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January 30, 2024:
    Morgan Swift has been promoted to Senior Manager of Marketing and Audience Development at The Podglomerate. She’s been with the company for two years.
January 4, 2024:
October 23, 2023:
    Missing Pages returns today from The Podglomerate. This season investigates the biggest “hot button” topics in the book world – from the rise of Colleen Hoover, to the idea of who owns what in fan fiction, as well as the impact of literary scams and frauds, and the fallout from the 2022 DOJ trial against the PRH/S&S merger.
August 28, 2023:
August 9, 2023:
    Podcast Perspectives is a new weekly podcast from The Podglomerate, focused on discussing ways to build the next generation of podcasting. Premiering today, the debut episode explores the state of podcast tech with Sharon Taylor, Triton Digital’s SVP of Podcast Strategy and Product Operations (and formerly CEO of Omny Studio).
July 28, 2023:
July 21, 2023:

Trevor McNeal of Podcasts at Amazon Music, and Vice President, The Podglomerate Joni Deutsch.

July 18, 2023:
    Podcast Bestie, the Podcast has Jeff Umbro from The Podglomerate, to "teach us all about their five tiers of audience development and some case studies for how to apply them"
July 11, 2023:
    Podcast Bestie, the Podcast with Courtney Kocak this week has Jeff Umbro from the Podglomerate sharing his five tiers of audience development to market your podcast. For the first time, the podcast is on YouTube too. (But it's still a podcast, right, Todd? Right?)
June 27, 2023:

Dan Franks, Head of Audio at the LA Times Jazmin Aguilera, and Vice President, The Podglomerate Joni Deutsch.

June 20, 2023:

Dan Franks, Head of Audio at the LA Times Jazmin Aguilera, and Vice President, The Podglomerate Joni Deutsch.

December 27, 2022:
October 17, 2022:
    Enjoying nature and escaping to green spaces are an essential part of our modern lives. Now, more than ever, we understand the need to preserve and protect these places. But what if our love of the land is accidentally doing more harm than good? Produced by The Podglomerate, Trail Weight returns for a new season today.
August 1, 2022:
    Missing Pages is the first original podcast from The Podglomerate, which reopens cold cases from the book world. It's hosted by world-renowned literary critic and publishing insider Bethanne Patrick. Across its eight-episode debut season, Missing Pages uncovers the power struggles, mistaken identities, and unfathomably bad behaviour within the secretive world of book publishing. Each episode brings in authors, experts, publishing insiders, and a circus of NYC media elites to tell the real story; unfit for print.
June 21, 2022:
December 10, 2021:
November 13, 2020:
    "I think this will be a very savvy move for Spotify that helps them sell ads on their own shows as well as on third party podcasts, while also gathering whatever data they want." - Jeff Umbro, The Podglomerate, on LinkedIn
July 14, 2020:
    Returning for a second season, Storybound, "a radio theater program designed for the podcast age". The podcast features the voices of today’s top literary icons reading their essays, poems, and fiction. The show is a collaboration between The Podglomerate podcast network and Lit Hub Radio.
March 24, 2020:
January 3, 2020:
    Rocketship is back for a new season. It's a business podcast that has brought stories and advice to the startup community for the last 6 years: this season is all about product failure, like Google+, Webvan, and... Audible. (Rocketship / The Podglomerate / Megaphone)
December 6, 2019:
    Storybound treats you to your favourite authors and writers reading some of their most impactful stories, designed with powerful and immersive sound environments. Original music was composed for each episode, too. Season one includes Mitch Albom, Caitlin Doughty, and Podnews reader Jack Rhysider! (Lit Hub / The Podglomerate / Megaphone)
July 18, 2019:
    In Green Eggs and Dan, out August 7, Dan Ahdoot talks with comedians, writers, actors, and chefs about what they love most; food. Because everyone eats. Would you, could you, in your app? Try it, try it. When it comes out. (The Podglomerate / Megaphone)
March 5, 2019:
    Plus 7 Intelligence has launched a seven-part series on gaming and education today. You'll hear from the educators who are pushing past boundaries to find the games that make learning more effective and more joyful. (The Podglomerate / Megaphone)
February 4, 2019:
    Jessica Harper, an award-winning actress, has announced Winnetka. The podcast is a weekly ten-episode memoir. Narrated and with original music by Jessica Harper, the podcast features the voices of the Harper family, who share in the telling of their remarkable story. (The Podglomerate / DAX)
September 5, 2018:
    Plus 7 Intelligence returns for a new season. "The podcast about how games impact people, and how video games influence real life." (The Podglomerate and Ches Hall / Acast)
August 30, 2018:
    The History of Standup looks back at the evolution of standup from Vaudeville to Netflix, hosted by Wayne Federman and Andrew Steven. (The Podglomerate / Castbox / CastPlus)
August 8, 2018:
July 12, 2017:

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