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February 22, 2024:
    The #1 podcast among Black listeners in the US is the one you’d probably expect: Joe Rogan. However, six shows in the top ten have Black hosts, including The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God at #2, says Edison Research in the company’s weekly insights email. (That show is also broadcast on 152 US radio stations).
February 21, 2024:
February 20, 2024:
February 19, 2024:
February 16, 2024:

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Podnews articles

The iOS 17 changes in Apple Podcasts
A special report, with a timeline of the changes; how automatic downloads work and what changed; how the industry spotted it, and the effect it has had on podcasting.

How to make decent podcast artwork
We've carried plenty of coverage about podcast artwork in the pages of Podnews. Here is some of the best.

How to submit a podcast to us for news coverage
How to get a podcast promoted in our newsletter

How do Apple Podcasts Transcriptions work? All your questions answered
How does this new feature from Apple work? Will it work with your podcast? A list of frequently-asked questions, and the answers

Apple Podcast Connect's terms of service, January 25, 2024
The terms of service, as published by Apple on January 25, 2024, with the major changes highlighted

Is Podcasting 2.0 clear enough?
Is it clear enough to explain Podcasting 2.0?

How do YouTube stats work for podcasters?
Your questions answered about how YouTube stats work for podcasters and podcast hosting companies.

Review: the ALABS FXCaster Podcast Workstation
A good device for a beginner to learn how to podcast. But that's about as far as it goes.

Github repositories for podcast app and website developers
From badges to user agents, there are a lot of regularly updated community Github repos out there.

Podcasting Outlook 2024: A Historical View
Marshall Poe has been in podcasting since 2007. As a historian, he helps us look forward to podcasting in 2024.

Leo Laporte announces layoffs at TWiT
Leo's announcement from This Week in Tech

The company asking podcast directories for money
A copyright enforcement company is sending bills to podcast directories for reproducing images from RSS feeds - and asking for just enough to avoid a lawyer.

Mix to Mono - how to enable one-eared listening
You can make every podcast you listen to play in mono. Here's how.

Mind the gap: why is all the podcast money in the US?
Will Page asks: why are podcast markets outside the US struggling to bring in revenue?

Goodpods adds, then removes, AI-written descriptions
The descriptions weren't always accurate, sometimes misleading, and done without creators' consent or knowledge

How to understand podcast stats
Analytics from Apple, Spotify, YouTube, podcast charts, downloads, OP3, Podtrac and more: what does it all mean? What's the biggest show in the world; and how is your show doing?

How to email someone your podcast: the AUDIO tag in email
A great way to market your podcast to someone: use email (specifically, the AUDIO player tag). We test it out.

Our recommendations for a new podcast app to replace Google Podcasts and Stitcher
Google Podcasts is about to go away, and Stitcher's already gone: so what podcast app should you use next?

Was Glenn Beck censored by Apple Podcasts?
Was Glenn Beck censored by Apple? Or was it something else a little less exciting?

Hey, Podcast Marketers and Distributors: Aren’t You Asking the Wrong Question?
Jeff Ostroff suggests that 'how many downloads have you got?' is the wrong question to ask a podcaster

Exclusive advance data from PodPoll 2023: Aussie podcast listeners love trying new shows
Podcast consumption in Australia, including time spent listening and total episodes consumed

How can I get more listeners to my podcast?
The million-dollar question: you have a podcast, but how can you get more people listening to it?

The history of the Stitcher app
An app that was ahead of its time; and one of the biggest.

Vietnam: a podcasting deep-dive
A deep dive into the Vietnamese podcasting market, its history, and what shows will work there

Opinion: DR's move against open podcasting is not in the public service
Plans to restrict shows are not what public service broadcasters are about

Review: the Sennheiser Profile USB microphone and streaming set
A well-built microphone, and a nicely designed boom arm, for a decent price.

Review: Nomono Sound Capsule
We test this in-the-field recording kit. Is it for you? And if not - then who is it for?

