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February 9, 2024:
    The Infinite Dial 2024 (for the US) will be unveiled at Evolutions by Podcast Movement in Los Angeles on Mar 28. The gold-standard study from Edison Research is America’s longest-running survey of digital media consumer behaviour. This year, it’s with support from Audacy, Cumulus Media, and SiriusXM Media.
February 1, 2024:
October 11, 2023:
June 16, 2023:
June 2, 2023:
    The Gen Z Podcast Listener Report was unveiled by SXM Media, focusing on US podcast listeners aged between 13-24. According to the study from Edison Research, 47% have listened to podcasts in the last month, and they are more diverse than US monthly podcast listeners as a whole. They discover shows by using YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. The report will be the subject of a free webinar on Jun 15.
February 23, 2023:
    The Black Listener Report was published by Edison Research with SXM Media and Mindshare. The data suggests that Black Americans are more likely to listen to podcasts monthly (43%) than the total US population (38%) (though less likely to listen weekly).
February 7, 2023:
    Exclusive: You'll spot a new name at the top of future Triton Digital and Edison Podcast Metrics reports: "SiriusXM Podcast Network". Previously, the company was listed as "Stitcher Media" or "SXM Media", but we're told they "saw an opportunity to unify our naming conventions across these trackers in order to improve SiriusXM's overall brand equity and recognition in the industry, and raise awareness and understanding of our robust podcast content network."
February 2, 2023:
December 15, 2022:
December 7, 2022:
    SXM Media is, once more, #1 for podcasts according to Edison Podcast Metrics data for the 12 months ending Q3/22. Spotify is down to #2, while iHeartMedia is #3. The data was produced by surveying 11,675 listeners from across the US.
December 1, 2022:
    First look: Podcast listenership among women in the US is up, says a fact sheet from The Women's Podcast Report 2022, released today by SXM Media and Edison Research. 47 million women have listened in the past month: 35% of all women aged 18+, a figure that's grown by 67% over the past five years.
October 14, 2022:
    SXM Media has discovered where and when people listen to podcasts with others. 12% of podcast listeners often listen with someone else: and the company has calculated that podcast advertising gets 5% more impressions from those co-listeners. Listening with someone else is most likely to happen in the car, or when cooking and eating; comedy is the most co-listened genre. The data was conducted with Edison Research and Carat.
October 6, 2022:
    The Mel Robbins Podcast launches today. The motivational audio creator and international best-selling author has signed a multi-year deal with SiriusXM which gives SXM Media exclusive global ad sales rights.
September 14, 2022:
    Spotify is the top podcast network in the US based on reach, according to new data from Edison Research. The data measures total listeners to shows from each podcast publisher for the 12 months ending June 30 2022. Spotify's numbers include Spotify Originals, as well as shows from The Ringer, Gimlet, Parcast and others. iHeartRadio remains in third place, behind SXM Media.
August 9, 2022:
    A ranker already exists through Edison Podcast Metrics; SXM Media is #1. SXM aren't measured by Podtrac, though.
July 29, 2022:
July 28, 2022:
July 22, 2022:
July 19, 2022:
July 15, 2022:
June 27, 2022:
June 8, 2022:
May 25, 2022:
    One of the biggest podcasts in the world, WTF with Marc Maron has signed with Acast. The thirteen-year-old show claims 55 million listens per year, primarily in North America, and is the 25th most popular show in the US according to Edison Podcast Metrics. It will also use Acast+, the company's paid subscriptions product. It was with SXM Media, and hosted by Omny Studio.
May 20, 2022:
    Triton Digital released its US Podcast Report for April. SXM Media is #1 for podcasts, with more than twice the unique weekly listeners for NPR podcasts at #2.
May 18, 2022:
May 16, 2022:
    Opinion: This 'top publisher' data is based on "the number of podcasts in the top 100", and not based on audience reach nor total downloads. While data from Podtrac and Triton Digital is incomplete, both align well with publisher data we already have from Edison Podcast Metrics, a more robust survey of the whole space, which shows SXM Media at #1, and NPR at #4. To suggest that NPR isn't in the top ten of US podcast publishers is obviously untrue; but helpful narrative for its competitor iHeartMedia. Coincidentally, iHeartMedia owns Media Monitors, a fact not disclosed.
May 13, 2022:
May 4, 2022:
April 26, 2022:
April 22, 2022:
    Triton Digital has released the US Podcast Report for March. SXM Media remains #1 for podcasts ahead of NPR who move up to #2. Total US downloads and users for the top five publishers dropped slightly. The ranker measures participating publishers only; iHeartMedia-owned Triton Digital doesn't measure iHeartMedia.
April 6, 2022:
March 21, 2022:
    Who are they? Webster didn't spell those out in his post, but here's the data, released last month. The four biggest, now reaching 50% of all weekly podcast listeners, are SXM Media, Spotify, iHeartRadio and NPR.
March 11, 2022:
February 25, 2022:
February 18, 2022:
November 25, 2021:
November 5, 2021:
    Podcast listening among Black Americans is surging, says findings from the first-ever Edison Research Black Podcast Listener Report by SXM Media and Mindshare. The report says that Black podcast fans would listen more if there were more podcasts with Black hosts.
September 10, 2021:
June 17, 2021:
June 3, 2021:
May 11, 2021:

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