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May 23, 2024:
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March 29, 2024:
February 15, 2024:
February 6, 2024:
    New today from PRX and The Jewish Telegraphic Agency comes a show about a famous Jewish teen singer from Iran in the 1950s - and the secret reason why he, and his family, suddenly left Iran and abandoned their identity. The Nightingale of Iran contains a treasure trove of archival sound, music, interviews, and narration, and is a true story of identity, belonging and music.
January 25, 2024:
    Song Exploder is celebrating its tenth anniversary. PRX says that the show will have a number of live appearances, including at Evolutions by Podcast Movement in March and with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in April. We can also expect a new version of the first ever show.
January 10, 2024:
December 18, 2023:
November 16, 2023:
November 8, 2023:
November 3, 2023:
    PRX has published its annual report. 80 different organisations use its Dovetail podcast tools; 99% Invisible's Roman Mars donated more than $100,000 to the organisation, while Google donated more than $1mn. The organisation made $12.8mn in underwriting.
October 25, 2023:
October 17, 2023:
September 21, 2023:
September 14, 2023:
    The Big Dig is new from GBH and PRX - a look at the most expensive highway project in America, and the removal of the big, green, ugly elevated I-93, which cut through Boston's historic downtown. It was announced 40 years ago this month; but was only completed in 2006.
August 16, 2023:
July 28, 2023:
    There’s More to That is new from Smithsonian Magazine and PRX, discovering the forces behind some of the biggest issues of our time and giving curious listeners a fresh understanding of the world we all inhabit. One episode available now delves into the backstories of two blockbuster movies, Oppenheimer and Barbie.
July 26, 2023:
July 25, 2023:
    New from Project Brazen and PRX, Spy Valley looks at James Harper, a Silicon Valley engineer turned spy, who began selling nuclear secrets to the Soviet Bloc. The first episode was released yesterday, with host Zach Dorfman uncovering how Moscow’s spies opened up shop in San Francisco and Silicon Valley at the dawn of the hi-tech age, and how a group of pioneering FBI spy hunters assembled to stop them.
July 19, 2023:
June 23, 2023:
June 12, 2023:
    Some big deals change the world. The Closer is new today, with stories that are everything you want in a good drama: tales of failure, betrayal, high stakes and big risks. Every episode, financial journalist Aimee Keane reveals how a deal made in a boardroom somewhere has an impact on our everyday lives. It's new from Project Brazen and PRX.
June 8, 2023:
June 2, 2023:
    Gateway: Cocaine, Murder, & Dirty Money in Europe is new from Project Brazen and PRX. The six-part podcast series from Peabody Award-nominated Project Brazen explores Europe’s cocaine crisis through personal stories of cartel leaders, cops, journalists, and the victims caught in the middle.
May 31, 2023:
    Why are the bikes missing from Keyshawn's neighborhood, and what does it mean for the Juneteenth bike parade? Keyshawn Solves It is a new show from GBH Kids, PBS Kids and PRX, set in the week leading up to Juneteenth so that the listeners can gain a deeper understanding of this historical day in African American history.
May 29, 2023:
May 15, 2023:
May 10, 2023:
April 24, 2023:
    Launching today from Project Brazen and PRX, Night of Show tells never-before-heard stories about the best-known names in music including Prince, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and more. Episode four tells the story of Kenny G calling in a favor from Jackie Chan; Prince is in the first episode, released today.
March 29, 2023:
March 1, 2023:
    Dynamite Doug is new from Project Brazen and PRX today - looking at the strange tale of Douglas Latchford. He was the world’s expert on Cambodian art, supplying priceless statues to Western museums and collectors... but also worked with the Khmer Rouge to steal almost everything as the country descended into bloodshed. Was it the biggest art heist in history?
February 27, 2023:
February 22, 2023:
    Charlotte Cooper has launched Stillroom, a podcast growth and marketing company. We hear the company is working for WBEZ and Gen-Z Media among others; she had worked in marketing for WNYC, PRX and BlueWire.
February 1, 2023:
January 30, 2023:
January 23, 2023:
January 6, 2023:
January 4, 2023:
December 22, 2022:
November 18, 2022:
November 10, 2022:
September 28, 2022:
September 21, 2022:
September 14, 2022:
September 8, 2022:
September 5, 2022:
September 2, 2022:
August 22, 2022:
    Mumbai Crime has joined Radiotopia, and releases a new season today based on the novel that inspired the film "Slumdog Millionaire". The show was previously released as a radio drama for BBC Radio 4 in the UK.
