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January 31, 2024:
    Exclusive: Popular iOS podcast app Castro has a new owner: Bluck Apps is an independent app studio and consulting agency based in Brooklyn NY. The company owns an Android podcast app called Aurelian, which will be “moved under the Castro umbrella”. In a blog post to be published on the Castro website today, owner Dustin Bluck says that Castro serves people who really love podcasts - those who have over 100 podcast subscriptions. The company is also responding to all support emails sent over the past few months. “Bluck Apps is very committed to the open podcasting ecosystem and taking over such a well-designed independent app is very cool for us.”
January 9, 2024:
January 8, 2024:
    The Castro podcast app is in trouble again: the app and website has been down since late Friday. In November, we reported it was to close: the company posted a denial, but said it was looking for new owners. We’ve asked for comment.
December 4, 2023:
    Podcast app Castro is “actively seeking a new home with new owners”. Last week, we reported that Mohit Mamoria, a former Castro employee who works for Tiny, Castro’s current owners, said it was to close; but “any communication or publication regarding the app's future is not official and does not represent Castro’s views” said the blog post. The blog post was the first for three years, and did not have a named author. (The app is now working again after an extended outage last week.)
November 30, 2023:

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Mythbusting: are downloads from 'AppleCoreMedia' mostly Apple Podcasts?
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The publishers who don't want their podcast to be on every platform
The podcast publishers who are making deliberate choices to stop audiences finding their podcasts on some platforms

In podcasting too, consent isn't optional
Some podcast companies are endangering the strange and potentially fragile equilibrium between the listeners, the creators, and the apps that are connecting them

Anchor bypasses Apple Podcasts approval process with copyright violating podcasts
Anchor's special deal with Apple lets anyone post anything, seemingly

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Podcast show notes display, it turns out, in many different ways in over 40 different apps we tested. Here's what to do to make sure they work best.

Episode number support in podcast apps
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Chapter points in podcasts: a waste of time?
Which podcast apps support chapter points? Is it worth your while spending time and effort on them?


The Spear: Spearfishing | Freediving | Apnea | Fishing
The Spear: Spearfishing | Freediving | Apnea | Fishing Sports, Wilderness, Society, Culture, Places, Travel, Leisure
The Spearfishing Podcast I wish existed when I was starting out. I am your host Roman Castro from SpearoBlog. I started THE SPEAR to interview other Spearos and Spearfishing companies to learn from their experiences and share them with YOU. Fishing, Freediving, Apnea, Gear, Rigging, Training, anything related to Spearfishing is fair game. I interview spearos and freedivers of all levels and give you access to their stories, insights, and advice. The show is broken up into 4 segments. ‘THE NEW SPEARO’ y
Our America with Julián Castro
Our America with Julián Castro Society, Culture
What the heck is happening in America? Secretary Julián Castro, as you’ve never heard him before, helps listeners understand how to make sense of a non-stop stream of headlines affecting our daily lives. Joined each week by his long-time communications strategist, the unfiltered Sawyer Hackett, plus a collection of political leaders, journalists, and operatives from across the country, Julián reveals insider perspectives and witty hot takes on the issues troubling Our America. New episodes every Wednesd
Pretty, Not Smart with Louie and Yoatzi Castro
Pretty, Not Smart with Louie and Yoatzi Castro Society, Culture, Comedy, Arts, Fashion, Beauty
Pretty, Not Smart is a weekly podcast hosted by the prettiest sibling duo, Louie and Yoatzi Castro. Tune in every week as they share all the CHISME on what really happens in their everyday lives. Get ready for juicyyy conversations and fresh perspectivas on what it means to be bonita, inteligente, and everything in between! So put your make up on, do your hair, and listen to the hottest podcast you’ll ever hear. Because it’s ok to be Pretty, Not Smart.  For advertising opportunities please email Po
Cage's Kiss: The Nicolas Cage Podcast
Cage's Kiss: The Nicolas Cage Podcast Comedy, Tv, Film, Arts, Performing
The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.
Jarochelo es César Castro
Jarochelo es César Castro Music
Musician, composer, luthier, music professor and podcaster.
Discovering The Truth About The Ariel Castro Kidnapping
Discovering The Truth About The Ariel Castro Kidnapping News
Welcome to Discovering the truth about the Ariel Castro. Where the truth will be told and discovered.