Indonesia: a podcasting deep-dive
A deep dive into the Indonesian podcasting market, and what shows will work there

Korea: a podcasting deep-dive
A deep dive into the Korean podcasting market, and what shows will work there

The Podnews Report Card - 2023 results
Podcast creators have their say about the platforms we all use

Podtrac data: total audience and download shares for Jan 2023
Apple's size, and Spotify's size. Who's #1 for podcasts?

Japan: a podcasting deep-dive
A deep dive into the Japanese podcasting market, and what shows will work there

Understanding podcasts in East and South East Asia
A focus at East and South East Asia - what podcast listeners are consuming, and what content works in a part of the world with twice the population of the US and a fast-growing podcast market.

Review: Hindenburg PRO v2 - with transcription editing
I test drive the new version of the audio editor I've used for the last five years

Have the number of new podcasts really “plummeted”?
Are there really 80% fewer new podcasts?

Podcast app sent your location to any podcast publisher
Rova, the free radio and podcast app from New Zealand's MediaWorks, wants to tell podcast publishers where you live, work and play

Was Robin Williams the first podcaster?
Was the actor and comedian Robin Williams an early podcaster - even before the name was invented?

The podcast industry's biggest spammer
Who has sent us more unsolicited commercial email than anyone else?

How I Make: The Piketon Massacre
For the #1 podcast in the country last season, it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to put it together. Here’s some insight into the mechanics behind the show.

Fighting podcast spam with
Some people are taking advantage of free plans to promote the oldest profession on the planet: the sex trade. Here's how stopped that.

New Podcast Trailers
Looking for new podcasts to listen to? Here's all about our podcast trailer feed.

Apple Podcast Connect's terms of service, March 24, 2022
The terms of service, as published by Apple on 24 March 2022

How many podcasts are there?
What's the total number of podcasts out there? And how many episodes? And how much has podcasting grown in the last five years?

Podcast market data for your presentations
Slides with market data to use in your presentations

A note from Daniel Ek to all Spotify staff
A note sent by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to all staff, focusing on the Joe Rogan Experience controversy

Shown the red card - has Audiochuck's new podcast copied someone else?
Audiochuck's new podcast The Deck seems quite familiar to the producers of Dealing Justice.

iHeartRadio Podcast Awards: the 2022 winners
The most innovative talent and content creators in the industry were honored.

Podcasts with the same name: what to do and how to prevent it
Would a registered trademark help? Or something else?

How to get Podnews on your smart speaker every day
How to listen to our updates every day

How can I charge for my podcast?
From Supercast to Supporting Cast, and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions - how you can charge for your podcast

Facebook Podcasts - a coding error means it's not as big as you think
Facebook Podcasts is big, we're told. It might be - but not for listens

Missing: the shows from these big Spotify announcements
Over the last two years, Spotify have been busy announcing deals for podcasts. But when it comes to the shows themselves, where are they?

Music supervision and licensing for podcasts
How easy is it to get commercial music cleared for a podcast? It's easy to say no, but there are companies that'll help. Here's what's involved with music licensing.

How to add your podcast to Facebook Podcasts, in pictures
Facebook Podcasts are growing fast - but how do you add your show to Facebook? We have pictures showing you how.

The unwritten contract between podcast publishers and apps
What should I be looking for if my podcast is being carried on a new app?

Facebook Podcasts: how to monitor your plays in your logfiles
Is your podcast host measuring Facebook Podcasts correctly? Here's what we saw.

Is YouTube the answer to Google's Podcast woes?
Why isn't Google bigger with podcast listeners? Matthew Stevens highlights the missteps the company has made in the past, and its bright future

How Podcasters Can Grow Their Show with Cross-Promos
Partnerships are one of the most valuable tools in a podcasters' marketing tool kit, and setting up cross-promos can be a great way to partner.

US podcast app downloads and audiences: Sep 2021
Podcast data shows Apple is close to be beaten by Spotify for monthly users; but not for downloads - and significant differences in engagement

The history of the word 'Podcast'
Who invented the word? And who was responsible for getting it used by the community? A full history, with audio, looking at the words used for on-demand audio via RSS.

Apple Podcasts - top subscriptions and top free channels
The most popular channels on Apple Podcasts, both free and paid-for, is the first publisher-based data from the company

The history of podcasting in the UK
How did podcasting get going in the country? And is it really just about the BBC?