August 11, 2022:
July 12, 2022:
June 24, 2022:
June 20, 2022:
June 10, 2022:
June 1, 2022:
May 10, 2022:
May 6, 2022:
May 4, 2022:
April 27, 2022:
April 22, 2022:
April 20, 2022:
April 19, 2022:
    Live from Mount Olympus returns for a second season today. The acclaimed Greek Myth podcast for tweens (and, possibly the only Greek Myth podcast for tweens) focuses on the story of Persephone, goddess queen of the underworld, and wife of the god Haides. It's from PRX, TRAX and the Onassis Foundation.
April 14, 2022:
March 23, 2022:
March 16, 2022:
March 11, 2022:
March 9, 2022:
March 7, 2022:
    Suave won the IDA Documentary Award in the Best Multi-Part Audio Documentary Or Series category, say PRX and Futuro Studios. The podcast focuses on approximately 2,500 juveniles who have been effectively sentenced to die in prison in the US.
February 25, 2022:
    Meanwhile, PRX has announced Africa Podcast Lab, a podcast development program for health journalists, producers and storytellers. Participants are from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.
February 24, 2022:
    Frame of Mind is one of two new podcasts from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Being distributed by PRX, it's produced by Goat Rodeo. Frame of Mind shares uplifting stories about how art supports well-being, especially during times of struggle and stress. - read more
February 21, 2022:
February 3, 2022:
January 19, 2022:
January 12, 2022:
January 10, 2022:
    States in the American West have some of the highest teen suicide and juvenile incarceration rates in the nation. For decades, Wyoming has been among the worst on both fronts. How can a place that seems so idyllic for kids also be such a harsh and unforgiving place to grow up? The Modern West looks into how children are raised in the American West in a new three-part series, from Wyoming Public Media and PRX. - read more
January 7, 2022:
    Launched today, Chutzpod! is for Hebrew school scholars and those who dropped out, those who want to learn and be inspired, but don't want to schlep to synagogue, listeners of all or no faiths, and anyone trying to live a meaningful life during these trying times. It's hosted by Rabbi Shira Stutman, and Joshua Malina, and presented by PRX. - read more
January 5, 2022:
December 10, 2021:
November 17, 2021:
November 16, 2021:
November 9, 2021:
November 3, 2021:
October 20, 2021:
October 19, 2021:
October 15, 2021:
    Spotify is breaking podcasts, according to a piece in WIRED. It quotes Keri Hoffman from PRX: "What makes podcasting a healthy ecosystem, and different from where consolidation has happened in other industries, is the fact that there are lots of access points, people can listen on a multitude of devices and platforms".
October 11, 2021:
October 8, 2021:
    A new podcast, Fat Leonard, highlights what it claims is corruption within the US Navy. Leonard himself talks for the first time, and the podcast also includes the brave women who exposed the fraud. From PRX and Project Brazen, the content studio created by former Wall Street Journal reporters Bradley Hope and Tom Wright, it launched yesterday.
September 14, 2021:
September 10, 2021:
August 12, 2021:
    Sounds Profitable has posted another deepdive - this time looking at Kevel. Joining Bryan Barletta is Dylan Hulser from Kevel and they are joined by Andrew Kuklewicz, CTO of PRX to discuss the benefits they found in using a complete third party adserver instead of building their own.
August 11, 2021:
    Blackberry Jams is new from PRX and icecream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's. The show pulls back the curtain on how jam band culture and Black liberation work intersect. "By diving into Phish fandom and exploring the experience of Black Phans, the series will envision a community filled with liberation, love, and Phish tickets by mail for all".
July 1, 2021:
June 18, 2021:
June 4, 2021:
    Today is Alex Birch's last day at PRX, the company has announced. She'd managed the company's Podcast Garages in Boston and Washington DC; the company closed the Washington DC space permanently a few weeks ago.
May 28, 2021:
    PRX has withdrawn its plans to reopen its Podcast Garage in Washington DC: "we’ve come to the difficult realization that a Podcast Garage in D.C. is no longer feasible for our organization". It had been closed since March. The DC Community Manager, Se’era Ricks, is now an Associate Producer at PRX. The Boston space is expected to reopen this year.
