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October 11, 2023:
June 26, 2023:
    Former head of Spotify's Parcast, Max Cutler, spoke to Foundr magazine about what's next in podcasting. He appears to gently criticise Spotify; suggesting that it's a mistake to go after Hollywood talent, and discussing the slowness of decisions at the company. Shows that are "resourceful" rather than entertaining are what's next, he suggests.
June 6, 2023:
    Spotify is to cut 200 jobs from its podcasting division. The company says that's 2% of Spotify's global workforce; but these are substantial cuts to the podcast division. While Spotify couldn't tell us how many staff work in podcasting overall, various reports suggest Gimlet has around 125 employees, Parcast has about 40, and The Ringer about 120.
March 23, 2023:
February 24, 2023:
February 22, 2023:
    In another high-profile management change, Max Cutler is to leave Spotify. The founder of Parcast, he was Head of Audio Talk Shows and Partnerships, reported to oversee Joe Rogan's contract among others. He'd posted positive thoughts on the industry recently. There'll be more reorganisation as a result - Julie McNamara will now supervise licensed exclusives, and Bryan Thoensen will oversee third-party content partnerships. Bill Simmons will have more of a focus on podcast monetisation.
February 10, 2023:
January 30, 2023:
    Available: Until recently, Joel Callen was the lead writer/showrunner on Parcast's Serial Killers and Female Criminals. "I've got over a decade's experience as a writer, and am looking for a full-time writing/editing position."
October 14, 2022:
October 10, 2022:
    The Gimlet Union and Parcast Union have tweeted a statement about the 38 layoffs across Spotify. They say that some shows lost as much as three-quarters of their audience when going exclusive; and that employees were given as little as an hour to close out their work and leave. Parcast Union has tweeted some of its members who are now available for hire.
October 7, 2022:
    Spotify is cancelling eleven of its original shows, says The Hollywood Reporter. Those cancelled represent less than 2% of Spotify's more than 500 original podcasts; but it's likely to result in "less than 5% of Spotify's staff on original podcasts" being laid off. If you're hiring, Connor Sampson has volunteered to connect you. Spotify didn't respond to an invitation to comment.
September 14, 2022:
    Spotify is the top podcast network in the US based on reach, according to new data from Edison Research. The data measures total listeners to shows from each podcast publisher for the 12 months ending June 30 2022. Spotify's numbers include Spotify Originals, as well as shows from The Ringer, Gimlet, Parcast and others. iHeartRadio remains in third place, behind SXM Media.
July 13, 2022:
June 8, 2022:
    Spotify's Parcast premiered its latest new series Healing with David Kessler, a new podcast exclusively on Spotify. Host David Kessler is an international best-selling author of six books.
May 13, 2022:
April 29, 2022:
    The company will also make an additional €18m payment related to its acquisition of Parcast in 2019, after Parcast hit some engagement targets.
April 21, 2022:
    The nominations have been announced for the CrimeCon CLUE Awards. Podcast nominations are Body Bags (CrimeOnline and iHeartPodcasts), Crime Show (Spotify's Gimlet), Disappearances (Spotify's Parcast), My Life of Crime (CBS News Radio), and Stolen: The Search for Jermain (Spotify's Gimlet). The awards will take place on Saturday Apr 30 in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, in the library, with a lead pipe.
April 20, 2022:
April 11, 2022:
April 5, 2022:
March 7, 2022:
January 31, 2022:
January 12, 2022:
    Spotify has shut down its original podcasting studio, known internally as Studio 4. 15 people will be either moved to other roles or made redundant. Described as a "junk drawer" by one staffer, the division produced the shows that weren't produced by Gimlet, Parcast or The Ringer (which Spotify purchased later). Shows don't appear to be cancelled.
December 10, 2021:
    At iHeartRadio, podcast producers, editors, researchers, writers and hosts are unionising with the Writers Guild of America, East. The iHeart Podcast Union was launched yesterday; the website contains many concerns about working conditions. Saying that they "have been encouraged to embrace the dynamism of start-up culture without any of the associated benefits", the union says "iHeartMedia's overall compensation and benefits standards are wholly insufficient when compared to the greater podcast and scripted audio market". The union has support from around 70% of employees, we're told. The union hopes that iHeart will voluntarily recognise it; it's the latest unionising activity in the podcast space after Gimlet, Parcast, The Ringer, and others.