How to report a pirated podcast
If your show's audio has been copied by someone else, and you need to get it removed under DMCA or copyright takedown, here's how and where to do that.

How I make... Hit Different
Courtney Carthy dives into his bag of tools for producing a hit podcast

How people find your podcast in apps - who indexes what?
What podcast and/or episode metadata is indexed by which search engines and directories? How should you use your RSS feed to get more new listeners?

What is a podcast?
What is the definition of the word 'podcast'? Are YouTube shows podcasts? How about Spotify Exclusives? It's a simple question: but it doesn't, quite, have a simple answer.

Mythbusting: is Anchor full of dead shows, and does it matter?
Is Anchor really full of dead shows? And what would it mean if it was anyway? Is that really a bad thing?

How to create a compelling call to action in your podcast episodes
Five simple steps that you can take to improve your show notes and increase listener retention

Is it a lemon? Apple's botched podcasts rollout
A month later, how's the new Apple Podcasts? Not good, it turns out. We ask publishers how things are going.

Spotify vs Apple: who's bigger really?
Buzzsprout says Apple is neck-and-neck with Spotify for podcast downloads. Libsyn says Apple is more than four times bigger for downloads. Who is right?

Audio quality for music streaming - and lossless podcasts?
Audio quality is a new battleground for the music streaming companies. What does it mean? And, particularly, what does it mean for podcasting?

Apple Podcasts's changes: why it doesn't see your new episode instantly
There's been a big change in the way Apple Podcasts works in iOS 14.5

Facebook adds a podcast player in its app, powered by Spotify
A podcast player comes to Facebook - as long as you're listed in Spotify

Our podcast sample
We mention our podcast sample quite a bit here. What is it? And why isn't it a perfect sample?

Mythbusting: does Spotify deliver downloaded episodes again if they change?
If you change the audio, does Spotify re-download it to any app that has downloaded the show?

Mythbusting: are downloads from 'AppleCoreMedia' mostly Apple Podcasts?
Traffic from an AppleCoreMedia user agent should be lumped into the total numbers for Apple Podcasts. Is that true?

Mythbusting: does Spotify re-download cached episodes?
Does Spotify re-download episodes if their content changes?

How to support the value you get from a podcast with ‘streaming sats’
Love the podcast you're listening to? Support the value you get from it

Why Podcast Marketing is a Must for Your Business
Fatima Zaidi, the Co-founder and CEO of Quill Inc, posts six reasons why businesses need to take advantage of podcast marketing

How this company generated over 68% of its revenue from podcasting
Jake Jorgovan highlights how a podcast evolved into the most effective driver of new revenue for his business

How to do value4value and earn Bitcoin from your podcast
Got a podcast? You can earn Bitcoin from it, right now.

A proposal: do we need an Incognito Mode for podcast apps?
How can we let users control their privacy, and publishers control their content?

Your podcast in Podnews
Your podcast on Podnews's podcast pages; and our DMCA request procedure

The team behind podcasting's DDoS
Podnews talks to the person responsible for DDoSing a number of podcast hosts

Want to use our stuff? Really simple syndication of Podnews
Want to use Podnews stuff on your website? We've lots of feeds to help you.

How to know when you can depend on 'fair use'
Fair use is possible for podcasters to use, as long as you understand and use the courts' interpretive logic.

How podcasts are helping Caribbean people during the pandemic
The podcast boom has revived Caribbean storytelling in a time of uncertainty.

The Story of the First Podcast Feed
When was the first podcast feed produced - and what is the history of the first podcast?

How to get live captions for every podcast you listen to - on whatever app
There's a way to get live captions on almost any phone and almost any app

How to spot Google Podcasts in your server logs
It turns out that Google Podcasts is harder to spot than many podcast apps. Here's the definitive list.

Can you help yourself to free podcasts for your audio app?
Can anyone take your RSS feed and use your podcast audio however they want? Another company doesn't quite understand the way that podcasters work.

