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May 31, 2024:
    Pocket Casts is looking to add transcripts to their popular podcast app, according to Ellie Rubenstein in an interview today in the Podnews Weekly Review. “We're tailoring the UI and overall experience to make sure that transcripts feel natural and intuitive within Pocket Casts,” she told us. The app is also going to add “podrolls”, showing creator recommendations for other shows to listen to. Transcripts are also supported by Apple Podcasts and 17 others.
May 28, 2024:
    Fan of widgets? Pocket Casts on Android has three new widgets for your homescreen in v7.64; just updated.
May 16, 2024:
May 2, 2024:
    The closure leaves the Android platform without a natural default podcast app (we recommend either Antennapod or Pocket Casts). Apple Podcasts isn’t available on Android.
April 17, 2024:

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