July 21, 2021:
July 14, 2021:
June 10, 2021:
    Ashley Flowers is launching a new true crime podcast with Spotify's Parcast. International Infamy will premiere on June 15, exploring high-profile cases from around the world.
May 4, 2021:
    Impostors: The Spy is Spotify's newest original show from Parcast Studios. It's the story of ex-CIA spy and FOX News commentator Wayne Simmons, told by the reporter that broke the story.
December 24, 2020:
December 15, 2020:
October 9, 2020:
September 24, 2020:
September 14, 2020:
    Spotify's Parcast launches Incredible Feats today - a daily show profiling amazing achievements made by people from all over the world; hosted by Dan Cummins. A Spotify Original, it's available everywhere.
September 3, 2020:
June 18, 2020:
February 4, 2020:
    Fan of true crime? Fan of TV game shows? Want to inexplicably put these two hitherto un-related genres together? Killer Knowledge is a new podcast that claims it's the first of its kind in podcasting. "Each week, a new episode will be released that is a deep dive into a different shocking topic from history, such has the Manson Family, Jonestown Massacre, Jimmy Hoffa and more. Two contestants will go head-to-head to answer multiple choice questions on the topic at hand." (Parcast)
January 10, 2020:
    Launching simultaneously in the US, Brazil and Mexico, Parcast has released a podcast about secret societies, called Secret Societies. It joins a show about mythology called Mythology, a series about con artists called Con Artists, and episodes about serial killers called Serial Killers. In case you missed it, LaunchPod Media's John Dinkel says this is not an accident.
January 7, 2020:
November 7, 2019:
    JetBlue, a US airline, has signed a deal with Spotify for podcasts in their in-flight entertainment system. As the airline’s exclusive podcast partner, the agreement will bring podcasts from Anchor, Gimlet, Parcast and Spotify Studios to seatback screens.
October 3, 2019:
    Parcast podcasts are participating in a crossover event, Parcast Presents: Halloween, which is a collection of new episodes of Parcast favourites all about spooky stories and urban legends.
September 20, 2019:
    Sports podcasts are almost as popular as true crime podcasts. So... what would happen if you managed to produce... both? Sports Criminals highlights professional athletes who thought they could get away with anything, including blackmail, theft, prostitution and even murder. The first few episodes focus on Oscar Pistorius. (Parcast / Megaphone)
August 20, 2019:
    It's like The Daily, only for fans of murder and thievery! Parcast is launching Today in True Crime. The show starts in mid September. "Here's what else you need-to-kill-today". (Megaphone)
July 23, 2019:
April 30, 2019:
    Spotify paid €50m (US$55m) for Parcast, their financial results say. More than 50,000 shows have been submitted through their podcast portal - and there are 250,000 podcasts in their system overall (the differences being Anchor's catalogue, presumably, as well as automated API-driven submissions from partner hosts like Libsyn or Omny Studio). Apple has over 700,000.
April 25, 2019:
    Three more publishers have pulled their content off Luminary. Mikey Fowler, EP of Podcasting for Barstool Sports (8th currrently in Podtrac), tells us that they have requested all of their RSS feeds be removed from Luminary, which would mean a total of 26 shows will be unavailable. Endeavor Audio podcasts have been withdrawn from the service, and the Joe Rogan Experience is also removed - that's been replaced with another characteristically snippy message. The subscription podcast app launched earlier this week with high-profile podcasts from Spotify, Gimlet Media, Parcast and the NYT's The Daily being unavailable.
April 3, 2019:
March 28, 2019:
    Spotify has published new podcast terms and conditions. It'll take 40 minutes to read. Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports on Spotify's recent purchase of podcast production company Parcast: "one person close to the negotiation said that Spotify is paying more than $100m in cash and earn-outs to buy Parcast. The price equates to an enormous multiple on Parcast’s limited revenues, this person added."
March 27, 2019:
January 17, 2019:
January 9, 2019:
    In an email to Podnews, Parcast look back at 2018, and claim "11 new podcasts, 487 aired episodes, heard in 227 countries, and over 100 million downloads".
November 15, 2018:
May 23, 2018:
    Parcast debut Great Women of Business, stories of business savvy women who battled sexism all the way to the executive suite.
April 17, 2018:
    The New York Times write about Parcast, who they call a "little known podcast network". "The company’s revenue in the first quarter of 2018 was 95 percent of what it had earned through the entirety of 2017".

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