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April 16, 2024:
March 14, 2024:
March 4, 2024:
January 25, 2024:
January 8, 2024:
    The Geek News Central Podcast team, including Todd Cochrane, are in Las Vegas this week to cover CES, the consumer electronics show. The podcast will include live coverage, which you'll spot in new podcast apps like Fountain and TrueFans.
January 1, 2024:
December 29, 2023:
December 22, 2023:
November 27, 2023:
November 9, 2023:
    If you listen on a live-capable podcast app like Fountain or Podverse, you'll find the first live video stream of a podcast conference event in a podcast app.
August 7, 2023:
    Our Editor wanted to try a music show to understand how it all works. Here's the show - listen on Podverse, Fountain or Podfans to support the artists.
July 31, 2023:
    For the first time, money from listeners is shared directly with the music artists: listen on a compatible podcast player, like Podverse, Fountain or Podfans, and money is sent from your balance directly to the artist as you listen. Using Value4Value, the amounts are up to you; and you can "boost" songs to give more to the artists you like.
June 20, 2023:
May 29, 2023:
May 19, 2023:
    The Podnews Weekly Review this week includes interviews with Mark Asquith of Captivate on the company's new monetisation tools, Oscar Merry of Fountain on the new version of the app, and Martin Mouritzen on the new version of Podfriend.
April 10, 2023:
    Thank you to those who send us boosts and boostagrams as they listen using new podcast apps like Fountain - it's much appreciated.
April 3, 2023:
    In the Podcasting 2.0 "board meeting" this week (transcript), Dave Jones is ill (again?!), we learn that Fountain is the most-used app for boosts (except for live shows); and Adam's views on the Podcast Standards Project, who he sees as welcome "diplomats" in the attack on proprietary podcasting.
March 13, 2023:
    Thanks to boosts from Mike Dell - "Vegas Boost! Good to see you!", he says; Dave Jones, who says "Yay, Captivate!" at the news that the podcast host was adding more podcasting 2.0 features; and Adam Curry, "value received and returned". Boost us with your comments in Fountain or other new podcast apps.
February 27, 2023:
February 20, 2023:
    Now that Apple Podcasts is implementing the code to stop using "AppleCoreMedia" as its useragent in some circumstances, here are the other apps that need fixing, according to John Spurlock: Podbean, Castro, Fountain, Podcast Republic, Moonbeam, Playapod, Pods, Bullhorn, Luminary, Listen App, and Audible. That means all those apps appear smaller thank they should be in podcast analytics.
February 2, 2023:
    Michelle Obama is also doing an exclusive: but an Audible Original, and exclusive to that platform. The Light Podcast starts in early March. The Obama-owned production company Higher Ground signed the deal with Audible in June.
January 26, 2023:
    Podcast hosting company Blubrry has released support for "value4value", a way to accept online payments from podcast listeners in apps like Fountain, Castamatic and Podverse. The company has partnered with Alby. With more than 100,000 shows using Blubrry, this is the biggest podcast host so far to natively support value4value. The company will release further support for the new podcast namespace next week.
January 24, 2023:
January 23, 2023:
    Want your podcast appearing in Fountain's activity feed? Add a split to your Fountain address in your value block, and then it can see all your boosts, not just those made on Fountain. Change your username in this URL for the details.
January 13, 2023:
January 10, 2023:
    Value-for-value enabled podcast app Fountain has had a major update, adding an "activity feed" for enhanced discovery, and an integration allowing you to reward podcasters directly using your credit card. (Our Editor is an advisor.)
January 2, 2023:
    More than $16,500 has been sent to podcasters, in over 6.7m transactions, using Fountain, the company says. The amount of monthly sats paid to podcasters has increased six times since January. The company has also produced a list of the most supported shows using Value 4 Value.
December 26, 2022:
December 20, 2022:
September 21, 2022:
September 20, 2022:
September 12, 2022:
    Dave Jones boosts Friday's rather subdued edition of Podnews: "Good run down today. The Alby tool looks great." It does; the "live" view also shows streaming sats, letting you see people listening. Hello, too, to @RealCoachAndy, @nick, @mattcicino and @criptocenas for your boosts. Try boosting us using the Fountain app.
September 8, 2022:
August 29, 2022:
    Fountain, a podcast player, has launched its own podcast chart. Hot on Fountain contains hot shows, hot episodes, and "baller boosts", based on listener support. Podnews is #48, and therefore we believe the chart is the best.
August 22, 2022:
August 1, 2022:
    Boosts this week include 2222 sats from Blubrry's Mike Dell ("I think I have the hang of this"); 1024 sats from Dave Jones besmirching Spotify once more ("When the Index first started people were roundly skeptical of there being 4.5 million podcasts. Now everyone wants to claim that number"); 3 sats from JAF2100 ("keep up", they say, intruiguingly); 1,000 from Fail Better Media's Georg; 10 from cristobal_mena; 10 from xavi_herrera; and a thumb-up emoji and 10 sats from alfcamacho. If you get value from Podnews's podcast, please consider boosting it in your favourite new podcast app (try Fountain to get started).