Un cantante integro poseedor de una de las mejores voces a nivel mundial... Capaz de lograr los tonos más maravillosos que en música alguna pueda disfrutarse Puedes disfrutar de este programa y de música romántica en O descarga nuestra aplicación Soritaradio Somos SoritaRadio La radio que es para tì The radio That is for you
The Eli Castro Show
The Eli Castro Show Comedy, Interviews, Stand-up
The trials and tribulations of a criminal lawyer turned comedian. Each week, Eli and his guests discuss various topics and personal stories. It's an audio sitcom guaranteed to make you laugh in 30 minutes or less!
The Grey Zone
The Grey Zone News, Politics
Comentarios, análisis y opinión de temas de actualidad en la Geopolítica, la política de EEUU y un poco de otras cosas. Tratamos de explicarlo en "arroz y habichuelas" (en forma simple para los que no entienden la expresión por no ser boricuas), sin pretensiones de intelectualidad. El Mejor Podcast de Bajo Presupuesto que puedes escuchar.
Once for All Delivered
Once for All Delivered Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, Society, Culture
"Contend for the faith once for all delivered." God's Word is not silent, and we don't have to be either. On Once for All Delivered, hosts Caleb Castro and Andrew Smyth explore biblical, confessional, Reformed theology and apply it to life in today's world.
Che and Fidel Castro
Che and Fidel Castro Comedy
It’s your fave Cuban baddies
Podcast Lucila Castro Díaz
Podcast Lucila Castro Díaz Arts
Cuentos de terror, leyendas urbanas, investigaciones paranormales y más...
Sermon Archive
Sermon Archive Religion, Spirituality
We exist to glorify God, by building a community of believers who are actively committed to knowing, applying, and proclaiming the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Roaming the Earth with Drea Castro
Roaming the Earth with Drea Castro Society, Culture, Places, Travel, Leisure
Welcome to Roaming the Earth - the stories & adventures of people who are jet setters, nomads & explorers - from pilots, journalists, touring musicians and photographers to van-lifers, backpackers, and thru-hikers. Come join me every week as we hear tips and tricks from these travel experts from around the world.
Replenish Hope
Replenish Hope Education, Self Improvement
When you join our community, we will be replenishing our hope weekly together! We will learn by listening to how our invited guest or myself have found Replenish Hope either by experience, by expertise, or by the power of sharing a life story! My heart’s desire is that we may be empowered at the end of every podcast episode, and that we may proclaim what Hope has done, is doing, and can do in someone’s life. Lastly, my vision is that our community may grow, that many will share our podcast, and that eve
Bate Pé
Bate Pé Comedy, Society, Culture, Personal, Journals
Podcast de Mafalda Castro e Rui Simões. O nome da Mafalda veio primeiro porque o Rui é cavalheiro. Um casal à conversa sobre temas pouco relevantes para uns e muito pouco relevantes para outros. Sabemos falar línguas mortas e fazemos uma dourada no forno incrível. Não é um convite. Até já!
Course Record Show
Course Record Show Golf, Podcasts, Sports, Business
We talk to the smartest people in the golf business to get the inside stories and strategies driving the business of golf forward. Hosted by PGA Tour player Roberto Castro and Dan Ferreira.
Ecommerce Hackers
Ecommerce Hackers Business, Marketing
Ecommerce Hackers är podden som snackar om digital marknadsföring. Dom som håller i podcasten är ingen mindre än Sveriges främsta experter, Jorge Castro och Fedja Porobic
Private Practice Success Stories
Private Practice Success Stories Personal Journals, Podcasts, Society & Culture, Business, Entrepreneurship
Ernesto Castro
Ernesto Castro
Ernesto Castro (Madrid, 1990) es un escritor y pensador español. Actualmente imparte clases en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y elabora su propio sistema filosófico (el «naturalismo genérico»). Sus últimos libros de no ficción son El trap: Filosofía millennial para la crisis en España (Errata Naturae, 2019), Realismo poscontinental: Ontología y epistemología para el siglo XXI (Materia Oscura, 2020), Ética, estética y política: Ensayos (y errores) de un metaindignado (Arpa, 2020), Memorias y libelos del 15M (Arpa, 2021) y Otro palo al agua: Textos de crítica cultural (Roneo, 2021). Sus poemas han sido incluidos en las antología...
Geekonomics Science, Social
Instigante, crítico e não convencional. É dessa forma que revelamos nossas ideias sobre economia. Participe da conversa!
