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February 8, 2024:
January 2, 2024:
August 9, 2023:
    Podcast Perspectives is a new weekly podcast from The Podglomerate, focused on discussing ways to build the next generation of podcasting. Premiering today, the debut episode explores the state of podcast tech with Sharon Taylor, Triton Digital’s SVP of Podcast Strategy and Product Operations (and formerly CEO of Omny Studio).
August 2, 2023:
    The number of episodes published (on open RSS) by Spotify for Podcasters, formerly Anchor, dipped to a new low last month says Livewire; but it still hosts one out of every five new episodes; and Spotify's Megaphone also posted another record high. The biggest increases were seen by Omny Studio and its owner Triton Digital.
July 3, 2023:
June 9, 2023:
    Radiodays North America is halfway through in Toronto ON, Canada. Among the speakers today, Fatima Zaidi from Quill and CoHost, Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio and Lina Kim from The Podcast Exchange are some of the panel talking about making money from podcasting; Edison Research's Larry Rosin discusses trends in audio, and our Editor James Cridland speaks about great tools from podcasting.
May 30, 2023:
    Omny Studio is to deprecate its Campaign Manager on June 30.
May 12, 2023:
    In the Podnews Weekly Review this week, we hear from two different companies doing "broadcast to podcast" - Triton's Omny Studio and Spotify's Megaphone. Plus, we get a preview of the Podcast Show 2023 in London.
May 8, 2023:
    The finishing touches are being put on the NZ Podcasting Summit this Saturday in Auckland. Our Editor, James Cridland, is the final keynote speaker; also speaking is Jane Yee from The Spinoff, Tim Watkin from RNZ, and Richard Palmer from Omny Studio. Tickets are still available - we can exclusively reveal that there's a Podnews "podcoaster" in the goodie bag!
March 2, 2023:
January 19, 2023:
January 10, 2023:
    Later today, Apple Podcasts will announce the launch of Delegated Delivery (beta), allowing creators to publish Apple Podcasts Subscriptions content directly from their participating hosting provider dashboard. Blubrry, Libsyn, Triton Digital's Omny Studio and RSS·com are the first to offer the service: Acast, ART19, Buzzsprout and other providers will follow. Creators can still upload subscriber audio directly to Apple Podcasts Connect.
December 12, 2022:
    The winners of the Asian Podcast Awards were announced. Almost all are in English; and they are: Best podcast: 1920, within the YES 933 Radio Drama feed (Mediacorp, in Chinese / Omny Studio) … Best podcast host: Adulting with former children (Zodapop, SYRUP Media / Anchor) … Best narrative storytelling or fiction podcast: Creepy Twisted Asians (ZAG / Castos) … Best science, tech or business podcast: Inside China: Coronavirus Podcast, within the Inside China feed (South China Morning Post / Acast) … Best comedy, entertainment or lifestyle podcast: A Brief Case: true crime in Asia (Indie / Podbean) … Best arts, society or culture podcast: Miss Conduct (IVM Podcasts / Omny Studio)
September 28, 2022:
September 19, 2022:
    This could be an attempt to boost "iHeart" numbers on Podtrac. If so, there could be more iHeart traffic to be added: currently unmeasured by Podtrac are Triton Digital and Omny Studio, who are owned by iHeart, and iHeart affiliates, like ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia or Bell Media's iHeart Canada.
July 28, 2022:
June 2, 2022:
May 25, 2022:
    One of the biggest podcasts in the world, WTF with Marc Maron has signed with Acast. The thirteen-year-old show claims 55 million listens per year, primarily in North America, and is the 25th most popular show in the US according to Edison Podcast Metrics. It will also use Acast+, the company's paid subscriptions product. It was with SXM Media, and hosted by Omny Studio.
May 19, 2022:
May 2, 2022:
    More than a quarter of new podcast episodes published in April were on Anchor, according to data from John Spurlock: Spotify's free podcast host was responsible for 25.8% of all new podcast episodes in April, breaking 25% for the first time. The rest of the top five were Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Libsyn, and at #5, Podbean which overtook Omny Studio last month. More ranking detail in The Tech Stuff, below.
