cadence13, Pineapple Street Studios, Podcorn and CBS Radio, has changed its name. "Part audio, part audacious, part odyssey", the new name is Audacy. As part of that, RADIO․COM is no more: they've rebranded it Audacy as well. You can get your podcast into that app; our big list of podcast directories includes them. The stock market likes it: shares rose by 5.2%.

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