Tips Para Cuidado Personal
Tips Para Cuidado Personal Fashion & Beauty, Podcasts, Arts
Tips de cuidado personal y moda
Presentaciones y entrevistas sobre «El trap»
Presentaciones y entrevistas sobre «El trap» Religion, Spirituality
Presentaciones y entrevistas que le han ido haciendo a Ernesto Castro con motivo de la presentación de su libro «El trap: filosofía millennial para la crisis en España» (Errata Naturae, 2019).
zapiski Society & Culture, Podcasts
Saudações terráqueos! Eu sou o Castro e este é o zapiski, um podcast para quem curte acumular e compartilhar conhecimentos.
Storytelling Estratégico
Storytelling Estratégico Education, Self Improvement, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
En este podcast compartiré contigo las claves para mejorar tu COMUNICACIÓN y aumentar tu INFLUENCIA, utilizando el poder de las HISTORIAS. Si eres un líder, profesional y/o emprendedor, saber transmitir bien tus ideas y mensajes es absolutamente necesario para lograr conectar, cautivar y persuadir a tus equipos y clientes. En este podcast aprenderás cómo hacerlo. ¡Disfruta los episodios!
Plataneroz Education, Podcasts
The adventures of a deported immigrant, in search of LMS(Legal Marriage Status)
Rev Cipriano Castro
Rev Cipriano Castro Business, Marketing
Saudações ( matérias de cursos e etc)
It’s Me, Michelle Castro, Christian Moms, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Christian Entrepreneur, Biblical Mindset, Christian Marriag
It’s Me, Michelle Castro, Christian Moms, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Christian Entrepreneur, Biblical Mindset, Christian Marriag Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality, Kids & Family
Hey there friend! WELCOME to It’s Me, Michelle Castro, THE PODCAST! If you’re here…then you’re probably like me…you’re a wife and a mom and probably running a business or two chasing after that elusive balance everyone seems to be talking about.… But REALLY at the core of it all, your deepest desire and #1 top priority is to serve and honor the Lord, your God, Jesus Christ! If that’s YOU…I see you…and you’re in the right place!! Here’s the thing I’ve found over the last 50 years
This Restorative Justice Life
This Restorative Justice Life Self-Improvement, Podcasts, Education, Society & Culture
Restorative Justice is often framed as an alternative to punishment, and but that’s only part of the story.Dive deeper with David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris in conversation with RJ practitioners and other justice seekers as they reflect on the things happening in the world around us to offer insight on how YOU can embody RJ philosophy, practices, and values in every aspect of your life. 
Estigmación De Las Personas Con Enfermedades Mentales.
Estigmación De Las Personas Con Enfermedades Mentales. Education, Self Improvement
Mi podcast es informativo. Pretendo lograr que las personas tengan conciencia y logren informarse más para no caer en la ignorancia.
Overcoming Your Anxiety
Overcoming Your Anxiety Health & Fitness, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality, Spirituality
Overcoming Your Anxiety Podcast is not the cure for your anxiety. It's simply a tool to help change your perspective. The cure is in you. This podcast is about my journey and the knowledge I've collected having suffered from debilitating anxiety for many years. The podcast is filled with stories and lessons that help shift your perspective on life and your overwhelming thoughts and sensations. The Overcoming Your Anxiety Podcast is not about tricks or gimmicks to temporarily fix your problem right now. This
Spagnolo a 360º
Spagnolo a 360º Education, Language, Learning
Podcast di spagnolo con un'insegnante madrelingua, per italiani che già capiscono un po e vogliono sentire nel suo quotidiano lo spagnolo per migliorare.Vai alla mia pagina web per acquistare le trascrizioni Podcast de una profesora española en Italia, dirigido a italianos que quieren escuchar y mejorar su español en su día a día. Entra en mi página web para adquirir las transcripciones.
