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November 15, 2023:
September 26, 2023:
August 30, 2023:
    eff won with DRS has announced exclusive video episodes on Spotify. The show is a Formula 1 podcast hosted by Dax Shephard. The show is available everywhere; but the video remains exclusive to the Spotify platform.
July 31, 2023:
July 10, 2023:
April 14, 2023:
February 15, 2023:
    In Toronto ON, Canada, the police have made 24 Shades of Blue, a podcast giving the Toronto community a behind-the-scenes view of police activities. A CBC investigation has discovered that the interview show, produced by Obie & Ax Inc ("North America's leading podcast production firm"), has cost more than $330,000 so far in a sole-source contract. That money hasn't gone on hosting though: Podnews can tell you that the show's on Spotify's free podcast host Anchor.
October 25, 2022:
    Keep It Light Media, Parenting Hell's, um, parent network with additional titles like Alan Carr's Life's a Beach and Wolf and Owl, is moving to Megaphone and joining the Spotify Audience Network. Those shows remain available everywhere; they were with Global's DAX.
August 24, 2022:
August 16, 2022:
August 8, 2022:
    Global's DAX has signed with Sounder to provide automated brand safety verification. Sounder’s solution will enable advertisers to purchase media across DAX’s podcast portfolio backed by the assurance that they adhere to brand safety guidelines, including those outlined by the IAB and GARM.
June 14, 2022:
April 8, 2022:
February 25, 2022:
January 12, 2022:
December 7, 2021:
October 15, 2021:
October 14, 2021:
October 6, 2021:
    The owner of digital ad exchange DAX, Global has acquired Remixd - technology that converts text articles into audio files. It'll be incorporated into DAX's product.
September 30, 2021:
August 3, 2021:
June 25, 2021:
June 8, 2021:
May 13, 2021:
March 16, 2021:
February 25, 2021:
    DAX is reported to have been appointed exclusive sponsorship partner for NPR in Canada. DAX already represents Wondery in the country.
February 15, 2021:
    More consolidation on the way? The owner of Global, a company that owns radio and poster sites in the UK and the DAX audio ad platform in the UK and North America, has bought 8.8% of iHeartMedia. ("The deal is not connected with Global", though).
December 31, 2020:

Wondery's success has been international in scope, reaching agreements with a variety of advertising partners outside the US, like Canada, Australia and the UK, where it launched a joint venture with Stitcher.

December 9, 2020:
October 22, 2020:
October 14, 2020:
September 17, 2020:
July 17, 2020:
July 9, 2020:
June 30, 2020:
May 18, 2020:
May 7, 2020:
April 7, 2020:
January 15, 2020:
January 14, 2020:
    The GeekWire podcast has, in a recent edition, a discussion about the future of podcasting. Taking part: Phyllis Fletcher, senior editor for podcasts at American Public Media; Steve Henn, the head of content strategy for audio news at Google; David Payne, the president of Rainstream Media; and Amira Valliani, CEO and co-founder of Glow.
January 9, 2020:
December 31, 2019:
November 28, 2019:
October 16, 2019:
September 30, 2019:
September 27, 2019:
September 11, 2019:
September 2, 2019:
August 13, 2019:
    UK radio broadcaster Bauer has decided to withdraw from DAX, preferring to sell its audio advertising itself through a relaunched service called Bauer InStream. The company claims it's a brand safety issue; DAX is operated by its main UK competitor, Global.
July 8, 2019:
    Global is also hiring for DAX, its digital audio advertising platform. Digiday report that 300 advertisers currently use the service.
July 4, 2019:
June 4, 2019:
May 17, 2019:
    EXCLUSIVE: The British Podcast Awards, powered by DAX, will be live streaming this year's event on its Twitter profile @britpodawards. You can tune in tomorrow, Saturday 18th May from 8pm (or at least dual screen with Eurovision).
May 1, 2019:
    Producing almost religious veneration in their preparation and consumption, Cult Foods generate queues, make restaurants and crash Instagram. Food Busker's Cult Food Stories is a journey to discover the history of these dishes, hosted by John Quilter, aka YouTuber "Food Busker". (DAX)
March 8, 2019:
February 8, 2019:
February 4, 2019:
January 21, 2019:
January 8, 2019:
December 7, 2018:
November 30, 2018:
    Global, the UK broadcaster, has added 1,500 third-party podcasts to its popular Global Player and radio apps (iOS only for now). Here's how they're promoting it, and more details from Digiday. The podcasts added come from variety of publishers, including the BBC and Serial; and also contains some 'Global Original' podcasts, made by the company. Global also owns DAX, a programmatic audio ad platform, in the UK, US and Canada.
November 28, 2018:
    Podcasting solution provider Voxnest announces today that it has partnered with DAX to help monetise UK audiences. Voxnest customers, including those on the company’s Spreaker platform, now have the benefit of DAX monetisation, while advertisers can take advantage of advanced targeting and measurement solutions. Voxnest President Francesco Baschieri says: “It’s an exciting time to be involved in this medium, and we’re confident that our easy-to-use, efficient and scalable solution for creating, monetizing and distributing audio content will have a catalyzing effect on creators worldwide.”
November 2, 2018:
    Global, the media and entertainment company, has launched DAX in Canada. The company acquired the digital audio sales division of Canadian based leanStream, which already represents companies like TuneIn and 8tracks. Global adds Toronto to its list of office locations alongside its headquarters in London and DAX divisions based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Hamburg and Paris.
October 11, 2018:

Thank you to DAX , the digital audio exchange, for your kind support.

October 3, 2018:
September 17, 2018:
September 3, 2018:
    HowStuffWorks has signed a deal with DAX in the UK for ad representation. DAX is owned and operated by Global, the UK media and entertainment group.
August 27, 2018:
August 6, 2018:
    DAX, a programmatic ad platform, has opened an office in the US. It's owned by Global, the UK's media and entertainment group. Ryan Rose will head up the unit.
April 16, 2018:
April 2, 2018:
    DAX, the programmatic audio advertising solution from the UK's Global, have released thirteen pages of research into the market, particular around UK advertisers' attitudes to podcasting. It's a good read.

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