May 14, 2021:
April 27, 2021:
April 21, 2021:
April 20, 2021:
April 16, 2021:
April 2, 2021:
    Audrey Davidson has joined PRX as Senior Director of Revenue Partnerships.
March 26, 2021:
    Samsung has launched Samsung Podcasts within the Samsung Free app in the US. The service offers instant access to "thousands of podcasts" from publishers like American Public Media, CNN Audio, Conde Nast, iHeartMedia, Kast Media, Motley Fool, NPR, PodcastOne, PRX, This American Life, Vox Media Podcast Network and Barstool Sports. Both Blubrry Podcasting and Libsyn have announced a launch partnership: both require you to specifically add your podcasts to the service. Samsung has a roughly 25% market share in the US; this is available now on Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Note 10 devices.
March 5, 2021:
    Megaphone host 62 of the nominations; ART19 host 24; and PRX 19.
January 27, 2021:
January 13, 2021:
January 1, 2021:
December 17, 2020:
December 15, 2020:
December 9, 2020:
    Maggie Taylor, formerly of Radiotopia and PRX, is to join Pushkin Industries as Marketing Director. She'd been consulting for the company for the past two years, and starts January 15.
October 30, 2020:
October 28, 2020:
October 23, 2020:
    The Allusionist has left PRX's Radiotopia, with host Helen Zaltzman citing a lack of racial diversity at the organisation. "I have raised this fact repeatedly, recommended existing shows or potential showmakers to approach, questioned the excuses given for why the line-up stayed very white - small capacity and limited resources and insufficient money were frequently cited. So I offered money. And now, in case it makes more space and resources available, I’m removing myself." The Bugle, hosted by her brother Andy Zaltzman, left Radiotopia early last year.
October 14, 2020:
October 7, 2020:
October 5, 2020:
October 1, 2020:
September 25, 2020:
September 24, 2020:
    PRX Remix, a podcast radio station in the US, is celebrating ten years on-air. During that time it has aired 1,080 audio creators. The first producer was Roman Mars.
September 16, 2020:
    RadioPublic's Jake Shapiro joins Apple Podcasts as Head of Creator Partnerships, in a significant hire for the company. Shapiro co-founded PRX in 2002. New leadership for both RadioPublic and Podfund will be "announced shortly".
August 27, 2020:
    PBS's science series NOVA has a new podcast, NOVA Now, which launches today. The first episode has an in-depth examination of the technology and systems behind mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 election. The host is Dr Alok Patel; it's being made by WGBH and PRX.
August 11, 2020:
August 10, 2020:
August 6, 2020:
    The female founded and led podcast network Wonder Media Network has signed with talent agency WME, to help the network expand into books and television. Founded by journalist Jenny Kaplan and brand strategist Shira Atkins, WMN is an audio-first media company with a mission to amplify underrepresented voices. WME already represent PRX, Rusty Quill, Crooked Media and Malcolm Gladwell, and is owned by Endeavor, which also owns podcast network Endeavor Audio.
July 27, 2020:
July 21, 2020:
    After more than three years of investigation, the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX's Reveal: American Rehab uncovers a type of drug rehab treatment that is flourishing by turning tens of thousands of people desperate for treatment into an unpaid, shadow labor force. It launched earlier this month.
July 2, 2020:
July 1, 2020:
June 26, 2020:
June 15, 2020:

Thank you to our latest subscribers, including folks from Penguin Random House, New Zealand's Mediaworks, Colorado Public Radio, Sony Music, PRX and Oxford Road. Tell your colleagues!

May 8, 2020:
May 6, 2020:
April 16, 2020:
April 14, 2020:
    Unlike competitor Podtrac, it's based on average weekly downloads over a four-week period, rather than a calendar month. Different publishers are in each: Podtrac has iHeartMedia, NYT and PRX, while Triton lists Stitcher/Midroll and Entercom's RADIO·COM.
April 6, 2020:
March 20, 2020:
    PRX's Privacy Symposium took place late last month in a rather different-feeling New York NY, USA. While much of the privacy symposium was held in private, video of the first four sessions has been released. "We need inspiration, we need experiments, we actually need to fail a little bit more and not crucify those failures, but really learn from them. We need to create standards", said PRX's CEO Kerri Hoffman.