Rooted Working Mom, How to Mother God’s Way, Faith-Led Mom Coach, Christian Mom Podcast, Connect With Your Kids, Self Care
Rooted Working Mom, How to Mother God’s Way, Faith-Led Mom Coach, Christian Mom Podcast, Connect With Your Kids, Self Care Parenting, Podcasts, Kids & Family, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Welcome to the Rooted Working Mom podcast! Find True Rest in Jesus, Rise in Your God-Given Authority & Raise Kingdom Kids Steward & Connect With Your Kids Through Gospel Centered Parenting, as a Busy Working Mom God-Led Wholeness Coaching in Faith, Motherhood, Wellness, & Mindset Find Clarity and Purpose in Your Motherhood Let Go of Working Mom Guilt Say Goodbye to Burnout Hey sweet mama! If you’ve been in a space of overwhelm, exhaustion, struggle, and feeling like you are just not good enough…M
At The CCC
At The CCC Health, Fitness
A weekly recovery focused podcast broadcast from The Castro Country Club in the heart of fabulously foggy San Francisco. We strive to create a brave space where we engage in topics of recovery, where there are no outside issues. The Castro Country Club is a clean & sober gathering place for all people and a home for the queer recovery community. We endeavor to be a space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy.
Top Game Podcast
Top Game Podcast Personal Journals, Podcasts, Society & Culture, Education, Self-Improvement
Your host, Sammy Castro, interviews guests on lessons learned in the military and elsewhere in order to better understand finding a balance in life.
TSF - Minoria Absoluta - Podcast
TSF - Minoria Absoluta - Podcast
São a geração mais qualificada, influenciam, mas ainda não decidem. Os jovens, a política e as causas que defendem. João Maria Jonet, André Abraão, Francisca Figueiredo, Maria Miguel Simões, Maria Escaja, Daniel Ferreira, Bianca Castro, Guadalupe Amaro e Israel Paródia são a Minoria Absoluta. Todas as semanas, duas vozes da nova geração debatem, na TSF, o estado do país e do mundo. Com moderação de Francisco Nascimento.
Reflexões IBJM
Reflexões IBJM Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Reflexões pastorais
Calla Cabro
Calla Cabro Comedy, Podcasts
Tres gays de Lima se juntaron para compartir opiniones que nadie les pidió.
Eridania Castro
Eridania Castro Arts, Design
Podcast Castro RR
Podcast Castro RR Science, Life
Podcast contains talks on life science, biology and discoveries.
Bom Dia USA
Bom Dia USA Investing, Podcasts, Business
William Castro Alves, o estrategista-chefe da Avenue, e Guilherme Zanin trazem as informações mais relevantes sobre o maior mercado de investimentos do mundo. Confira o dia a dia de tudo que move os mercados. Oferta intermediada por Coin DTVM. Leia os disclaimers em
Dra Thalita Ferreira e Dr Breno Murta
Dra Thalita Ferreira e Dr Breno Murta Health, Fitness, Medicine
Sherlock Holmes: A Volta
Sherlock Holmes: A Volta Arts, Books
Meu podcast pro trabalho. Déborah 6- A
Her Renewed Strength | Time Management, Productivity, Overwhelm, Schedules, Time Blocking
Her Renewed Strength | Time Management, Productivity, Overwhelm, Schedules, Time Blocking Self-Improvement, Podcasts, Education, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Welcome to the Go-To podcast for anxious, overwhelmed Christian women who are ready to stop rushing through life and start having intentional time with God and family. Here you’ll find time management tips, Christ centered productivity strategies and mindset coaching to help you get things done with less stress, enjoy peace and rest, and shift your perspective from the temporal to the eternal. You’re trying to get everything done and you’re sacrificing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
Chax Chat Accessibility Podcast
Chax Chat Accessibility Podcast Education, Podcasts, Business, Non-Profit
Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.
SER Castro Urdiales
SER Castro Urdiales News
Una selección de los mejores contenidos de SER Castro Urdiales
Casey Hendrickson
Casey Hendrickson Politics, Podcasts, News
Avi Om Experience
Avi Om Experience Spirituality, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Welcome to the Avi Om Experience, weekly conversations discussing the soul, heart’s desire and dharma. In a world of limitless possibilities, this human exploration is entangled with many types of life experiences, learning how to navigate versus resist them is what we love to unveil. Join Avianna and Christopher, owners of Avi Om Studio, a meditation studio in Flushing, MI as they share their truths with each other and guests. If you seek solutions, want to delve deeper into the soul or simply listen
Todoconta Podcast
Todoconta Podcast Business
Información contable y fiscal en México ahora también en podcast.