The best podcasts in the world - Apple Podcasts 2020
The biggest shows of 2020, according to the largest podcast platform in the world

Podcasting offers novel ways of media reporting in South Africa
Johannesburg-based podcast production studio Volume got creative, using WhatsApp to shed light on how media startups in South Africa were reporting on the toughest parts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Insecure feeds and audio, and identifiable domains: you don't want them
Insecure feeds and things - why are they bad? Especially, what's the problem with a unique domain name?

How to pirate someone else's podcast onto Anchor
Pirating someone else's podcast is easy - you don't even need to know the RSS feed of the podcast you want to pirate. Let us show you how: and what Anchor ought to be doing.

How I make... True Crime Reporter
How does a proper investigative reporter turn his hand into making a true crime podcast? And what does he think of the others?

Updates in iOS14's Apple Podcasts app for podcasters
What new features in iOS14's Apple Podcasts means to podcasters, and why they matter

All you need to know: podcasts in Amazon Music
Where podcasts in Amazon Music are, how to get yours listed, and how many shows

Divided States of Media: Dan Granger interviews Jordan Harbinger
Jordan Harbinger, on his start into podcasts, self-censorship, and defending yourself against misinformation

Podnews's Google Podcast RSS Helper
A bookmarklet to help people with which RSS feed Google Podcasts is using

How I make... Grumpy Old Geeks
More than 460 episodes, and 'a few million downloads'. Jason DeFillippo shows us how it's done.

How to get universal links to your podcast for everyone
One link to rule them all - or to get your new listeners. Here's how to get one.

How I make... Podcast Pontifications
Evo Terra tells us why it takes 3.5 hours for him to record an episode that lasts for less than ten minutes.

How I make... Podcast Gumbo
Paul Kondo explains how he makes his weekly podcast recommendation podcast

Anchor could automatically delete your account without warning
The robots are coming - Anchor removed an entire account within two hours of posting one piece of new audio.

Are Anchor podcasts different?
Is Anchor full of dead podcasts and rubbish? Or is there a plan here for Spotify?

The 100 most popular podcast names
The most popular podcast names - including Daniel's Show

Do ID3 tags matter for SEO?
Are they a sure-fire way of helping your SEO? Or not used at all?

Analysis: Is Spotify REALLY bigger than Apple Podcasts?
How can Spotify really be #1 when Apple is clearly so much larger?

Will podcasts prove to be recession-proof? One business that’s booming during the pandemic - podcasting
With revenues down in traditional media as advertisers pull out amidst the global pandemic, one platform is proving to be well, recession-proof.

Podcasts - do they mean more spam?
If you do a podcast, is your email address being used for marketing emails?

The Podcast Academy: what and why?
Rob Greenlee writes about what The Podcast Academy is there for, and how to join

Media's New Deal: Dan Granger interviews Entercom CEO David Field
A transcript from Media's New Deal, presented by Oxford Road

The podcast app that's eight times bigger than you thought
One of the oldest and best-known audio apps is probably much bigger than you think.

Podcast transcripts: who's in control?
Is automation a good idea for all transcripts? And who gets to choose?

How much does Anchor add to Spotify's bandwidth bill?
Bandwidth isn't cheap: for many podcast hosts, it's the biggest bill they have. We were curious: how much does Anchor add to Spotify's bandwidth bill?

Podcasting's Growing Market Imbalance
Too many podcasts, not enough listeners?

The publishers who don't want their podcast to be on every platform
The podcast publishers who are making deliberate choices to stop audiences finding their podcasts on some platforms

Google Podcasts Manager: a first look
We take a look at the new analytics service from Google Podcasts - and discover a way to submit your podcast

Today's most popular Android podcast apps
What are the best podcast apps for Android? We look at the data.

New Weekly Podtrac Download and Audience Data Amid the COVID-19 Crisis
Data from the US's largest podcast measurement tool

How the coronavirus is affecting podcast downloads
Are downloads down, or up, because of the effect of covid-19, self isolation, and working from home?

Eight Things I Learned Making a Podcast about How F*cked We Are
Lessons learnt when developing and making the first season of Crazy Town

Advertising A Podcast, Part 3
Promo ad swaps, episode drops and crossovers

What app buttons should you have on your podcast website?
The Apple Podcasts one, of course, but which else? We discover something interesting from our own data.