April 25, 2022:
    Podbean appears to be seeing a large number of migrations away from the service, according to our sample: a large amount making their way to Anchor. Worthwhile also noting AfterBuzzTV switching from Anchor to Megaphone; and our sample continuing to see iHeart podcasts shifting from Spotify's Megaphone to iHeart's Omny Studio.
April 11, 2022:
    Podcast host Anchor's creator interface is now available in 35 different languages. Of the top five podcast hosts, Omny Studio is in six languages, Spreaker available in four; Buzzsprout and Libsyn only offer English, though YouTube is in 82 different languages. It's unclear whether support is available in all of them. Podcasting is growing faster in non-English languages.
March 24, 2022:
March 3, 2022:
February 2, 2022:
December 16, 2021:
    The podcast:transcript tag is an open standard, supported by a number of podcasts and offers both static transcripts (in HTML or text) or real-time captions (in the SRT format). It has significant usage already - widely supported by many modern podcast hosts including Captivate, Transistor, Buzzsprout, Omny Studio and others, a number of podcast apps display these transcripts, including the popular Android app Podcast Addict. This open standard enables podcast publishers to produce accurate transcripts for themselves.
December 14, 2021:
November 15, 2021:
October 21, 2021:
    Now we know what Audacy spent $40m on - the company has bought WideOrbit's digital audio streaming technology, and will rebrand it AmperWave. Audacy's announcement just mentions digital audio streaming (for live radio); but WideOrbit's announcement mentions podcasting, too: the company does some hosting for clients. Audacy currently uses Omny Studio, a company now owned by competitor iHeartRadio.
September 30, 2021:
September 17, 2021:
August 24, 2021:
August 17, 2021:
August 10, 2021:
    In terms of hosts, Megaphone (14), NPR (8) and Omny Studio (8) host the most shows.
July 12, 2021:
June 29, 2021:
June 15, 2021:
June 14, 2021:
May 19, 2021:
    Queerstories, an award-winning podcast celebrating the culture and creativity of the LGBTQI+ community, is back for season 3 and is now published on Acast. (It was on Omny Studio).
May 11, 2021:
May 7, 2021:
April 29, 2021:
April 22, 2021:

Sounds Profitable's deep-dive of Omny Studio for enterprise has just gone live. Sharon Taylor from Triton Digital's Omny Studio talks with Bryan Barletta and takes us through the entire system. Watch here.

April 14, 2021:
March 3, 2021:
    Omny Studio's CEO, Sharon Taylor, has released her predictions for podcasting in 2021. The company, owned by Triton Digital, puts Amazon Music ahead of Google Podcasts for downloads in 2020.
February 18, 2021:
January 26, 2021:
    The .fm top-level domain-name is now most popular with podcasters, according to 2020 data from the company, with Castbox, Anchor, Podsights, Megaphone, Omny Studio, Transistor, and Captivate in the top 15 of a chart of DNS server responses.
January 8, 2021:
January 1, 2021:
December 17, 2020:
December 15, 2020:
December 8, 2020:
November 10, 2020:
November 9, 2020:
November 4, 2020:
    Podcasting Essentials this week features Omny Studio's Sharon Taylor, examining the podcasting trends of 2020 and what lies ahead. "She also explains secure distribution and helps us better understand podcast analytics".
October 22, 2020:
    Podcorn, a self-service marketplace connecting podcasters with advertisers for native sponsorships, is announcing new partnership deals with podcast hosts Buzzsprout, Podomatic, RSS, Captivate and Omny Studio. Podcorn claims to have done thousands of campaigns with tens of thousands of podcast creators.
September 17, 2020:
    CNN and iHeartRadio have launched Election 101, a new co-produced podcast that demystifies the American political system. (As a Brit looking in from afar - good luck with that.) It's hosted by CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes, distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and hosted on Megaphone; last month, a shortform podcast CNN Political Briefing was launched using Omny Studio.