Spanglish podcast - Biografía + Crime Scene by Natasha Manita e Gabriela Kerner
Spanglish podcast - Biografía + Crime Scene by Natasha Manita e Gabriela Kerner Fiction
Spanglish podcast by Natasha Manita e Gabriela Kerner
Jewish Identity Crisis
Jewish Identity Crisis Judaism, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
If you ask Isaac or Julia where they’re from, make sure you have have a few hours... As ‘mixed’ Jews, they live the experience of multi-cultural, diasporic Judaism, extending as far as Jewish History does—from the Middle East, to Iberia, to Eastern Europe, to the United States, to Latin America. But Julia and Isaac’s unique perspectives go farther than their ethnicity. As young and loud Jewish activists in a changing world, these two college students aim to find their place in society. Support thi
Le Podcast de l'Institut V
Le Podcast de l'Institut V Arts, Food
Bienvenue sur le Podcast de l'Institut V, qui va à la rencontre des professionnels de la gastronomie végétale. Je suis Karine Castro, fondatrice de l'Institut de la Gastronomie Végétale, et je suis ravie de vous accueillir dans ce podcast. Je vous souhaite une bonne écoute !
Unique Radio with Will Castro
Unique Radio with Will Castro TV & Film, Podcasts
Weekly Automotive & Lifestyle Podcast with Will Castro & Team Unique. We discuss Stars, Cars, Music, Sports & Lifestyle.
Parrilla social
Parrilla social Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Este podcast trata sobre problemas reales y actuales y las respuestas cristianas a estas problemáticas.
Take Down the Patriarchy With Solange & Jen
Take Down the Patriarchy With Solange & Jen Comedy, Podcasts
"Take Down The Patriarchy" With Solange & Jen, formerly known as"Jessica & Solange Take Down The Patriarchy" is a feminist deconstruction of movies/TV Shows/Books that contain problematic and stereotypical representations of women. Solange Castro, a standup comic and playwright, wrote the play, "Changes In The Mating Strategies of White People." Jen O'Donell is a comic and producer of "The Ladies Room" as well as reality TV. Jessica Cabot is the writer and creator of the Lisa Kudrow produced web series "Sh
Yesenia Castro (Y.C.)
Yesenia Castro (Y.C.) Education, Self Improvement
Yesenia Castro es una mujer común pero decidida a ser amiga tuya y a ayudarte a perder todo aquello que no nos deja crecer, personal,financiera y espiritual mente
8Mujeres History
Breve recorrido por la vida de ocho grandes mujeres que marcaron un antes y un después en la lucha feminista.
Geografia Em PodCast
Geografia Em PodCast Education
Aulas de Geografia, sobre a perspectiva do território municipal de Quixeramobim-CE.
Here's Jonny
Here's Jonny Arts, Performing
I'll talk about how I was in a play a few years back to raise money, and i'll probably end up talking about unnecessary things just cause.
The Erica Castro Show
The Erica Castro Show Business, Podcasts
Finding great luxury apartments and investment properties can be a daunting task. Every other Tuesday, join Erica Castro, a licensed real estate expert, as she interviews guests who are managing their own investment portfolios on top of their day jobs and learning about hot luxury apartments in the Houston Area. If you are looking for Houston luxury apartments, want to learn about real estate investing, or just want to hear some great real estate advice, this is the podcast for you.
1 Podcast
1 Podcast Health, Fitness, Mental
Epic: The Podcast
Epic: The Podcast Tv, Film
Discussions about film; film making, screenwriting, music, the entertainment business, using an improv angle where we make jokes at every opportunity, all for your (but mostly our) entertainment! Support this podcast:
Presencia Viva
Presencia Viva Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
¡BIENVENIDOS A NUESTRO CANAL! Estamos convencidos de que la única manera de vivir plenamente y en libertad es siguiendo la voz de DIOS, por eso en Presencia Viva respondemos bíblicamente a la vida y queremos que tú puedas experimentarlo nutriéndote por medio de las enseñanzas y de todos los recursos que tenemos para ofrecerte. Presencia Viva es una iglesia cristiana ubicada en Miami, Florida. Los pastores que dirigen este ministerio son Edwin y Maribel Castro, acompañados de un gran equipo de líder
#SoloEsMate Education
Soy profesor de matemática y en esta enriquecedora experiencia he ido aprendido sobre algunos inconvenientes que tienen nuestros estudiantes. En este tipo de podcast te contare mucho de ellos asi como tambien te contare fantásticas historias de la matemática y todo lo que abarca su proceso histórico.
True To Your Core with Erika Diaz-Castro
True To Your Core with Erika Diaz-Castro Self-Improvement, Podcasts, Education
Twenty minutes or less of courageous conversations that help you grow through what you go through.
