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February 6, 2024:
October 24, 2023:
    CoHost has announced a prefix tool to enable brands and agencies to access CoHost’s features without migrating from their current hosting provider. The tool gives advanced demographics, and allows B2B podcasters to know which companies are listening.
August 29, 2023:
    Alastair Campbell, host of The Rest Is Politics, is interviewed by Pod Bible. We learn that he did one pilot episode with his cohost, Rory Stewart; and that doing the show online from different places seems to work well.
August 28, 2023:
    In The Times, an article about The Rest Is Politics cohost Rory Stewart suggests he earns around £70,000 (US$88,000) a month from the podcast. The podcast was with Acast until July.
August 9, 2023:
July 26, 2023:
July 14, 2023:
July 10, 2023:
June 19, 2023:
June 9, 2023:
    Radiodays North America is halfway through in Toronto ON, Canada. Among the speakers today, Fatima Zaidi from Quill and CoHost, Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio and Lina Kim from The Podcast Exchange are some of the panel talking about making money from podcasting; Edison Research's Larry Rosin discusses trends in audio, and our Editor James Cridland speaks about great tools from podcasting.
May 31, 2023:

Thank you to CoHost, who offer powerful podcast hosting for agencies and brands, who return as a gold supporter. The reason Podnews is free is because of support from companies like CoHost: you can support us too.

April 28, 2023:
April 27, 2023:
March 20, 2023:
March 6, 2023:
    At Podcast Movement this week, CoHost will unveil B2B Analytics, a feature designed to help B2B brands and agencies uncover which companies are listening to their podcast.
December 28, 2022:
December 23, 2022:
November 3, 2022:
November 2, 2022:
October 3, 2022:
    Spotify released a Fan Study for podcast creators. Fans who "follow" (aka subscribe to) your podcast will listen to 4x the number of episodes of those who don't, says the data; and episode completion rate varies from genre to genre, with true crime and fiction podcasts having the highest completion rates (at about 87%), while tech shows have one of the lowest (about 72%). Also in new research, The State of Branded Podcasts 2022 Report was released by CoHost, a podcast hosting company. Two-thirds of branded podcasts post every week, says that data.
August 12, 2022:
August 5, 2022:
May 16, 2022:
January 24, 2020:
May 14, 2018:
April 26, 2018:
    Anchor have written up a look at the first week of their Cohosts feature, which finds people to record a podcast with. They've also edited together a nice overview of what it sounds like, from podcasts on their platform.
April 16, 2018:

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