September 16, 2020:
September 10, 2020:
September 3, 2020:
    Podcast host Omny Studio published a privacy policy for listeners in May, joining Acast, Buzzsprout and Captivate, we discover. No other podcast host has clear privacy policies to explain to listeners what happens to their identifying data when they listen. (Here's ours). Writing personally, our Editor called for these in December 2019: if privacy is as important to some podcast hosts as they claim, we look forward to seeing their privacy policy for listeners, too.
July 17, 2020:
July 16, 2020:
July 7, 2020:
    Stitcher is currently owned by EW Scripps, who also own Omny Studio and Triton Digital - their sale leaves Scripps without its own podcast app and podcast networks, though Triton Digital and Omny Studio offer some monetisation tools for podcasters.
June 18, 2020:
    Analysis: The podcast market appears to be horizontally consolidating. SiriusXM already owns Pandora and ad-tech company AdsWizz: their acquisition of Simplecast adds a capable podcast host and analytics company, and means they have capabilities in all sectors of the business. They join EW Scripps, who own Omny Studio, Triton Digital, Midroll and Stitcher; Spotify, who own Anchor, Gimlet et al; and Acast, who acquired Pippa and set up their own content studio last year. It's not enough, it seems, to be a great hosting company or a content-creator: the podcast companies of the future appears to need a foot in all parts of the business.
June 4, 2020:
June 3, 2020:
    Olá! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Wotcha! Omny Studio, the podcast management platform from Triton Digital, is now available for use in French, Spanish and Portuguese, with more languages to follow. Their embedded players also support Arabic and Japanese. ここには何でも書けます!لن يقرأ أحد هذا!
May 27, 2020:
May 20, 2020:
May 12, 2020:
    Triton Digital's Omny Studio has rolled out new user access permissions, allowing individual members of your team 'program access' to specific shows, or 'organization access', allowing access to portions of your entire podcast catalogue.
May 11, 2020:
April 27, 2020:
April 9, 2020:
March 27, 2020:
    Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend - hosted by Omny Studio and produced by Stitcher's Earwolf - got a heavy promotion in Spotify's PR email this week. Curious.
March 26, 2020:
    Podcasting Essentials is back for season 4. In the first episode, Andrew Davies from ABC Audio Studios talks about podcast descriptions - at 71%, it's the main reason listeners choose to listen to new podcasts. (BE Media Production / Omny Studio)
March 25, 2020:
    Alice Cooper's Vintage Vault is a new podcast from the "shock rocker". Cooper has been doing a radio show, "Alice Cooper Nights", over the past sixteen years: this is a compilation of great interviews from that show. (Omny Studio)
March 24, 2020:
    Best practice for podcast trailers have been published by Omny Studio, Triton Digital's podcast hosting company. Their first piece of advice is to, um, make one: and they show plenty of places where trailers are given prominence to new listeners.
March 23, 2020:
    Gavin Esler's The Big Steal was the subject of an interview last week on Podcast Radio with Gene Baxter - the podcast examines Russia’s journey from democracy to kleptocracy, as the Putin regime attempts to erode democracy across the globe. The station has run episode one as an exclusive. Is Putin, in fact, the richest man in the world? (Fresh Air Production / Omny Studio)
March 19, 2020:
    Schools will be closed in the UK from Monday: Stuck at Home is a new podcast from UK broadcaster Fun Kids, and "will be hosted by the station’s presenters Dan, Bex, Conor, Sean and George all from their own houses - as they, too, are stuck at home. The podcast will include three things that kids can do at home each day, interviews from Fun Kids Radio, features around subjects like space, health and the climate as well as news updates from The Week Junior magazine." (Omny Studio)
March 12, 2020:
February 4, 2020:
    Omny Studio has built a dynamic ad manager for publishers, called the Omny Campaign Manager, using Triton Digital's ad tech; has added transcription tools (both human and automated); geoblocking tools; enhanced analytics; fully translated web players; and has added a method of delivering ad-free versions of podcasts for subscribers.