The Podcast Academy: Hernan Lopez keynote at Podcast Movement Evolutions
The full video, and transcript, from Hernan Lopez's keynote speech at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2020 in Los Angeles CA, USA.

HubHopper republishing hijacked RSS feeds: their response
Our original story, and their response, shows much to be concerned about

Advertising A Podcast, Part 2
Buying Social and Search Ads

Advertising a Podcast, Part 1
How to Stand Out and Build An Audience

Do not sell my personal information
A legal page that Californians want us to have - with a twist

Review: Make Noise, a creator's guide to podcasting and great audio storytelling, by Eric Nuzum
A podcasting book that doesn't focus on the technology. Music to my ears.

B2B podcasts: count your meetings, not your downloads
What's the best way to measure success for your branded podcasts?

How to encode your audio: MP3 or AAC / M4A?
What should you use for your podcast?

iHeartRadio Podcast Channel - confusing, poorly executed
A radio professional takes a listen

Podnews LLC: Advertising Contract, Terms and Conditions
For advertisers on Podnews's newsletter, website or podcast

Is Hot Hollywood really the #5 podcast in Podtrac?
Two new entries in this month's Podtrac podcast charts highlight the fragility of podcast stats

How to link to your podcast
If you want to link to your podcast from social media, posters, business cards, your email footer or anything else... what's the best way?

The PodnewsBot
All about our bot

How to make your episode notes work in all the podcast players
Want to make your episode notes look lovely? Here's the way to avoid also making them look rubbish.

Podcasting 2020 – The Rise of the Machines
Is 2020 going to be the year that podcasting gets smart?

What happened at PodFest China 2019
PodFest China 2019 was a half-day conference held in Shanghai on November 9, 2019. Here's what you missed.

How I make... The Freenoter
From ATR-2100s to Auphonic, here's how The Freenoter is made

How our UTM codes work
We help websites understand where their traffic is coming from with UTM codes. Here's how they work.

The iHeart Podcast Awards - how the nominations worked
Think the judges helped choose the nominations? Think again.

Some unusual terms and conditions from podcast companies
We discover some of the more strange clauses from podcast hosts and similar companies

Details on the Podcast Music deal: a good day for podcasting?
The claim: Think licensing popular music to podcasts is impossible? Think again.

Who's the best podcast host - how to choose
One of the most-asked questions on podcasting forums is "which podcast host should I use?" So, here's the answer.

How much does it cost to host a podcast on Amazon AWS?
Is hosting a podcast on Amazon AWS a good idea?

Share Podnews with others and get unique stuff
Recommend us to others, and get some unique stuff

Podtrac admits to error on website as it aims for IAB Certification
An erroneous post on Podtrac's website claimed they were measuring something they weren't

Anchor bypasses Apple Podcasts approval process with copyright violating podcasts
Anchor's special deal with Apple lets anyone post anything, seemingly

Is the Australian APRA mini-licence a way for podcasters to licence music?
This music licence says it covers podcasting. So does that mean you can use music in your podcasts?

The strategy behind WarnerMedia Podcast Network's first indie podcast
A look at the reason why they're working with Rainstream Media on Somebody Somewhere

New and changed Apple Podcasts categories: summer 2019 (updated)
All the changes for podcasters announced by Apple: what's gone, what's new

A full test: how do show notes display in podcast apps?
Podcast show notes display, it turns out, in many different ways in over 40 different apps we tested. Here's what to do to make sure they work best.

What's a proxy server? And why was Luminary using one?
What actually is a proxy server? And why is it a bad thing for podcasting?

Audio quality comparisons
What effect does bitrate, samplerate, and mono/stereo have on audio quality?

The end of open: BBC blocks its podcasts on Google [UPDATED]
The BBC has blocked access to its podcasts from Google Assistant, Google Podcasts and Google Search.

How WebSub works: and why it's good for your podcast
WebSub fixes one of the main problems for podcasting in an elegant manner

Episode number support in podcast apps
How many podcast apps support the episode tag?

