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July 11, 2024:
    Correction: Yesterday, we reported on a number of hires at BBC Studios Audio - but were fed a wrong name. Ella Woods does not become Podcast Marketing Manager - she is “absolutely still a Development Producer,” she tells us. Ella Squire is the new Podcast Marketing Manager, but you knew that, since we reported on Jun 5 that she had started at the BBC, joining from News UK.
June 21, 2024:
June 13, 2024:
June 11, 2024:
    Want live captions while you’re chatting to someone on Squadcast, Riverside, Cleanfeed or Streamyard? Chrome has live captions built-in: you just have to turn them on.
June 6, 2024:
    Want live captions for remote recordings you’re doing, in things like Riverside, Cleanfeed or Squadcast? Google Chrome can do that for you. Use the instructions here.
June 5, 2024:
May 23, 2024:
    Libsyn Studio, the company’s online recording tool, has suddenly closed. An email to customers said it was a “difficult decision”. No alternative tool was offered; we’d recommend Podcastle, and other alternatives include Alitu, Riverside and Descript.
February 9, 2024:
January 3, 2024:
December 4, 2023:
October 6, 2023:
September 22, 2023:
September 13, 2023:
August 22, 2023:
July 25, 2023:
July 21, 2023:
    Riverside has teased a set of updates being launched on Monday. Expect an AI-powered tool called "Magic Clips"; and awkwardly-long-silence detection. The company has also released a test of its transcription service.
July 10, 2023:
    Riverside is releasing more visible upload monitoring to its remote recording service.
June 23, 2023:
    Rebecca Sananès is hosting an eight-part masterclass, Master The Art Of Podcasting, on the Riverside website. She was the co-producer and executive producer of Archetypes, Meghan Markle's podcast; she gives an inside look at how she creates and develops some of the world’s most popular podcasts, and teaches podcasters how they can apply pro techniques to their own shows.
June 16, 2023:
March 29, 2023:
March 20, 2023:
January 27, 2023:
January 26, 2023:
January 12, 2023:
January 11, 2023:
December 6, 2022:
November 10, 2022:
October 24, 2022:
August 17, 2022:
August 1, 2022:
July 13, 2022:
July 1, 2022:
June 27, 2022:
    Remote recording tool Riverside has updated its iOS app to use external mics, its Android app to support host and producer modes, and now offers higher quality video backup files.
May 30, 2022:
    Riverside has added more descriptive filenames, and has improved live video quality, bumping the default from 480p up to 720p.
May 16, 2022:
May 12, 2022:
    Riverside, the popular remote-recording tool for podcasts, now has a podcast for itself. Hit Publish picks the brains of accomplished content creators that have been there before. "You’ll get weekly actionable tips about coming up with ideas, organizing your systems, creating great content, and much more", they say.
May 5, 2022:
May 4, 2022:
April 27, 2022:
April 22, 2022:
March 1, 2022:
January 28, 2022:
January 13, 2022:
December 22, 2021:
October 4, 2021:
September 9, 2021:
    Remote recording tool Riverside․fm is now SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant - a test of securely managing client data and privacy.
August 19, 2021:
July 22, 2021:
    On Podland this week, sponsored by Buzzsprout and Riverside․fm, NOVA Entertainment's Head of Podcasts & Digital Content Rachel Corbett co-hosts with James Cridland, Podnews's Editor. We talk fiction podcasts, dynamic ad insertion, podcast market slowdowns, GoodPods and social audio; and an we have an interview with Grammar Girl's Mignon Fogarty, who has been podcasting since 2006.
July 16, 2021:
    Podland News this week with James Cridland and Sam Sethi talks to Nick Hilton about his new podcast, Jemily Rime talks about the future of podcasting, and Zach and Rock from Squadcast talk about their new release, which'll go down well with one of the sponsors, Riverside FM. Also sponsored by Buzzsprout.
July 9, 2021:
July 1, 2021:
June 11, 2021:
    Riverside․fm has announced a media board - a virtual soundboard and videoboard, allowing creators to insert pre-recorded content directly into the live recording session. The clips are added as a separate track, cutting editing time. It's live to all users now.
April 23, 2021:
April 7, 2021:
March 22, 2021:

Thank you to Riverside․fm - online here - for returning as a gold supporter today. As used by podcasters like Hillary Clinton, it's the easiest way to record podcasts and video interviews in studio quality from anywhere - all from the browser. (For audio, our Editor has been testing it out in Podland; and for video you'll see some videos produced with Riverside at Radiodays Asia). Give it a go for free; and support Podnews like they do.

November 12, 2020:
November 6, 2020:

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