January 23, 2020:
January 17, 2020:
January 16, 2020:
    Novel Gazing is a brand new podcast from a book website, dedicated to news, recommendations, and general goings-on from the world of literary fiction. (Book Riot / Omny Studio)
January 8, 2020:
    Matt Saraceni, formerly of Omny Studio and Telstra, has joined Australian broadcaster SCA as "Innovation Director - Audio on Demand".
January 6, 2020:
    $200: Complete the title of a podcast devoted to a Sarah Michelle Gellar series: Buffering... - A: Buffering the vampire slayer (Omny Studio)
December 12, 2019:
    Omny Studio's embedded players are now available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Malay and Hebrew.
December 9, 2019:
    Podcast advertising company Midroll is "bullying" podcaster David Pakman to switch his podcast host from Libsyn to Omny Studio, he says in a YouTube video. Pakman is unhappy at leaving Libsyn, and claims Omny Studio "tracks listeners using a tracking pixel". He is, he says, ending his relationship with Midroll as a result. We've approached Midroll for comment, and will carry that tomorrow; however, Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio, has clarified to Podnews (our bold):
December 6, 2019:
    The Munk Debates, a Canadian debating event, has launched its own podcast. The first season started a few weeks ago, and runs weekly until June 2020, including speakers like Steve Bannon, Stephen Fry, Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens. (Antica Productions / iHeartRadio / Omny Studio)
December 5, 2019:
December 3, 2019:
    Podcast Movement Sessions is back for a new season. Dan Franks tells Podnews: "We've invested heavily into the production this season, to shed light on some of the most important (and sometimes sensitive and controversial) topics in the space, framed by our Society, Culture and Advocacy track at PM19." (Ted Woods / Omny Studio)
November 26, 2019:
    The Weird Tales Radio Show supported Podnews for the last twelve months. Lawyer turned award-winning writer and sometime werewolf-hunter Charles Christian has a weekly feast of folklore, magick and scary tales. We're grateful to them for their support! (Omny Studio)
November 19, 2019:
November 18, 2019:
    The Freenoter, with Tom Webster (you may know him as that great speaker from Edison Research) and Tamsen Webster (you might know her as a speaker trainer and "idea whisperer"), covers all the angles of how to build a profit from speaking for free. (Omny Studio)
November 11, 2019:
    Triton Digital paid $8.5m for Omny Studio, it was revealed in owner Scripps's earnings call. Triton Digital revenue is down more than 10% but is refocusing on core businesses. Revenue at Stitcher is up by 41.4%, says the iHeart-owned InsideRadio.
October 31, 2019:
    That's Incredible - stories to share with kids is a new podcast from Australia's Mamamia. "We've been getting a lot of emails from parents saying it's doing what it was supposed to do... entertain the kids in the car," say the producers. (Omny Studio)
October 29, 2019:
    Westwood One is to use Megaphone as its host, and will use "Megaphone's hosting, publishing, dynamic ad insertion, campaign management, and analytics tools to deliver targeted ads to its podcast listeners." They previously used Omny Studio.
October 18, 2019:
    The Trainee Sexologist is an original podcast from MediaWorks Radio in New Zealand, following Morgan Penn, a woman who left a sensible career in radio sales to become a sex therapist. Aimed at the female podcast audience, it's sponsored by a local adult store. (Omny Studio)
October 16, 2019:
    Stitcher is beginning to switch hosting of its podcasts from ART19 to Omny Studio, according to an email sent to publishers.
October 7, 2019:
October 4, 2019:
    The last voyage of the Pong Su reveals the true story of one of the most audacious drug trafficking efforts in Australia’s history - featuring a North Korean dictator, bags of heroin, drug lords, spooks, sailors, Australian cops and a web of lies. (The Age / Omny Studio)
September 25, 2019:
August 29, 2019:
August 9, 2019:
    Retail is your business is a new business podcast from MouthMedia Network, launched after their Fashion is your business podcast made it to 300 episodes. (Omny Studio)
August 2, 2019:
    Top-10 Apple Podcasts podcast Talking Clean with Irene covers how to live a sustainable, natural and toxin-free life - everything from palm oil sustainability to how to store and preserve your vegetables longer. (Wavelength Creative / Nourished Life / Omny Studio)
July 29, 2019:
    It’s now day six without any categories in Apple Podcasts apps while the company reworks them. Omny Studio and Zencast has both announced that they are supporting the new Apple Podcasts categories. Pocket Casts say it intends to support them and suggest publishers adopt them. "Apple’s leadership in the space is still meaningful and the [new] categories do feel like a good step," the CEO Owen Grover told us.
