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May 15, 2024:
May 10, 2024:
    The Mi3 Audio Edition this week focuses on LiSTNR's tech stack - and features an interview with Kim Loasby, SCA Head of Digital Ad Product & Operations and Luke Minto, National Head of Audio Sales. LiSTNR is the radio, music and podcasts app from Australian broadcaster SCA.
May 8, 2024:
April 17, 2024:
    One of the two big Australian commercial podcast publishers, ARN, is bidding to buy the other, its competitor SCA. “If the proposal goes ahead, we expect ARN would close its iHeart app and shift to LiSTNR as a single audio streaming platform,” says an analyst from Morgan Stanley.
March 15, 2024:
    LiSTNR, the Australian audio app, has launched an adtech hub. It is said to offer “increased personalisation and targeting, extensive dynamic creative optimisation and an Australian based CDP and first party data clean room solutions and services”.
March 13, 2024:
    The Australian Podcast Ranker for February was released by CRA and Triton Digital. LiSTNR is #1 for sales representation; ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia is #1 publisher in terms of monthly listeners; the ABC is #1 in terms of total downloads.
March 6, 2024:
February 1, 2024:
    Secrets We Keep is back from LiSTNR with a global story about secrets, power, national security and how countries behave when they think no-one is watching. LiSTNR investigative journalist, Joey Watson, is on a three-year hunt to find the spy who betrayed Australia.
December 14, 2023:
November 22, 2023:
November 21, 2023:
    Kyle Hopkins has started at LiSTNR as a Sound Designer. As an audio engineer, he's done freelance work with The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Deadset Studios.
October 31, 2023:
October 18, 2023:
    In Australia, the owner of iHeartPodcast Network Australia ARN Media has made a hostile bid to take over its competitor, SCA (which owns LiSTNR). The radio market is worth AUD $1.7bn (US $1.1bn): ARN and SCA are the two largest companies. If successful, the broadcast radio business would be split into two companies for regulatory reasons; however, the podcast businesses aren't subject to the same ownership regulation.
October 16, 2023:
October 13, 2023:
    In Australia, Media Week published the "Power List" for 2023, the publication's top 100 list of media executives. From podcasting, congratulations to LiSTNR's Grant Tothill at #88, and iHeartRadio Australia's Corey Layton at #87.
September 13, 2023:
September 4, 2023:
    LiSTNR has worked with the Australian Electoral Commission to produce Your Answer Matters, a podcast to help people understand the upcoming referendum in the country. Voting is compulsory; voters will be asked if the Constitution should be altered to recognise the First Peoples of Australia, by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. We hope you'll vote "yes".
August 9, 2023:
    Podcast host and journalist Amelia Oberhardt thought she knew her mum - until she died. At her mum’s wake, Oberhardt discovered a photo of her mother as a teenager, wearing a wedding ring, standing beside her apparent husband and cuddling an unknown baby. Secrets We Keep dives into the hidden histories of secret pregnancies, shotgun marriages, forced adoptions, and the challenges faced by young women in impossible situations. It's new this week from LiSTNR.
July 12, 2023:
    Babylab is back for a second season, looking at how babies think. The podcast is made with the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University and produced by LiSTNR. It's hosted by kids entertainer Emma Watkins.
June 26, 2023:
June 22, 2023:
June 21, 2023:
June 14, 2023:
    The Australian Podcast Ranker for May was released. Both ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia and SCA's LiSTNR claim various #1 slots. The #1 publisher in the country is the ABC, but they are still not participating in the ranker; they announced their participation in March (and in Oct 2019).
May 15, 2023:
May 1, 2023:
April 20, 2023:
March 29, 2023:
March 27, 2023:
    Broadsheet Sydney: Around Town is a new, ten-minute, three-times-a-week podcast produced by LiSTNR and Broadsheet Media. The podcasts will feature a rotating cast of Broadsheet editors to provide their finger-on-the-pulse expertise and reveal to listeners the real secrets of their city.
March 20, 2023:
    LiSTNR's Just the Gist has hit ten million downloads. The show tells stories about famous scandals, true crimes, celeb drama, conspiracy theories, politics, and amazing people throughout history.
March 15, 2023:
March 6, 2023:
February 21, 2023:
    The owner of LiSTNR, SCA also released its annual report. It claims 3.4mn monthly podcast listeners, and 889,000 registered users on LiSTNR. Digital revenue was AU$20.7mn (US $14mn), up 35% y/y: 5.2% of total audio revenue (the group also owns television licences).