CFO Leader
CFO Leader Management, Podcasts, Business
The CFO Leader podcast is focused on providing tactical tools to finance executives from experienced leaders who have been in the trenches. With a primary focus on practical rather than theoretical, CFO Leader is your go-to for the modern finance executive.
#NoBodiesSafe Society, Culture
Everything & Everyone Learing Past of self and Govt. Important topics in community a platform to get 👂 !!! Support this podcast:
Dojo Cast
Dojo Cast Education, Self Improvement
o universo do desenvolvimento humano com treinamentos,dicas e muita informação para que a sua vida se torne mais interessante
The Card Cracks Podcast
The Card Cracks Podcast Sports, Podcasts
Breaking down the Soccer and MMA card markets like no other podcast in the industry.
The Revolución
The Revolución Society & Culture, Podcasts, TV & Film
The Revolución examines cultural trends in media, entertainment and advertising. Hosted by advertising professional Kathryn Garcia Castro, media marketing consultant Ana Crandell, thought leader and consumer researcher Linda Lane Gonzalez, ad agency executive Diego Lastra, and writer Court Stroud, each episode aims to inform, entertain and inspire audiences—Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike—through interviews of experts, newsmakers and celebrities. Guests include Gloria Estefan, Maria Hinojosa, Andrés
100 Years, 100 Movies
100 Years, 100 Movies Tv, Film, History
Where I give my (un)informed opinions about the best movie of the year for every year from 1920 to today. Also, I highlight an interesting movie from each year to discuss. Part history, part autobiography, part celebration of movies.
The Dice Check Podcast Network
The Dice Check Podcast Network Hobbies, Podcasts, Leisure
All the tabletop news you can want, hobbying experiences and lore about warhammer and other tabletop stuff!
Nico Castro Podcast
Nico Castro Podcast Entrepreneurship, Podcasts, Business
Hi! I’m Nico Castro and welcome to my podcast! From conversations on the lifestyle of artistry (specialized in the element of breaking within Hip-Hop), personal branding, and my humor (that I'm not completely sure on how to communicate yet), my mission is to inspire you to embrace all adversities as strengths so you can live life on your terms!
Off Beat Podcast
Off Beat Podcast Education, Self Improvement
The Off Beat Podcast serves to make your life a little easier with advice, opinions, discussions, and fun. It's a hard knock life. So sit back and enjoy yourself. Support this podcast:
Bedknobs and Broomflicks
Bedknobs and Broomflicks TV & Film, Podcasts
Join Linda and Jane as they discuss witches, man-witches, sorcerers, wizards, and other magic-practitioners in movies, television shows, history, comics, games, and novels. In the occasional minisode, they discuss a heroic and/or just-plain-awesome animal in their "Favorite Familiar" segment.
Iglesia Abierta Podcast - Walter Castro
Iglesia Abierta Podcast - Walter Castro Society, Culture
Este podcast esta diseñado para conversar sobre cómo la iglesia de Cristo debe y puede ser relevante para esta generación. Los temas son abiertos, los tópicos son contemporáneos, desde teológicos hasta sociales. La iglesia no esta cerrada a un compendio doctrinal y a estructuras rígidas. Refleja el carácter de Dios y es un lugar para conversar con otros y con todos, dejando que Cristo sea el centro de la mesa.
La Moira de la Historia
La Moira de la Historia History
Este es un espacio en el cual caminaremos a través de la historia, buscando comprender la experiencia del ser humano con el correr de los años. Experiencia que se expresa en la historia del hombre como especie, y que llega a ser respuesta a las interrogantes del hombre actual.
Como Llegar Al Siguiente Nivel
Como Llegar Al Siguiente Nivel Education, Self Improvement
3 claves para llegar al exito
--El PodCastro--
--El PodCastro-- Business, Investing
Variedad: - Crecimiento - Liderazgo - Finanzas - Vocación - Política Global - Recursos - Economía - Criptomonedas
Investor Underground
Investor Underground Investing, Podcasts, Business
SIN EXPLICACION Society, Culture, Comedy, Personal, Journals
Un nuevo podcast sobre actos criminales, asesinatos, desapariciones e historias que no tienen explicacion....
Just Another Day Podcast
Just Another Day Podcast Comedy Interviews, Podcasts, Comedy, Music, Music Commentary
We're bringing in a new method to podcasting which it includes interviews with upcoming entrepreneurs, local artist, and bring up real topics, new music to listen too and dumb jokes cuz we're funny.