July 15, 2019:
    Scale Up is back for season 3; a show about startups founded in Melbourne VIC, Australia, scaling up to global success. This season is about Envato (like eBay, but for digital things). (LaunchVic / Courtney Carthy / Omny Studio)
July 9, 2019:
    Tech people in Melbourne VIC, Australia: no need to be so glum about the weather. Crawl out from under the doona and get your umbrella, because Omny Studio is hiring.
July 4, 2019:
June 17, 2019:
    In Melbourne VIC, Australia, People Building Businesses has launched - the press release describes it as "a dual-platform podcast focusing on how companies grow" (it's also released in video form on YouTube). It's from YBF Ventures, a tech and innovation startup hub. (Omny Studio)
June 13, 2019:
June 10, 2019:
June 6, 2019:
    State of Digital Publishing covers media technology trends, perspectives, and news for online publishing and media professionals. The latest episode features a discussion on paid newsletters. (Omny Studio)
May 30, 2019:
May 22, 2019:
    Omny Studio has rolled out full support for WebSub, so podcasters using the platform will see new episodes appearing instantly in podcast apps that support it, like Google Podcasts or Swoot. Podcast host Megafono also supports the WebSub standard.
May 16, 2019:
    Radiodays Asia has announced a new set of speakers, including Mitch Secrett, Head of Business Development from Omny Studio, an enterprise podcast host; Cath Dwyer, Acting Head of Distribution at the ABC in Australia including the ABC Listen app; and Kou Aizhe, founder and producer of Gushi FM, a Chinese podcast about ordinary peoples' lives. The event is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August.
May 10, 2019:
    Our Editor, James Cridland, is the guest on Podcasting Essentials, discussing current issues in the world of podcasting. (BE Media Production / Omny Studio)
May 3, 2019:
    Talk is Jericho's latest episode features an interview with Jack Perry talking about his late father, Luke Perry, for the first time. (Westwood One/Omny Studio)
April 30, 2019:
    Spotify paid €50m (US$55m) for Parcast, their financial results say. More than 50,000 shows have been submitted through their podcast portal - and there are 250,000 podcasts in their system overall (the differences being Anchor's catalogue, presumably, as well as automated API-driven submissions from partner hosts like Libsyn or Omny Studio). Apple has over 700,000.
April 25, 2019:
    Podcasting Essentials has Steve Pratt from Pacific Content. "To stand out, don't do what everyone else is doing. Quality production and a narrative form of storytelling helps build engagement from the get-go," he says. (BE Media Production / Omny Studio)
April 18, 2019:
    Omny Studio - featured in WIRED magazine this month - have written about their transcription service, and the benefit of it. They also show off their "transcript player".
April 16, 2019:
    Shell, the petro-chemicals company, has released its first podcast. The Energy Podcast speaks about the global energy system. (Omny Studio)
March 27, 2019:
    Podcasting Essentials has Nick Schildberger of BE Media Production and Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio, discussing the latest statistics for podcasting and audio SEO. (Omny Studio)
March 18, 2019:
    A new series of the entrepreneur podcast Rocketship is focusing on Cleveland OH, USA, where Cleveland’s top business leaders, civic leaders, politicians and lawmakers, people running educational institutions are all dedicated to making Cleveland the Blockchain Capital of the world. (Podglomerate/Omny Studio)
March 12, 2019:
    An interesting idea: dynamic ad insertion without the ads - The Quicky is dynamically inserting the latest news into their podcast, followed by an "evergreen investigation". The podcast is hosted on Omny Studio and the dynamic insertion is done through Triton's Tap for Podcasts ad server.
