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July 5, 2024:
June 5, 2024:
May 7, 2024:
November 1, 2023:
July 27, 2023:
    YAP Media CEO Hala Taha is hosting a free webinar about cross-channel podcast campaigns on Aug 2. "Podcasts are no longer an audio-only format, and effective podcast campaigns lean into the strengths of each podcast influencer's platforms across audio, social media, livestream and youtube. Learn how cross-channel podcast campaigns drive better results and how to effectively design, price and track your next campaign."
June 8, 2023:
December 28, 2022:
October 14, 2022:
    Decoder with Nilay Patel had Mark Zuckerberg on this week as a guest. The boss of Meta talked about the new Quest Pro headset and said: "There’s some reason why you want to do the podcast in person. There’s a connection that you have in person. There’s a reason why you didn’t want to do this over Zoom."
September 26, 2022:
August 26, 2022:
August 3, 2022:
June 28, 2022:
June 23, 2022:
June 17, 2022:
June 15, 2022:
    In the weekly newsletter with Podsights, Sounds Profitable has announced "the first credible study of the profile of podcast creators in America". The research will be yearly, to track trends and changes in the creator space. The Creators, by Sounds Profitable and Edison Research, will be unveiled on Jun 28: you can register for the free webinar.
June 3, 2022:
    Pre-promoting the release of The Smart Audio Report 2022 on June 16 (free registration), Edison Research has shared the below graph, showing there's still plenty of room for podcast listening to grow on smart speakers.
April 26, 2022:
April 13, 2022:
April 5, 2022:
March 30, 2022:
February 16, 2022:
February 14, 2022:
February 4, 2022:
November 18, 2021:
    Limited Capacity is the first-ever audio fiction anthology series from CBC Podcasts. Full of dark humour, where deeply human stories are twisted through imperfect technologies (Zoom, YouTube), and bizarre, new relationships are shaped by the weird, wired world we inhabit.
October 25, 2021:
October 7, 2021:
September 13, 2021:
September 2, 2021:
July 8, 2021:
July 2, 2021:
May 12, 2021:
May 5, 2021:
March 8, 2021:
March 3, 2021:
    Today, the RAIN Podcast Business Summit takes place from 10.00am to 1.30pm New York time. It's free to take part on Zoom; tickets are here. Our Editor, James Cridland, will speak with National Public Media's Bryan Moffett about the latest happenings within the podcast landscape. Conal Byrne, Eric Eddings, Anne Frisbie and Christian Facey are among the speakers.
February 8, 2021:
    In the BBC's Friday Night Comedy podcast, a lockdown panel show with a difference: and a live audience on Zoom. It's worth a listen to see how Zoom can work to provide feedback.
February 3, 2021:
December 29, 2020:
December 15, 2020:
November 12, 2020:
November 2, 2020:
October 29, 2020:
September 25, 2020:
August 31, 2020:
August 19, 2020:
August 6, 2020:
July 10, 2020:
    Nothing to do with podcasting, but Apple's Keynote has had an update: with a new feature to "play slide show in window", which those of us who do a lot of presenting via Zoom will like.
July 9, 2020:
July 7, 2020:
June 25, 2020:
June 19, 2020:
    Another set of podcasting data is on the way: Edison Research is unveiling the Latino Podcast Listener Report on June 30 (which covers US listeners only). Register here for the webinar in English or en español.
June 16, 2020:
    Edison Research is hosting an AMA for digital audio on Thursday lunchtime, NY time: answering your questions about smart speakers, podcasts, streaming, online radio listening, and more. Here's where to sign up.
June 8, 2020:
June 5, 2020:
    Zoom, which almost everyone uses for video conferencing these days,released their first-quarter's figures: revenue has increased to $328m from $122m a year ago.
June 4, 2020:
    Later today, at 1pm Toronto time, you can enjoy the unveiling of The Infinite Dial 2020 Canada in a free webinar - which will include podcast consumption figures for the country. (Yes, we published this yesterday. But it's actually true today.)
June 3, 2020:
May 22, 2020:
    Zoom released Zoom 5.0 last month, but from May 30, only Zoom clients on v5 will work as they turn on encryption. That will break some third-party tools. (Jitsi Meet is open, free and records everything to your own Dropbox, incidentally).
May 13, 2020:
April 29, 2020:
    Free podcast host Anchor has unveiled a new service to turn your online video chats into a podcast. The service appears to work on most video platforms including Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Meet and others. (Most digital audio editors also accept files from these services).
April 28, 2020:
    A month ago, Zoom had 200m daily users. It now has 300m. It's been used for a while by podcasters for guest interviews.
April 23, 2020:
    Edison Research and NPR are releasing their Smart Audio Report, which looks at the usage of smart speakers, a little earlier this year, in a free webinar on Apr 30.
April 20, 2020:
    Transcription service otter·ai has altered its free plan. The import feature is now available for paying customers only: Basic Plan users get three trials of imports per account. The Basic Plan continues to offer free recording and Zoom-syncing, to a maximum of 40 minutes per transcription.
April 10, 2020:
    The Improv Chronicle focuses on how improv is having to reinventing itself because of the stupid virus - running online workshops and performing shows on Zoom, Twitch and Facebook Live.
April 2, 2020:
March 19, 2020:
January 15, 2020:
    Resonate Recordings shares the full details about how to use Zoom, a popular app for interviewing people remotely.
July 11, 2019:
    If you're running Zoom on your Mac, a vulnerability means you should update the software today (open Zoom and choose "Check for Updates" from the menu); unless you want people being able to dial in and watch you "working".
December 12, 2018:
    The European Radio Show 2019 (Paris, France 24-26 Jan) will have a special podcast exhibitors area. Zoom, Samson and the Paris Podcast Festival appear to be exhibitors.
November 16, 2018:
August 20, 2018:
November 20, 2017:
    Pandora jumped over 4% in Thursday trading because they've said they might include more non-music content, aka podcasts.

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