March 18, 2020:
February 28, 2020:
    PRX has announced four new board members. One, Claudia Palmer, is COO for WGBH, a public broadcaster in Boston. Jon Abbott, WGBH's President and CEO, has completed his eight-year tenure of service on the PRX board.
February 25, 2020:
February 19, 2020:
    Nick Quah weighs in about The Podcast Academy. "There is a way to approach this cynically: give up trying to fully represent the podcast universe as a whole and instead build the buzziest possible coalition ... But the involvement of founding member PRX in particular, which has historically advocated to preserve the open nature of podcasting, suggests that such a bottom-line strategy isn’t in the cards."
February 11, 2020:
    Over the Road is a podcast telling stories of long-haul truckers - all of whom have plenty of time to listen to podcasts. There's a difference between a ‘bedbugger’ and a ‘dock-bumper,’ we're told, and this podcast will probably help with that. (Overdrive Magazine / Radiotopia / PRX)
January 30, 2020:
January 9, 2020:
    Things That Go Boom has a special edition about Iran, the US, and President Donald Trump's authority to launch nuclear missiles. How worried should we be? (PRX / InkStick Media)
January 6, 2020:
    $1000: Song Exploder breaks down a classic tune, as when this Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist discussed "Go Your Own Way" - A: This episode was from Dec 5, 2018, and had as guest Lindsey Buckingham. (PRX)
January 3, 2020:
    PRX look forward to a decade of podcast possibilities. In the article, a photograph of their boardroom table, which is possibly the coolest boardroom table you'll see.
December 13, 2019:
November 26, 2019:
    "Advances in technology since podcasting adopted the RSS 2.0 open standard could strengthen bonds between producers and their audiences. Or, driven by commercial pressures, these technologies might be used to bring surveillance, intrusive ad tech, and monopoly to one of the last redoubts of the open Web." PRX has announced a one-day symposium, [Emerging Threats
November 20, 2019:

Welcome to new subscribers in November from companies including Acast, Spotify, the South China Morning Post, Sony Music, Mamamia, Magellan, RedCircle, PRX, Luminary, Megaphone, ART19, Voxnest, the BBC, Entale, and iHeartMedia. If you find us useful, please tell your colleagues! (And, use your unique link at the bottom of our emails and we'll send you nice stuff.)

November 14, 2019:
    Tumble, a science podcast for kids, has won a science journalism award. “The originality and creativity that went into these two pieces is remarkable,” said National Geographic editor Christine Dell’Amore, in the AAAS press release announcing the awards. “These podcasts taught kids a ton about science in a fun and engaging way.” (Tumble / Gen Z / PRX)
November 1, 2019:
October 25, 2019:
October 24, 2019:
    PRX look after 127 podcast shows. Donna Hardwick, PRX's Chief Marketing Officer, explains how the marketing department, a team of nine, all work together.
October 22, 2019:
    Long Distance, the first and only documentary podcast series about stories in the Filipino diaspora - and part of the inaugural Google Podcasts creator program with PRX - returns for a new season shortly and drops a new trailer today. (Simplecast)
October 15, 2019:
    Sick is a new podcast investigating the fertility industry. In the 1970s and 80s, dozens of women went to an Indianapolis fertility clinic in the hopes of getting pregnant. The doctor said he could help. What happened in his office wasn’t what the women had signed up for, and decades later, their children uncovered the doctor’s terrible secret. (WFYI/Side Effects Public Media/PRX)
September 27, 2019:
September 24, 2019:
    The Boston Globe's Love Letters is launching their third season. Featuring relationship advice columnist Meredith Goldstein, the podcast has already achieved over a million downloads; the third season explores the question How do you know? - "How do you know when you've found the right person? How do you know when you're with the wrong person? (Boston Globe / PRX)
September 5, 2019:
August 20, 2019:
August 19, 2019:
August 7, 2019:
    PRX have confirmed Charlotte Cooper as their new Director of Audience Growth. She joins from New York Public Radio. PRX have also confirmed Jason Saldanha (WBEZ, Amazon, The Chicago Humanities Festival) as Content Director.