February 19, 2019:
    Chapter One is a simple but brilliant idea: hear the whole first chapter of new books every episode. (Nearly / Omny Studio)
February 15, 2019:
    The Quicky launches on Monday: a new daily news podcast for Australia, that "will get you up to speed on the top stories, and deep dive on one topic you need to know more about, all in under 10 minutes". (Mamamia / Omny Studio)
January 31, 2019:
    Engineering Reimagined is a leadership podcast from Aurecon, a digital engineering and advisory company. Of interest: the podcast's website, integrated into the company's main site, contains comprehensive contextual information for listeners. (Nearly / Omny Studio)
January 24, 2019:
    Omny Studio, the enterprise podcast host, has partnered with Headliner to offer "one-click access to create best-in-class podcast audiograms", which help share podcasts in social media.
January 16, 2019:
    Whooshkaa, an Australian podcast host, is automatically applying audio normalisation for uploaded podcasts by a subset of users, with the aim of making this optionally available to everyone in a few weeks. "The feedback has been positive," the company says. Aussie competitor Omny Studio has had the feature since March. We ran analysis a year ago of podcast loudness, and have a full LUFS FAQ on the subject.
January 14, 2019:
    The Australian Open tennis started today. The AO Show is a daily show following the biggest storylines and goes behind-the-scenes; James Parkinson is producing (Omny Studio).
January 4, 2019:
    Omny Studio are letting clients know that they are now passthrough-enabled for Spotify.
January 3, 2019:
    IAB Certification update: Whooshkaa lets us know that they, too, are in the process of attaining IAB Certification. They join Simplecast, Voxnest/Spreaker, Megaphone, Libsyn, Omny Studio, and ART19. Blubrry and NPR are already there.
December 31, 2018:
    Simplecast is in the process of attaining IAB Certification. They join Voxnest/Spreaker, Megaphone, Libsyn, Omny Studio, and ART19. With Blubrry and NPR having already achieved it, that's over a quarter of a million dollars that the IAB has earnt so far from certification. Cough
December 28, 2018:
    Omny Studio has indicated it is applying for IAB Certification. They join Voxnest/Spreaker, Megaphone, Libsyn, and ART19.
December 12, 2018:
    Podtrac has announced support for RAD, and their own RAD beta is open for signup. Other companies who've said they'll support it are Acast, AdsWizz, ART19, Awesound, Blubrry Podcasting, Panoply, Omny Studio, Podtrac, PRX, RadioPublic, Triton Digital, and WideOrbit.
December 4, 2018:
    Becoming a parent can be the greatest and the hardest thing you’ll experience, says the description of Navigating Parenthood, a new podcast from Australian health insurance company HCF, hosted by broadcaster Gretchen Miller. (Hardie Grant Media / Nearly / Omny Studio)
November 29, 2018:
    Enterprise podcast host Omny Studio has announced a partnership with Rubicon Project that enables pre-roll video advertising for podcast plays on the web. Omny Studio clients include many radio broadcasters, who use Omny Studio's web player within their websites.
November 28, 2018:
    The Super Awesome Science Show is a brand new series that was launched yesterday. It's hosted by researcher, educator, and Canadian-bestselling author, Jason Tetro, better known as "The Germ Guy", and explores the answers to today’s burning science questions, from climate change and blockchain, to sleep and artificial intelligence. (CuriousCast / Omny Studio)
November 13, 2018:
    Triton Digital has signed a deal with Singapore's largest broadcaster Mediacorp to monetise their podcasts and streams. Mediacorp will be using Omny Studio's technology for podcasting.
October 29, 2018:
    Omny Studio has launched a transcription tool for podcasters and audio publishers. The system allows publishers to "repurpose interviews and breaking news for written articles, and radio producers will be able to search through an on-air archive for specific topics or keywords".
October 25, 2018:
    The Yak focuses on the bit of Australia that nobody wants to talk about: the children detained on the tiny island of Nauru. It's part of the #kidsoffnauru campaign, calling on the Australian parliament to get every child off Nauru by Universal Children's Day on November 20th. (World Vision / Omny Studio)
September 17, 2018:
    Next Radio, the radio and podcasting conference, is on now in central London. Speakers include Omny Studio, Acast, and a number of independent podcasters. Later in the week we'll link to videos from the event.
