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RadioPublic offers free tools to help podcasters grow, like podsites and listener tipping tools.
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February 1, 2024:
December 7, 2022:
    RadioPublic Pro is to discontinue. For $12/month, the product offered enhanced podcast websites, an enhanced embedded player, and a tipping service. The free service RadioPublic Basic will continue; the company has been owned by Acast since Feb 2021.
June 24, 2022:
June 14, 2022:
March 11, 2022:
    RadioPublic, which was also sending out Acast promotional spam, has had its privacy page quietly restored again, after we reported it was missing. However, it dates from 2016, is authored by Jake Shapiro (who left RadioPublic to join Apple two years ago), and claims "If we merge with another company such that your information will become subject to a different privacy policy, we’ll notify you before the transfer. You can opt out of the new policy by deleting your account during the notice period". The last email from RadioPublic to its users was a full year before Acast bought RadioPublic's assets a year ago; we've asked Acast for details about how the promised notification happened.
March 4, 2022:
    Acast is to hold a number of events for International Womens Day. It is also to close its podcast app, claiming that the app does not "support the company's vision of a completely open podcast ecosystem". The company also admits that few people used it, saying: "the shutdown of the app will not have any noticeable effect on Acast's revenue or the number of listens." They'll continue operating the RadioPublic app, however, which - on iOS - last got an update in September 2019.
February 28, 2022:
November 24, 2021:
October 11, 2021:
    The expiration of an old root certificate for Let's Encrypt continues to cause problems with some podcast platforms. NPR, RadioPublic and TuneIn are no longer updating any RSS feeds from Anchor or Feedpress, and others secured with Let's Encrypt. NPR, RadioPublic and TuneIn need to fix their servers to remove the old Let's Encrypt root cert: this fix helped us last week when we had a similar issue.
October 4, 2021:
    RadioPublic, the Podbean app, and TuneIn are among those that have not updated any shows hosted on Anchor since Sep 30. We suspect this is related to the expiration of an old root certificate for Let's Encrypt. Podnews's webserver also failed to connect to Anchor RSS feeds from Oct 1 (or our own internal tools which also use Let's Encrypt); we had to patch our server. The fix is for RadioPublic, Podbean and TuneIn to implement, not Anchor.
February 19, 2021:
    First look: Acast has bought RadioPublic, acquiring tools and services for podcasters everywhere. The acquisition also sees RadioPublic co-founders Chris Quamme Rhoden (CTO) and Matt MacDonald (Chief Product Officer) join the Acast team. Jake Shapiro left in September to join Apple.
November 18, 2020:
September 16, 2020:
    RadioPublic's Jake Shapiro joins Apple Podcasts as Head of Creator Partnerships, in a significant hire for the company. Shapiro co-founded PRX in 2002. New leadership for both RadioPublic and Podfund will be "announced shortly".
August 31, 2020:
    The next version of Overcast, the world's third biggest podcast app, will remove one way for podcasters to earn revenue, and highlight another as a concern. A new "privacy screen" in the app's latest beta release adds a brightly-coloured warning alert for any podcast that may earn revenue from dynamic advertising and geolocation. And for smaller podcasters, the "donate" button, launched in August 2018 by the app's developer, Marco Arment, will be removed "because nobody used it and it’s not worth today’s app-review risk", he writes - referring to Apple's notoriously strict app approval process. The donate button is also in apps from Breaker, RadioPublic, PodcastAddict, Castro, and our own podcast pages. (From Sounds Profitable, here's more about how geolocation works in podcasting).
March 23, 2020:
    Developers: The open list of podcast useragents on Github now has The Economist's podcast app, Podimo's user-agent details, and RadioPublic's new user-agent. Visible here, it's used in production by a number of podcast hosts.
January 16, 2020:
    Filter Stories, a coffee documentary podcast, is being promoted by RadioPublic today: their website was the first PodSite from the company. (Soundcloud)
January 8, 2020:
December 11, 2019:
    RadioPublic is launching RadioPublic PRO today. It's a new embeddable podcast player with subscribe buttons and email capture built-in. It works with any podcast host. (The page we're linking to contains a money off code, too). The company has also added new features to its Podsites website platform.
December 3, 2019:
September 18, 2019:
September 13, 2019:
August 14, 2019:
August 12, 2019:
July 30, 2019:
July 26, 2019:
July 19, 2019:
July 12, 2019:
June 20, 2019:
May 29, 2019:
May 8, 2019:
    The industry’s "first dedicated source of funding for podcasters" has been announced. "Podfund is founded in partnership with and operated by RadioPublic, but it is also an independent company at the start of its own contribution to the field." Podfund has achieved a $2.3m funding round. Applications are now open.
April 12, 2019:
April 4, 2019:
    Podchaser has announced 21 data partnerships of podcast websites and apps using Podchaser creator data. Services include RadioPublic, Player FM, and Podnews. "Podnews links to Podchaser from our podcast pages whenever we mention a podcast in our free daily newsletter," says our Editor, James Cridland.