August 2, 2019:
July 29, 2019:
    Timestorm, a podcast selected for the initial PRX Google Podcasts creator program, launches this week. It's an audio fiction podcast with two twelve year-old twins who travel through time to save Puerto Rico's true history. (Cocotazo Media)
July 1, 2019:
June 20, 2019:
June 6, 2019:
June 3, 2019:
May 23, 2019:
May 22, 2019:
    The new (still opaque) methodology from Podtrac has been applied to their (opt-in, self-selecting) April 2019 statistics. The effect appears to be a drop of around 20% for streams/downloads for the top 3 publishers, which remain #1 NPR, #2 iHeartRadio, #3 PRX.
May 21, 2019:

Welcome to almost 400 new subscribers in May so far, including people from Himalaya, PodcastOne Australia, Media Monitors, Cadence13, Vox Media, ESPN, Luminary, Acast, NRK, NPR, Spotify, PRX, ARN and Radio-Canada. Please, tell your colleagues (and tell your HR people about our free jobs board).

May 17, 2019:
    The TED Interview is back for a new seasons. This season's guests include Bill Gates, Monica Lewinsky, and Tim Ferriss, being interviewed by Head of TED, Chris Anderson. (PRX)
May 2, 2019:
    This Is Love is back for a second series. The first episode is all about the Ugly Club, a special club in Piobbico, Italy, for people who "understand why you don't have to beautiful". The podcast team have even made a badge to buy. Nice! (PRX)
April 29, 2019:
April 26, 2019:
April 24, 2019:
    Radio and podcasting winners from The Peabody Awards have been announced (and they're all podcasts): they are Believed from NPR; Buried Truths from WABE; Caliphate from the New York Times; and two episodes of Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX.
April 15, 2019:
    Podtrac's March figures are out. #5 Wondery, #4 New York Times, #3 PRX; #2 iHeart and #1 NPR. Of note - NPR is now, once again, the leader in both US and global charts; PRX has a nice increase caused by merging with PRI.
March 19, 2019:
February 14, 2019:
    It's been 100 days since US companies PRX and PRI merged. CEO Kerri Hoffman looks back; and also looks forward to the next year or so in podcasting and audio.
February 11, 2019:
    The Bootcamp for the Google Podcasts creator program has kicked off. The participants are, for twenty weeks, working on answering a fundamental question: "What unique need can we identify, and how can we use our podcast to meet that need in a meaningful way?"
January 11, 2019:
    The first six teams have been picked for the Google Podcasts and PRX Creator Program. Congratulations to them.
January 3, 2019:
    PRX has posted a look back at their "Podcast Garage" community recording space, two years after opening it.
December 12, 2018:
    Podtrac has announced support for RAD, and their own RAD beta is open for signup. Other companies who've said they'll support it are Acast, AdsWizz, ART19, Awesound, Blubrry Podcasting, Panoply, Omny Studio, Podtrac, PRX, RadioPublic, Triton Digital, and WideOrbit.
December 7, 2018:
October 24, 2018:
October 5, 2018:
    Google is working with PRX to lead its Google Podcasts creator program. The program "hopes to remove barriers to podcasting, increase the diversity of voices in the industry, and to make sure content is available for all audiences." You can apply for the first round until November 18.
September 28, 2018:
September 25, 2018:
September 14, 2018:
September 7, 2018:
August 22, 2018:
    HotPod 174 discusses the PRX/PRI merger (in 1,787 words).
August 16, 2018:
    US public media companies PRX and PRI are to merge. The two companies are distributors of public radio content, including podcasts; PRX is currently the #2 global podcast publisher according to Podtrac. (This American Life is one of theirs).
August 6, 2018:
    The Corporation for Public Broadcasting covers a recent public radio presentation about podcasting. "Just 1 percent of the half-million podcasts in the Apple iTunes store generate enough audience to attract sponsorship" - but "the top three podcast publishers in the U.S. are NPR, WNYC and PRX".
July 12, 2018:
June 26, 2018:
May 30, 2018:
May 21, 2018:
    Radiotopia just wrapped up its East Coast tour. Here's a writeup.
May 18, 2018:
April 30, 2018:
January 31, 2018:
    PRX has announced partnerships with Gen-Z Media and Night Vale Presents, two podcast networks. PRX brings their sales teams and distribution technology to the podcast companies.
December 20, 2017:
    There'll be more training from PRX next year: they've got a US$465,000 grant to expand their current offering.
December 1, 2017:
October 27, 2017:
September 21, 2017:
July 27, 2017:

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