July 25, 2022:
    Boosts this week include boosts from Dave Jones, criptocenas, and Chris LAS who got in touch to tell us to name and shame the spammers last week, so we did. Todd Cochrane sent us two boosts - one saying "boosts and beyond!" and another saying "go podcasting". Dave Jones asks "What does someone do to get listed in the “personal supporters” section? Is that a certain dollar limit per month?" - glad you asked, that's in our newsletter and RSS feed only, and it's for our personal supporters at and that's a great place to go if you get value from Podnews and you want to pay it back. Or, send us a boost or just listen to us using a new podcast app like Fountain. Your sats or Patreon support are all very welcome.
July 20, 2022:
July 11, 2022:
    Boostagram corner: "Enjoy getting the podcast news, cheers!" says @nixer, boosting us from Fountain. Thanks, too, to Jupiter Broadcasting for your boosts, and @carl6007 who says "Enjoying the boost life!". "I love Podnews! James gives so much helpful information about the podcasting world. It's helped me out a lot," says @bisayapodcast, also boosting us from Fountain. Hit the boost button to send us some messages and boosts - the Fountain app is the easiest way to get going (and will even give you crypto to get started).
June 22, 2022:
April 25, 2022:
April 18, 2022:
    Thank you for your boosts on new podcast apps for Podnews - many people have been sending us value in the shape of boosts, for the value they get from Podnews. Hit the boost button on a new podcast app (Fountain is a good one) to send us a message. You can also claim your podcast in Fountain to get boostagrams too.
March 18, 2022:
March 14, 2022:
    Oscar Merry has suggested Lightning Comments as a potential solution for cross-app commenting: using "boostagrams" as a method of sending comments. We like this idea; and the spec is simple enough for us to code it; so, you'll find a "comments" section on every update in Podnews's web version. You can also see those comments in the Fountain app.
February 14, 2022:
    Buzzcast, the official Buzzsprout podcast, is now enabled for "value4value", joining The New Media Show and Podland News as accepting cryptocurrency from audiences. You can support these shows using new podcast apps like Fountain.
February 9, 2022:
February 1, 2022:
January 3, 2022:
December 27, 2021:
    Listen to us using some new podcasting apps, like Fountain, and you can tip us small amounts of Bitcoin while sending us a message. These are called boostagrams - thanks to Dave, talking about Spotify's new Pod City that "Everybody’s building a podcast studio! Not sure what to make of that. 🧐"; and to Adam, who thanked us for including a donation link for the Podcast Index last week. Here's how to enable your podcast; and some new podcast apps to try.
December 22, 2021:
November 1, 2021:
    Boostagrams this week include an anonymous one saying "Maybe Facebook UA misattribution to Apple will finally be the catalyst to fix this issue." (2112 using Breez), and Dave Jones saying "Love the show James. It’s my every morning listen and the first boost of the day. 😊 Must see tv." - 2161 sats using Castamatic. You can send boostagrams and support your favourite podcasts with value4value-enabled apps like Fountain.
October 18, 2021:
    Boostagram corner: Using value4value, we earn small amounts of cryptocurrency from every listener, and additional boostagrams - messages alongside larger tips. Dave Jones liked "Good Apple, Bad Apple" (thanks for the Rush Boost); Brian of London liked our mention of him last week (1029 sats from Castamatic); Dave Jones again: "I don’t think Spotify is “breaking podcasting”. They’re just breaking their product. Their podcast strategy looks increasingly fragmented and hard to understand. When their attempt to wall the garden fails, like that always does, the open RSS ecosystem will still be here ticking along - because information wants to be free and audio wants to be heard." Thanks for the 21,138 sat from Castamatic. Adam Curry likes us when we say newpodcastapps․com (5000 sats from CurioCaster); "medus" says Podnews is the first show they listen to each weekday - thanks for the 2,000 sats from Fountain. In the last week we made 39,135 sats (US $24.05). We appreciate the boosts, and the normal sats per minute: send us a message here by holding down the boost button in your podcast app, and if you don't have one, get one from here.
October 11, 2021:
    The Fountain app has been updated. It supports episode-level value splits (so you can share sats with your guests) and now supports serialised shows. It does value4value and RSS chapter points (among many other things).
September 20, 2021:
    Podcast app Fountain now sets a correct useragent when downloading audio. It'll look similar to this: Fountain/0.2.6 [iOS/Android] and correctly identifies whether a user is on iOS or Android. (The OPAWG Github is updated).
September 17, 2021:
    Podland this week contains an interview with Oscar Merry, talking about the Fountain App, and Alex Jacobi talks about the Open Podcast Analytics Format.
August 19, 2021:
    Fountain, a podcast app on iOS and Android, has released v0.2.4 which enables "Boostagrams", a way to send a cryptocurrency tip with a message to podcasters. It also includes audio fixes for Android users.
August 2, 2021:
July 26, 2021:

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