Episode numbers in episode titles: all you need to know
People are worried about episode numbers, following an email from Apple this week. Here's what's up.

Submissions and Disclosures
How to submit stories to Podnews; and our relevant editorial disclosures

Root of Evil launches: Q&A with Tyler Moody
We spoke to Tyler Moody, the GM and VP of Turner Podcast Network, about the company's new podcast Root of Evil, and the state of the industry.

Apple Podcast Connect's terms of service, 31 January 2019
The terms of service, as published by Apple on 31 January 2019.

Our take: Spotify in talks to buy Gimlet Media. Good plan?
Spotify is in talks to buy Gimlet Media for $230m. Is it worth $230m? What next?

Things I learnt when self-hosting my own podcast
Some things learnt after self-hosting a podcast for a while

Podcast apps, privacy, and GDPR
Is NPR's RAD a privacy violation? No... but yes. We explain how podcasting works, and exactly how much data you're sharing.

Promote Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts equally: and here's what happens
It turns out that if you promote your podcast on both services equally, you get equal usage. You just have to promote it that way.

For podcast hosts, what does 'IAB compliance' mean?
What does 'IAB compliance' actually mean? Spoiler: not much. You want to be looking for IAB Certification.

How to use commercial music in your podcast
Can you use commercial music, from records or CDs, in your podcast? No, you can't. Here's a full set of reasons why you can't - without a licence.

How to do loudness: the LUFS and LKFS FAQ for podcasters
What are LUFS and LKFS, and why is Apple asking for -16 of them? This article helps with understanding loudness levels for your podcast, and how to achieve them.

Q&A with Panoply's CEO, Brendan Monaghan
We asked Panoply some questions. They sent us some answers.

How I make... Podnews
What tools are used by Podnews every day to produce the newsletter and the podcast?

How to embed a podcast player into your website
Want to embed a podcast player into your website? Here's how...

Podcast recommendation newsletters
Looking for some new podcasts to listen to? Here are some of our favourite recommendation newsletters.

Advertising and supporting Podnews
Want to support us - or get your company's name out there? Here are the options at Podnews.

Popular podcast app Castbox altered RSS feeds and is still removing links
Castbox has been republishing unauthorised and altered versions of podcast RSS feeds, and deliberately removing links to the websites of the podcasters they link to.

Podcast app user-agents
We wondered what user agents were being used by which apps. Here is details of the resources that exist to help with that.

Google Podcasts app: an FAQ for podcasters
All you need to know about Google Podcasts, on apps, the web and smart speakers.

How to get your podcast into Google Podcasts and Google Home
How to get your podcasts into the Google Podcasts app, and onto Google Home and other smart speakers

Apple kicks out a republisher of 'top 5' podcasts from Apple Podcasts
Apple acted swiftly to kick out a republisher this week. But should they have approved the podcasts in the first place?

How to see if Google has indexed your podcast
Not got an Android phone, but want to see if Google knows where your podcast is? Here's how to find out.

British Podcast Awards: 2018 winners
The British Podcast Awards 2018 took place on Saturday 19th May at Kings Place in King's Cross, London.

Is this proof that Apple's Podcast Charts are being manipulated?
Does this show strong evidence that it's easy to game the iTunes Chart?

Placings on Apple's Podcast Chart can be bought
A company promises to get you into the Apple Podcast Charts. All they want is money.

How to add your podcast to every podcast directory
We have a daily podcast. Here's where to find it - and all the directory links to add your podcast, too

Podcast subscribe pages for everyone
How to get a simple page to link to your podcast from social media, letting people subscribe and listen instantly

Is iHeartMedia really the leader in 'snackable' podcasts?
A configuration error means that their Podtrac stats could be thousands of times too large

Chapter points in podcasts: a waste of time?
Which podcast apps support chapter points? Is it worth your while spending time and effort on them?

