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June 13, 2024:
May 1, 2024:
November 1, 2023:
August 2, 2023:
    SiriusXM released its Q2/23 financials. Podcast ad revenue was higher, though not split out in the results; programming costs were higher too. Pandora fared less well, selling fewer ads, and reaching 3m fewer people per month. The word "Stitcher" doesn't appear once in the results; the podcast app closes at the end of this month.
June 28, 2023:
    Check your podcast website for Stitcher links, icons and buttons and remove them. ("Most Stitcher website pages will be redirected to our sister app, Pandora", the company says, though that isn't available outside the US - nor is the SiriusXM app, which is due a refresh in the next few months).
June 2, 2023:
    Speaking in a conference, SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz said that while the ad market is "choppy", brands are still keen to enter podcasting. The company is helping brands that previouly just used Pandora to access audiences across SiriusXM (satellite radio) and podcasting.
February 3, 2023:
    SiriusXM released its financial results for 2022. Off-platform ad revenue was up 34% to $475mn for the year, "with podcasting driving most of this growth". Overall results for the company were mixed; Pandora saw 9% fewer monthly active users.
January 16, 2023:
January 13, 2023:
    46% of podcast listeners say they prefer listening to podcasts with video, according to a Morning Consult survey. Among the reasons why: "to see facial expressions and reactions from the hosts and guests", and "to better focus on the podcast". The same survey unsurprisingly puts YouTube as the most preferred podcast platform among podcast listeners; Spotify, Apple Podcasts and then Pandora.
January 12, 2023:
November 29, 2022:
October 24, 2022:
October 13, 2022:

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July 22, 2022:
July 21, 2022:
May 6, 2022:
February 3, 2022:
December 16, 2021:
November 30, 2021:
October 4, 2021:
    The Guardian's Today in Focus goes inside the Pandora papers, one of the biggest leaks of financial data in history, showing how 35 current and former world leaders, and over 300 public officials, have used offshore companies to avoid paying tax.
September 28, 2021:
September 15, 2021:
    Simplecast founder and CEO Brad Smith has been promoted: he's been named Head of Podcast Products for SiriusXM. Simplecast was acquired by SiriusXM last year; SiriusXM also owns Pandora, Stitcher and Adswizz. Smith will be responsible for podcast strategy across platforms for creators and listeners. SiriusXM's CEO, Jennifer Witz, said on Monday that the company plans a broader set of podcasts available to Pandora listeners, and will continue to publish across multiple platforms, though also suggested some opportunities for exclusivity.
September 14, 2021:
May 11, 2021:
April 29, 2021:
    Q1/21 revenue is 5% up at SiriusXM, which owns AdsWizz, Simplecast, Stitcher and 99% Invisible. Revenue was boosted by Stitcher and AdsWizz revenue. Pandora has lost 8% of its monthly users over the past year, though.
April 9, 2021:
February 10, 2021:
February 3, 2021:
    SiriusXM has published their annual report. Their Pandora business (which includes AdsWizz, Stitcher and Simplecast) saw a 1% drop in ad revenue in 2020, and a drop of 2% for subscriber revenue.
January 20, 2021:
January 11, 2021:
December 21, 2020:
November 20, 2020:
October 20, 2020:
September 16, 2020:
    SiriusXM announces a new CEO and CFO. James E Meyer will retire at the end of this year to be replaced by Jennifer C Witz, who is currently the President of Sales, Marketing and Operations. Sean S Sullivan is appointed the new CFO; David J Frear is "pursuing other opportunities, effective immediately". The company owns Pandora, Simplecast and Stitcher.
August 4, 2020:
July 31, 2020:
July 27, 2020:

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July 7, 2020:
    Sirius XM is in advanced talks to buy Stitcher. SiriusXM owns Pandora, a US-only music service and podcast app), AdsWizz, a programmatic audio ads technology company, and Simplecast, a podcast host and analytics service, along with the US satellite radio service. Stitcher encompasses Midroll, a podcast advertising company selling ads for 350 shows, podcast production networks Stitcher Podcasts and Earwolf which make 50 shows, and a podcast app.
July 6, 2020:
June 19, 2020:
June 18, 2020:
June 9, 2020:
May 7, 2020:
May 5, 2020:

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April 29, 2020:
    SiriusXM, the owner of Pandora, has admitted in an earnings call that Pandora has "definitely seen a downturn in listening" but that it "has come back recently". "You can track the change and listening trend directly to commute [times]", said CFO David Frear. The company didn't mention Pandora's podcasting aspirations at all; Pandora itself has lost 8% of its monthly active users over the past year. Meanwhile, the company's star Howard Stern is open to ideas about what happens at the end of the year once his contract expires.
April 22, 2020:
    SiriusXM, which owns Pandora, have released a "2019 at a glance" statement. Monthly active users for Pandora have decreased. "There is more work to do to realize Pandora’s potential," says CEO Jim Meyer.
March 13, 2020:
February 20, 2020:
February 12, 2020:
February 5, 2020:
December 20, 2019:
December 4, 2019:
    In a memo obtained by Podnews, the Sony Music podcasting team has been announced. Emily Rasekh (Entercom, CBS Radio) is Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations, Podcasting; reporting to her are Brittany Hall (Pandora, Megaphone), Vice President of Sales, Podcasting; Ryan Zack (Megaphone, Acast), Vice President of Revenue Operations, Podcasting; and Christy Mirabal (Stitcher, Panoply), Vice President of Marketing, Podcasting. Emily reports up to Dennis Kooker, President, Global Digital Business & U.S. Sales and Tom Mackay, President, Sony Music Film and TV A&R, who add: "Together this leadership team strongly positions us to super-serve the podcast community, help them reach larger audiences on more platforms and further grow our podcasting business opportunities around the world. With a rapidly expanding number of creative partnerships and with the strength of our best-in-class capabilities, we are confident they will keep enhancing Sony Music’s compelling value proposition in the podcasting industry. "
December 3, 2019:
November 13, 2019:
November 1, 2019:
    "Most podcast advertising is very rudimentary and not personalized," said SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer on an earnings call. "Frankly, this area is ripe to be disrupted and improved." The company owns Pandora, which has seen a 5% increase in subscriber revenue.
October 23, 2019:
October 22, 2019:
    In the US, the IAB release their half year 2019 internet advertising revenue report. Digital Audio, a category which includes podcasting as well as online radio and music services like Pandora, increased 30.1% year-on-year to $1.2bn. The IAB add: "Digital Audio advertising's share of the total internet advertising revenue pie remains insignificant at 2.1%".
September 19, 2019:
    Maggie McGuire, the CEO of Pinna, an ad-free children's audio network, talks to Podcast Movement. They advertise themselves, though: "We’re running advertising across audio networks including Spotify, Pandora, and NPR, and across podcast networks like Megaphone and Midroll."
September 13, 2019:
September 4, 2019:
August 20, 2019:
    The latest episode of The New Media Show, recorded at Podcast Movement itself, included Lindsay Bowen from Pandora let slip that the company will share advertising revenue with podcasters; and an unusual pronounciation of Cochrane. (Blubrry)
August 15, 2019:
    It's now easier to be listed in Pandora - the company has launched Pandora for Podcasters, a tool that the company calls a new self-service hub, where anyone can submit their podcast for listing. The Pandora Blog has more details. (Of note: European podcasters aren't allowed to submit podcasts).
August 7, 2019:
    Podcast Movement's main stage will be streamed live all day Wednesday and Thursday. The last event of Thursday is a live taping of the New Media Show, with Todd Cochrane (Blubrry), Rob Greenlee and Rob Walch (Libsyn), Lindsey Bowen (Pandora) and Sarah van Mosel (Stitcher).
July 31, 2019:
    Pandora reckon that discoverability continues to be an issue for podcasting. Speaking in an investor call, the owner of Pandora, SiriusXM's CEO Jim Meyer, says that podcasting is "like a flea market," and that content "is up there, but nobody can find it easily". "Right now, it seems to be a race as who can put the most stuff up," he also said, "which personally, I don't believe is what is going to win." Pandora currently lists 3,000 podcasts (including Podnews).
June 26, 2019:
    Aimee Lapic and Lizzie Widhelm, the CMO and SVP of advertising innovation at Pandora, are interviewed on video for Variety. "You should never put a radio ad onto Pandora," they say.
June 7, 2019:
    Triton Digital have released February's Webcast Metrics, which measures streaming media across the world. Top three lists - US: Pandora, iHeart, NPR; LATAM: Prisa Radio, Grupo Axir, Grupo Radio Centro; EMEA: Talpa Radio, Prisa Radio, Karnaval. (No UK streamers seem to be measured).
May 21, 2019:
May 14, 2019:
    AdsWizz launches AudioGO, a product that lets small buyers purchase audio advertising "on premium audio services like Pandora and other premium publishers". The minimum for the product is just US$250, opening advertising in these services up to a wider set of potential clients.
May 3, 2019:
April 29, 2019:
April 24, 2019:
April 17, 2019:
April 4, 2019:
    Spotify is continuing to grow: it's now the #1 podcast player in India, Spain and Indonesia, report Voxnest. Unsurprisingly, says YouGov, Spotify users are far keener on podcasts than users of Pandora.
April 3, 2019:
    Pandora is working with ad-tech platform instreamatic·ai to test interactive voice audio ads. "Send me a free sample" might work - as also would "Skip ad", which seems enlightened.
March 26, 2019:
    Pinstripes and Bright Lights launches today: hosted by veteran broadcaster and voice of the New York Yankees, John Sterling. In each episode John reads a heartfelt letter from a fan and then shares sports stories he's collected over the course of his career. Of note: the website is one of those RadioPublic PodSites websites, which we noted in Feb.
March 13, 2019:
March 8, 2019:
    SiriusXM, the US satellite radio operator and new owner of Pandora, plans original podcasts and shows for Pandora's podcast platform. More than twenty SiriusXM shows will also be reformatted into podcasts.
February 27, 2019:
    Pandora is launching Pandora Stories, that combines music and the spoken word in a "new format", according to TechCrunch: playing music and talking inbetween - eerily reminiscent of music radio.
February 14, 2019:
    Pandora's plans for podcasting are explained in this conference session video from AdWeek's BrandWeek with Alex White, who's VP of Content and Programming for Pandora. He says Pandora earns three times more ad revenue than the entire podcasting industry.
January 24, 2019:
    Ad Age notes the current fight for podcast dominance by Spotify and Pandora. We'd note that the article claims Castbox is the #1 podcast app; it also says Spotify has 170,000+ podcasts on its platform, while the US-only Pandora apparently has 100,000+ podcasts - Pandora's official blog claimed "hundreds of podcasts with over 100,000 episodes" a month ago.
January 18, 2019:
    Paul Colligan posts his Podcast Predictions for 2019 in the latest episode of The Podcast Report. He views Pandora as having an "exponentially bigger" impact than Google; he forsees major changes at Apple Podcasts since Apple's turning into a service company; and thinks Instagram is the future for promoting podcasts. He says that Pandora is his #2 platform currently.
January 16, 2019:
    "Hey, Pandora" - Pandora now has voice control. The initial information doesn't indicate how it works with podcasts.
January 11, 2019:

Thank you to 2019's new subscribers, including folk from Luminary, Himalaya, iHeart Media, RTBF, Audioboom, Pandora, Panoply, and ABC Australia.

December 12, 2018:
December 7, 2018:
November 21, 2018:
November 19, 2018:
November 14, 2018:
    Pandora, a US music service, has announced the launch of its podcast offering, powered by what it calls the Podcast Genome Project. There are screenshots at Engadget (and other publications). You can sign up for early access here.
November 7, 2018:
    Pandora has hired Lindsay Bowen, a lawyer, as their new VP of Podcasts and Entertainment Content Partnerships.
October 30, 2018:
    Waze has launched a new 'audio player', a way of listening to audio while using the app to avoid traffic on your commute. In addition to Spotify, the partner list includes Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn, and podcast platform Stitcher. Google Maps added Spotify a few weeks ago (but not Google Podcasts, because...).
October 12, 2018:
October 10, 2018:
September 5, 2018:
August 17, 2018:

Welcome to new subscribers from great companies like Audioboom, RAJAR, the Financial Times, AdsWizz, MPR, Pandora and Gimlet Media.

June 8, 2018:
June 6, 2018:
    Google's DoubleClick's BidManager now lets you buy audio ads on "Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and TuneIn — with Pandora coming soon."
June 5, 2018:
    AdsWizz has been awarded the “Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading” at the DRUM Digital Trading Awards on May 31 in London. Notable: other entries included video and display; Erik Barraud, AdsWizz’s head of product, said it feels in some ways like a milestone in the arrival of audio as a true medium for programmatic. The acquisition of the company by Pandora completed on May 29.
March 23, 2018:
    AdsWizz is to be purchased by internet broadcaster Pandora for US$145m. AdsWizz, which supplies ad insertion to a number of content partners, will continue to operate independently.
March 2, 2018:
    iHeartMedia are expected to file for bankruptcy over the weekend, suggests a Bloomberg report. Tom Taylor Now, a respected radio industry newsletter, also says the board has also just approved big bonus payments for some top executives at the same time as the company is slashing commission paid to its salespeople. Liberty Media, majority owner of SiriusXM, Virgin Media, Formula One and minority shareholder of Pandora, wants 40% of iHeartMedia.
February 22, 2018:
    Triton Digital release their new webcast metrics ranker for December 2017. It measures streaming audio; Pandora and Spotify are at the top of the list, with NPR at #4.
February 7, 2018:
November 20, 2017:
    Pandora jumped over 4% in Thursday trading because they've said they might include more non-music content, aka podcasts.
November 8, 2017:
    HotPod 139 is out; smart speakers, Slate and Pandora all get Nick Quah's attention. Reading time 18 minutes 42 seconds. Favourite quote: "Look, this is going to get pretty woo-woo head-in-the-clouds in, like, a hot second".
June 28, 2017:
    Pandora will be a US-only service again, after planning to close in Australian and New Zealand, the only other countries they were present in. Guvera and Deezer's Aussie operations have also both closed. Operations are planned to wind-down "over the next few weeks". Of note: Pandora runs an in-store radio service for Woolworths, the 2nd biggest supermarket in Australia.

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