Minority minute
Minority minute Society, Culture
Puertas con el Pastor Alejandro Castro
Puertas con el Pastor Alejandro Castro Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Puertas, con el Pastor Alejandro Castro, es un nuevo proyecto de Comunidad PAS en el cual se involucra la madurez y experiencia de nuestro pastor con sangre joven de nuestro staff para brindar contenido fresco, actual y con un mensaje de vida. Comunidad PAS siempre se ha caracterizado por su espírutu joven y creatividad, mezcla que da vida a este nuevo podcast. Lo podrás encontrar de lunes a viernes justo antes de la oración matutina de nuestros pastores.
A Voice in The Desert Podcast
A Voice in The Desert Podcast Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Our Podcast aimed for everyone. A Voice In The Desert motto is “Everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect, but we believe that anything’s possible.” A Voice in The Desert aims to be culturally relevant when talking about God’s Word in Our Time. Plus a lot of other very important topics to our times.
Millenary Matrix
Millenary Matrix Education
Are you sick and tired of wondering where your money goes! Going thru life as if you have no control, whilst Paying debt after debt, living paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight. Well I'm here to tell you, that your not alone. Their is a light at the end of that tunnel! BUT, it's all dependent on you. I'm here to tell you that financial freedom is possible. It all begins with you and your version of "personal Finance". Support this podcast:
Mindset is Money
Mindset is Money Health, Business, Education
A podcast for individuals looking to BE more, DO more and HAVE more in life. Your mindset is your most valuable possession, and what I aim to do with this podcast is to fortify that mindset and set you up for success in every area of life.
Escravos, Os by Antônio Frederico de Castro Alves (1847 - 1871)
Escravos, Os by Antônio Frederico de Castro Alves (1847 - 1871) Books, Podcasts, Arts
Os Escravos é uma coleção de poemas do escritor brasileiro Castro Alves com temática centrada no drama da exploração dos escravos. Em função de sua renhida luta contra pelo fim da escravidão no Brasil, este poeta ficou conhecido como "Poeta dos Escravos". Este volume, publicado postumamente em 1883, recolhe muitos dos poemas que tornaram Castro Alves um símbolo da luta dos que não tem voz, como lembra Pablo Neruda em poema dedicado a Alves: "em portas até então fechadas para que, combatendo, a
CHAVAPOPI Self-Improvement, Podcasts, Education
En este espacio encontrarás temas de manifestación, motivación, vida, energía, ley de atracción y consciencia. Soy Cristina Castro creadora y productora de Chavapopi Podcast en donde escucharás minutos que harán un cambio en tu vida. Los invitados del podcast son personas que tienen un mensaje que compartir que inspira y motiva a manifestar la vida de tus sueños. ¡Todo es posible en la medida que lo creas posible! ¡Bienvenido!
Con acento español - Radio Digital Axarquia
Con acento español - Radio Digital Axarquia Music, Podcasts
El programa más español de Radio Digital Axarquia (como dice su titulo) con acento español. Dirigido y presentado por Iván Castro, un programa fresco y joven en el cual escucharás la mejor música del momento pero sólo en español.
Music Man
Music Man Music, Commentary
Welcome to the Music Man podcast, where we talk about music, everything music. New artist, genres, and much more.
VIVIENDO EL MOMENTO CON Serch Y Jackie Education
Leaders With a Mission
Leaders With a Mission Business, Entrepreneurship
With great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility to reach + impact as many humans as possible! Leaders With a Mission is all about having conversations that explore insights on leadership, influence, marketing, visibility, and the heart behind upgrading humanity. This show is for you if you are a small business owner looking for inspiration, practical strategies on growing your impact, and visibility with purpose, and velocity. Your host is Diana Castro - a Video Producer, Video Marketing Tr
Damanique Castro
Damanique Castro Society, Culture
Anything and Everything storytimes, Q&A and the gossip on social mediaaa the trends of the platflorms and music popularity etc.
La Hada Madrina de Cuentos....
La Hada Madrina de Cuentos.... Kids, Family
Esta es una estacion especializada en contar cuentos y moralejas con un toque magico y especial para los ninos.. si quieres que te lea un cuento puedes escribirme por instagram "elhadamadrinadecuentos o julissacastro6". Support this podcast:

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