The Last Yard - the blog post that started it all
The original blog post from Adam Curry that gave birth to podcasting


Podnews Weekly Review
Podnews Weekly Review News, Commentary, Business
The last word in podcasting news. Every Friday James Cridland (⚡ ) and Sam Sethi (⚡ review and analyse the week's top podcasting news as covered on Podnews. We also interview some of the biggest names in podcasting making the news. Support the show at - or hit the boost button! Sponsored by Buzzsprout: podcast hosting made easy.
Podnews Extra
Podnews Extra News, Business
Additional, long-form and ad-hoc podcasting content from Podnews and the Podnews Weekly Review. Expect speeches, interviews, and other pieces of content.
Nachklang – Der Nachrichten-Podcast
Nachklang – Der Nachrichten-Podcast News
Nachklang beschäftigt sich jede Woche mit einem Thema, das wichtig und noch nicht zu Ende diskutiert ist. Denn: Die Schlagzeile geht weiter!
stimmt! – Der Synchronsprecher-Podcast
stimmt! – Der Synchronsprecher-Podcast Arts, Performing
Sie lassen Schauspieler wie Daniel Craig, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis oder Cameron Diaz „deutsch“ sprechen: Synchronsprecher! Wie funktioniert das Ganze aber genau? Wie lange dauert es überhaupt, bis es so klingt, wie wir es dann im Kino erleben können? Und: Wie sieht eigentlich ein Arbeitstag als Synchronsprecher aus? Mike Wirth, ehemaliger Radiomoderator, begrüßt alle zwei Wochen Synchronsprecherinnen und Synchronsprecher und fragt nach. #synchron #kultur #film
(R)auszeit – Der Reise-Podcast
(R)auszeit – Der Reise-Podcast Society, Culture, Places, Travel
Marc und Holger nehmen in der erste Reihe im Flieger Platz und reisen für euch rund um die Welt. Mit im Gepäck haben sie Infos zu Trendreisezielen sowie Reiserecht und sagen euch was beim nächsten Trip Neues auf euch wartet.
Im Reagenzglas – Experimente mit Leib & Seele
Im Reagenzglas – Experimente mit Leib & Seele Leisure
Kittel an, Schutzbrille auf – jetzt wird experimentiert bis sich die Balken biegen! Im Reagenzglas stellen sich Karo und Katha ihren persönlichen Grenzen: Immer einen Monat lang sind sie selbst – echt tierversuchsfrei – die Versuchskaninchen ihrer eigenen Experimente rund um Körper, Geist und Lifestyle.
Zellfrisch – der Podcast für deine Zellgesundheit mit Nina Ruge
Zellfrisch – der Podcast für deine Zellgesundheit mit Nina Ruge Health, Fitness, Medicine
Je älter wir werden, desto träger werden unsere Zellen. Zellmüll beeinträchtigt ihre Funktion und kann auch viele Jahre später zur Entstehung altersbedingter Krankheiten wie Demenz führen. Die gute Nachricht: Wir können ihnen dabei helfen, sich selbst zu reinigen. Wie das geht und wie Angehörige und Betroffene mit der Diagnose Alzheimer oder Demenz umgehen, das möchte Moderatorin Nina Ruge mit ihren Gästen bei „Zellfrisch“ klären. Weitere Infos:
Aufgeblättert – die Podnews Bücherkiste
Aufgeblättert – die Podnews Bücherkiste Arts, Books
Aufgeblättert – die Podnews Bücherkiste – jeden zweiten Mittwoch neu. Mit Annabelle und Marc geht es querbeet durch die Bücherregale. Was ist neu, was steht gerade ganz oben auf den Bestsellerlisten. Die beiden Bücherwürmer geben euch einen Überblick und sagen euch, welches Buch sich wirklich lohnt.
Ernährung Plus – Der FoodCast
Ernährung Plus – Der FoodCast Health, Fitness, Nutrition
In dem FoodCast geht es um alles, was mit Essen, Lebensmitteln und Gesundheit zu tun hat. Von allgemeinen Tipps rund um unser Wohlbefinden bis zu den neusten Trends, wo es mit der Ernährung hingeht. Manon Struck-Pacyna vom Lebensmittelverband Deutschland und Marc Erny klären zusammen mit verschiedenen Expertinnen und Experten, was eine ausgewogene Ernährung ausmacht, was wir in der Zukunft essen werden und wie die drängendsten Herausforderungen und Lösungen aussehen – von der gerechten Ressourcen-Ver
Peng! Puff! Pow! – Der Comic-Podcast
Peng! Puff! Pow! – Der Comic-Podcast Arts, Books
