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July 3, 2024:
    Prisa’s spanish-language podcast platform Podium has suddenly removed a number of podcasts from its platform - and those podcasts aren’t saying why. “We are trying to clarify the situation,” says comedy podcast Aquí hay dragones; El Descampo says “there are problems that I hope will be resolved soon”, while Nuria Pérez from Gabinete de Curiosidades says that her podcast “has disappeared from all platforms, and that’s all I can say without crying”. A concern about use of copyright music has been mentioned by others, but Prisa isn’t saying anything.
January 16, 2024:
    Cross-border podcasting is a thing, especially in Europe. In Sounds like Europe, made by Podium Podcasts and WePod, you'll hear how a team works together in a podcast that serves as a showcase for what WePod are doing in the world of podcasting in Europe.
December 8, 2023:
    The OP3 open podcast analytics project has announced its founding sponsors. They are: Transistor, Rephonic, Flightpath, Podium and Podnews. Thank you for supporting us, so we can help further the industry; and please consider joining us in supporting OP3’s open, accurate analytics.
September 1, 2023:

Thank you to Dave Beasing, the CEO of Sound That Brands, for becoming a personal supporter of Podnews yesterday. Thanks, too, to Podium Podcast Co, the podcast growth agency, for becoming our latest supporter. Corporate supporters like Podium, or personal supporters like Dave, all help us lessen our reliance on advertising and ensure our reporting is as independent as possible. You can support us here.

June 29, 2023:
    A study by the Observatorio Nebrija del Español at Nebrija University in Madrid examined 263 original podcasts published last year by Amazon Music, Audible, Cuonda, iVoox, Podimo, Podium Podcast, Sonora and Spotify. The study discovered that 68% of original podcasts from these companies were only available with a paid subscription. Sonora led Spanish podcast production in 2022, with 84 original podcasts.
June 19, 2023:
June 14, 2023:
June 13, 2023:
June 6, 2023:
July 11, 2022:
    Think Fast, Talk Smart is new from Podium Podcast Co and Stanford Business Podcasts, and provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively - how to send your message clearly when put on the spot, or write emails to get your point across.
June 2, 2022:
July 22, 2021:
November 13, 2020:
    ...while the "best podcast, long-form storytelling" went to the Spanish-language Buscando Una Luz from Podium Podcast; produced by long-time Podnews reader Francisco Izuzquiza. All the winners are here.
July 24, 2018:
January 12, 2018:
    Spain: grateful to be made aware of Podium Podcast, a podcast network operated by broadcaster Prisa in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Spain. Here's their "about us" page. Also, here's Podcaster@s, a newsletter for Spanish-language podcasts. Thank you,
November 15, 2017:
    A student magazine about podcasts, called Podium, is launching in London UK soon. Want to be in it? Get in touch with Zhoé.

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