September 11, 2018:
    Ten million people have been diagnosed with it - but few people know much about it. When life gives you Parkinson's launches tomorrow; co-hosted by Larry Gifford (above), a thirty-year broadcast veteran who was diagnosed in August 2017. "My goal is to help people with Parkinson’s realize they aren’t alone", Gifford says in a press release. (CuriousCast / Parkinson Canada / Omny Studio)
September 7, 2018:
September 5, 2018:
September 3, 2018:
August 30, 2018:
August 16, 2018:
August 3, 2018:
    Lipp Media, a collaborative partnership for on-demand digital audio by women and members of the LGBT+ community, has launched in Melbourne VIC, Australia. The network launches with three original shows, and represents two existing ones, including Popchops. Shows are hosted with Omny Studio.
July 31, 2018:
    Next Radio, the ideas conference, have announced a new set of speakers including Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio talking about podcast monetisation and Susie Warhurst from Acast discussing branded podcasts. The conference is in central London on Sept 17, and also features Cariad Lloyd (Griefcast), and Suchandrika Chakrabarti (Black Mirror Cracked). (The Editor of Podnews is one of the organisers).
June 20, 2018:
June 19, 2018:
June 13, 2018:
May 31, 2018:
    Omny Studio tell us that they are planning to roll out an automated tool that will automatically help migrate any of their customers' HTTP feeds to HTTPS. (They already support it, and it's default for new podcasts). Libsyn support https links (just 'add the s'), but they're also working on automatic migration.
April 9, 2018:
March 16, 2018:
    Omny Studio release a loudness normalisation tool which will allow their customers to set the loudness of their podcast to standard values. (As a short reminder: Amazon Alexa wants -14, Google Assistant wants -16, the BBC reckons -18 is right, and our own research shows LUFS values being as loud as -8 and as quiet as -28.) The Omny tool also produces output which is compliant in dbTP and a specified LU loudness range.
March 7, 2018:
February 2, 2018:
    UK broadcaster Polly James is celebrating ten years in radio by producing a set of podcasts focussing on the radio industry. The podcast is supported by industry title Radio Today, and will be hosted by Omny Studio.
December 11, 2017:
    Remember Omny Studio claimed they'd worked out how to get podcast analytics out of Apple Podcasts? Here's how they did it. Clever idea of using rate limiting to force the player to get "just enough" data to play, but no more.
November 28, 2017:
November 23, 2017:
    Melbourne-based podcast network Ear Buds has signed comedy show Welcome to Patchwork for their second series. The podcast was a finalist in NOVA Entertainment's 2017 emerging podcast competition, Podquest. They've also moved to use podcast hosts Omny Studio. It's a fortnightly podcast "where old friends Christian, Dion and Josh dissect their everyday lives", and has a dedicated fan base. Here's the latest episode.
October 12, 2017:
    The Radio Alive conference in Melbourne tomorrow will feature, among many other talks and events, podnews publisher James Cridland talking with Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio and Benjamin Masse from Triton Digital.
September 7, 2017:
August 15, 2017:
    In the US, CBS Radio already has more than 350 podcasts, and they've done a deal with Omny Studio for hosting, as part of the company's on-demand strategy. It joins radio companies across the world using Omny Studio.
August 1, 2017:
June 22, 2017:
    Poynter shares ideas of what Apple's new stats could mean for discovery - assuming Apple opens up the data. They're great ideas. Not sure Apple nor many podcast makers want this data to be quite as visible as these ideas would need. (That said, people like Omny Studio or Libsyn could do this.)
June 19, 2017:
    Omny Studio works with Australian broadcaster Macquarie Media to enable podcast pre-roll video ads on the 30% of plays in-browser. "We’re committed to finding new ways to help publishers monetize their content whilst ensuring they remain in control of how and when."
May 31, 2017:

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