Der eine Sammler, der andere Händler, quatschen die beiden vorrangig über englischsprachige Comics, deren Adaptionen für Kino und Fernsehen, die Verlage dahinter sowie die Autoren und Zeichner. #comic #comicpodcast
GamerDaddies – Zwischen Fläschchen und Konsole
GamerDaddies – Zwischen Fläschchen und Konsole Leisure, Games, Video Games
#Gaming Podcasts von Vätern für #Väter. Gerit und Michael spielen sich durch die #Gamingwelt und achten dabei immer auf den Daddy-Faktor der Spiele. Der Podcast für zockende #Familienväter, egal ob an der #Playstation, #xbox oder dem #PC. (Feed aller Podcast-Folgen) (Feed aller Podcast-Folgen) News
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Versichern nervt? Nicht mit uns! – Der LVM-Podcast
Versichern nervt? Nicht mit uns! – Der LVM-Podcast Business
Versicherungen – für manche ein leidiges Thema. „Versichern nervt? Nicht mit uns!“ ist der Podcast, der Hausrat, Haftpflicht und Co auf den Prüfstand stellt. Welche Policen brauchen wir wirklich? Hier gibt‘s den alltagstauglichen Praxischeck!
Tabufrei – Der Podcast über Körper und Gesundheit
Tabufrei – Der Podcast über Körper und Gesundheit Health, Fitness
Warum vermeidet eins von vier Kindern den Gang zur Schultoilette? Sind Periode und Pinkeln politisch? Und wieso gibt es in unserer aufgeklärten Zeit immer noch so viele Tabus rund um Körper und Gesundheit? Wir kommen mit Expert:innen und Betroffenen ins Gespräch – und räumen mit Klischees, Vorurteilen und überholten Vorstellungen auf. Egal ob Inkontinenz, Menstruation, Schulhygiene oder Wundpflege: Gemeinsam mit Menstruationsaktivistin und Buchautorin Franka Frei engagieren wir uns für soziale Teilh
Schreckszene – Der Horror-Podcast
Schreckszene – Der Horror-Podcast Tv, Film, Reviews
Willkommen in der Schreckszene! Arie und Lena lieben Horrorfilme - und alles, was sie dazu zu sagen haben, zeichnen sie jetzt auch noch auf. Fans des Genres freuen sich jeden zweiten Donnerstag auf die neuesten Horror-News, Hintergrundfakten, unnötig detaillierte Szenenanalysen, Diskussionen über die besten und schlechtesten Filme und die kürzesten Gruselgeschichten, die es gibt: mit gerade einmal zwei Sätzen.
Podnews Daily - podcasting news
Podnews Daily - podcasting news Daily News, Podcasts, News, Technology
Daily news for the podcast and on-demand audio industry - from Apple Podcasts to Spotify, YouTube Music to Joe Rogan. Podnews also covers the latest jobs and events and trending shows in a short update every weekday. - visit to get our free newsletter.
New Podcast Trailers
New Podcast Trailers Arts, Performing, News, Technology
Looking for some great new podcasts to listen to? As featured in the Podnews daily newsletter at these are trailers for new and noteworthy shows. All audio is served directly from the individual podcast hosts, via the RSS feed. Wherever possible, we link to the podcast website and to our podcast pages. This feed is automatically produced from our newsletter coverage, which is typically driven by press releases from podcast publishers, or news stories. Learn more at
Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets Technology, News, Politics, History
Hey live from everywhere at anytime its nothing at all! The original podcast from 2004, hosted by Dave Winer and Adam Curry, reproduced with permission. The original site: About this feed:
Podnew Education, Courses
Um podcast informativo, criado e dirigido por jovens, onde são debatidos assuntos variados por alguns minutos.
Podnews Network
Podnews Network
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Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets Technology, News, Politics, History
Hey live from everywhere at anytime its nothing at all! The original podcast from 2004, hosted by Dave Winer and Adam Curry, reproduced with permission. The original site: About this feed:

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