February 15, 2023:
February 10, 2023:
February 7, 2023:
    LiSTNR show Just the Gist returns for 2023 with Rosie Waterland returning to the mic full time, re-joining co-host Jacob Stanley. The show, which looks at scandals, conspiracies, politics and people, also moves to being twice-weekly.
January 18, 2023:
    The Australian Podcast Ranker for December was released by Triton Digital. SCA's Hamish & Andy lost their top spot - but then, they didn't release a single show in December; the #1 is now Casefile True Crime, produced by Audioboom and represented by ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia, which remains the top publisher; while SCA's LiSTNR remains the top sales house (just). Both claim they're #1 in press releases.
December 14, 2022:
December 7, 2022:
November 30, 2022:
November 24, 2022:
    Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen, long-time Australian indie podcasters, have been signed by LiSTNR. More than 400 episodes will move to the platform, though they'll continue to be made available elsewhere.
November 21, 2022:
November 18, 2022:
November 4, 2022:
    Aussie music legends Peking Duk are to do a podcast, called Peking Duk Podcast, which launches today from LiSTNR. The podcast comes with original music overlays and immersive sound effects where the boys and their guests recount crazy career moments. The Duk will chat with some of their best mates in the music and media industry including The Inspired Unemployed, The Kooks, Brooke Boney, Tony Armstrong, Flex Mami, Alex Dyson, Jack River, Muselk, Alex Lahey and more.
November 3, 2022:
    In Australia, LiSTNR has launched The Children in the Pictures, which tells the true story of an elite team of Queensland police called Taskforce Argos fighting child abuse online. DNX Media and LiSTNR went to court to tell this story, requesting the removal of a longstanding suppression order over the name of a website; and secured special judicial approval to release the arrest tape and police interviews with the Australian kingpin running it, while Argos gave remarkable access to key evidence from its investigations.
October 21, 2022:
October 18, 2022:
October 7, 2022:
October 4, 2022:
September 23, 2022:
September 15, 2022:
    Podcast Day 24, Oct 4 in Sydney, London and NYC, has announced more of their speakers. We hear that Sounds Profitable's Tom Webster will be revealing more data from The Creators in NYC; London will feature the Podcast of the Year, Dear Daughter; and Sydney will include a focus on new and emerging formats from LiSTNR's Jen Goggin. The code PODN1215 gets in-person tickets at around half-price, and includes full video catchup of all three events.
August 31, 2022:
August 16, 2022:
August 10, 2022:
August 4, 2022:
August 3, 2022:
August 2, 2022:
July 29, 2022:
June 15, 2022:
    Triton Digital released the Australian Podcast Ranker for May. Of interest - now exclusive to the LiSTNR app, Hamish & Andy's Remembering Project saw 310,647 downloads in May; the show's last season in August, where it was available everywhere, did 572,113 downloads. (The ranker lists participating publishers only, and doesn't list the ABC, the country's largest podcaster).
April 28, 2022:
April 13, 2022:
    What happens when you go exclusive? 2 Guys 1 Cup achieved 32,714 downloads in February's Australian Podcast Ranker; it went exclusive to SCA's LiSTNR in early March; resulting in the show dropping out of the Ranker entirely.
April 12, 2022:
March 29, 2022:
March 11, 2022:
    There's a brand new #1 podcast publisher in Austra—only joking, it's still ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia, which has improved its lead over rival SCA's LiSTNR.
March 7, 2022:
February 23, 2022:
February 17, 2022:
February 9, 2022:
January 18, 2022:
    How Fitness Saved My Life is new from LiSTNR, co-hosted by (deep breath) former American college football player, wrestler turned half-ironman competitor, and strength coach, Alexa Towersey, (‘Action Alexa'), and ex-competitive gymnast, BMX racer and now multidiscipline high-performance athlete and coach, Jenna Louise. It's a podcast that will expand our understanding of what the human body is capable of, we're told; and it launches today. - read more
December 15, 2021:
December 9, 2021:
December 8, 2021:
December 1, 2021:
September 13, 2021:
August 11, 2021:
August 2, 2021:
    Send One Guitar round a country's best singer-songwriters. Ask each to write a new song: then perform it on a podcast. That's the concept of a new show that launches today, co-produced by the Mushroom Group: it's exclusive on the LiSTNR app for the next month, then available to all.
July 7, 2021:
June 17, 2021:
June 9, 2021:
April 28, 2021:
March 10, 2021:
February 18, 2021:
    In Australia, SCA's PodcastOne Australia has been rebranded to LiSTNR. The new LiSTNR app only contains podcasts and radio from SCA, but "a selection of premium PodcastOne US titles will also be available". The company launched PodcastOne Australia in September 2017.
June 2, 2020:

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