March 26, 2019:
    Pinstripes and Bright Lights launches today: hosted by veteran broadcaster and voice of the New York Yankees, John Sterling. In each episode John reads a heartfelt letter from a fan and then shares sports stories he's collected over the course of his career. Of note: the website is one of those RadioPublic PodSites websites, which we noted in Feb.
March 12, 2019:
    RadioPublic have highlighted their recent new features in a blog post, including PodSites, a website generator for podcasters; a marketing attribution service called Sonar, and a new thing: HearMarks, a way of keeping (and sharing) parts of a podcast you're listening to.
February 25, 2019:
    NPR's RAD podcast analytics specification was launched on 12 December; but our RAD tracking server remains unbothered by any actual listens to track. This might soon change: NPR drops heavy hints to Current that Apple are quite keen on it; and RadioPublic are the first non-NPR app to publicly commit to integrating the tracking "as an opt-in feature that listeners can enable or decline for each podcast".
February 15, 2019:
February 14, 2019:
January 24, 2019:
December 19, 2018:
December 12, 2018:
    Podtrac has announced support for RAD, and their own RAD beta is open for signup. Other companies who've said they'll support it are Acast, AdsWizz, ART19, Awesound, Blubrry Podcasting, Panoply, Omny Studio, Podtrac, PRX, RadioPublic, Triton Digital, and WideOrbit.
December 5, 2018:
October 12, 2018:
October 8, 2018:
    RadioPublic has launched tipping. "Now, fans can tip you for any amount up to $100, right in the app, and it goes directly into your bank account."
October 4, 2018:
September 24, 2018:
September 11, 2018:
August 22, 2018:
    Wordpress are the latest investor in RadioPublic, through Wordpress's parent company, Automattic.
August 20, 2018:
August 17, 2018:
    Anchor's Listener Support (Aug 10) is now natively supported in podcast apps, the company has just announced. "Support on Anchor" buttons are now visible in versions of Breaker and RadioPublic, with support from Castro and Podcast Addict promised shortly. Podnews also already supports Anchor's Listener Support links - here's an example. Anchor is also marking up these links using the rel="payment" pattern so they'll be visible in a future release of Overcast.
July 11, 2018:
June 22, 2018:
    RadioPublic is running an equity crowdfunding campaign. The pitch contains some good data about RadioPublic use. In an email to Podnews, CEO Jake Shapiro says this is "something I've been looking for a long while and super excited about. Ever since our first Kickstarter in 2014 for Radiotopia I've wanted to find new ways to channel that democratized marketing/engagement/community energy into each level up in our enterprise."
June 8, 2018:
May 21, 2018:
    RadioPublic launch "stations" in their iOS app - a hand-selected service designed to surface more new podcasts for people. Android users? Nah, not yet.
April 26, 2018:
March 26, 2018:
    In New York, RAIN's Podcast Business Summit managed to survive a "blizzarding storm" and enjoyed a packed schedule of over 320 attendees and 22 speakers. RAIN covered the event with a full writeup, and RadioPublic's Ma'ayan Plaut did a fun job with a set of sketchnotes.
February 27, 2018:
February 21, 2018:
February 13, 2018:
    VOX Media is to launch a new daily podcast called Today, Explained. Hosted by Sean Rameswaram, there's a trailer up now with a song. It starts February 19th and is aimed at your afternoon commute.
February 12, 2018:
February 7, 2018:
    RadioPublic have launched something called "paid listens": they're paying a guaranteed US$20 CPM rate to put ads at the top and end of your podcast, as long as your listeners use the RadioPublic app. The program is open to all podcasters with no minimum traffic requirement. (Here's a Reddit Q&A, and the terms).
February 6, 2018:
    Launching a podcast soon, or a new season of an existing one? Let RadioPublic know so they can tell people.
February 5, 2018:
February 1, 2018:
January 30, 2018:
January 29, 2018:
January 25, 2018:
January 24, 2018:
    CNBC Africa covers the launch of a new technology podcast in Kenya. The podcast is called 24Bit and has five hosts, all technology bloggers.
January 23, 2018:
    Talking of the BBC, they have a new programme - broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra and available as a podcast - called Podcast Radio Hour. Presented by Amanda Litherland, "presenters recommend their favourite podcasts, and speak to the people that make them". Episode 1: Deborah Frances-White.
January 22, 2018:
January 18, 2018:
December 18, 2017:
December 13, 2017:
November 30, 2017:
    Podcast app and service RadioPublic announces a new group of investors and advisors, led by Boston MA, US broadcaster WGBH. The seed round is USD$1.2m, and Bostinno covers the likely reasons for the investment: fundraising opportunities and to be closer to the podcasting industry. (As subscribers, congratulations RadioPublic!
October 23, 2017:
October 3, 2017:
August 18, 2017:
    Testing RadioPublic's new embed code - this podcast, just four minutes long, looks at the trick one of the UK's best-known radio presenters employs to get closer to his audience.
August 17, 2017:
    You can now embed any podcast into Wordpress, thanks to some work with RadioPublic. It's a quick and simple way to embed any podcast - you can either embed a specific episode, or you can also embed the podcast itself (which'll embed the latest show). Earlier this year, RadioPublic released oEmbed code for websites like Medium, too. It's nicely done with some nifty features.

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