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November 6, 2023:
    Gareth Williams was a child prodigy - and a codebreaker for the British, working with GCHQ and MI6. But, in summer 2010, he was found dead - his naked body inside a bag, in his bath, in his apartment. No fingerprints were found; and 13 years on, it's still a mystery what happened. From BBC Wales, Death of a Codebreaker looks into the story; it's new today.
November 7, 2022:
October 31, 2022:
    Twitter employee Leah Culver, the co-founder of the Breaker podcast app, has pictured herself holding the source code of part of Twitter Spaces, following an apparent order by Twitter's new owner Elon Musk to print out all the code for a code review with Musk himself. There are rumours that blue-ticked users will be forced to pay $20 per month to keep the verification tag.
June 1, 2022:
    More oldest podcast guest info: An honourable mention to Out of the Box from FBi Radio, which in 2014, interviewed Eileen Kramer (aged 99 at the time). Now aged 107, Eileen is still with us, and has a book to sell, so if you wanted to be a record-breaker, you only have to get her onto your podcast...
April 21, 2022:
    From Acast: Anna Faris Is Unqualified promises "relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types". David Duchovny was a recent guest, talking about the movie they recently finished together, being intimidated by raw talent, his love of music, the challenges of writing, dealbreakers, what defines a good kiss, words to live by and much more.
February 22, 2022:
February 1, 2022:
November 16, 2021:
    The latest episode of Bletchley Park, a look into the World War II codebreaking unit many credit for winning the war, focuses on the codebreaking unit that read Italian naval messages. The grandmother of Podnews's Editor was one of those codebreakers.
April 27, 2021:
    Oooh, you're in trouble is back for a new season later this week: a podcast for 9-13 year-olds, it says that sometimes it's okay to break the rules, with true stories of rebels and rule-breakers.
February 15, 2021:
January 27, 2021:
January 12, 2021:
    Social podcast app Breaker is not to close after all. The app has been acquired by Maple Media, an LA-based publisher, which already owns Player FM and Podkicker. The Breaker team will still be joining Twitter.
January 11, 2021:
    Feedback comes in saying: "You mentioned Stitch Please, so one day you’ll mention the Aussie sewing podcast Sew Organised Style created by one woman for 3 established sewing communities!" So we will.
January 5, 2021:
November 16, 2020:
August 31, 2020:
    The next version of Overcast, the world's third biggest podcast app, will remove one way for podcasters to earn revenue, and highlight another as a concern. A new "privacy screen" in the app's latest beta release adds a brightly-coloured warning alert for any podcast that may earn revenue from dynamic advertising and geolocation. And for smaller podcasters, the "donate" button, launched in August 2018 by the app's developer, Marco Arment, will be removed "because nobody used it and it’s not worth today’s app-review risk", he writes - referring to Apple's notoriously strict app approval process. The donate button is also in apps from Breaker, RadioPublic, PodcastAddict, Castro, and our own podcast pages. (From Sounds Profitable, here's more about how geolocation works in podcasting).
June 19, 2020:
    The Apple Podcasts app is to get personalised recommendations, according to a leak. Also apparently coming: "the option for podcast creators to offer bonus content" and "new user profiles may allow you to follow friends and see what podcasts they’re listening to," a feature similar to Breaker or Swoot.
March 11, 2020:
February 13, 2020:
    Patreon are "discontinuing some third party integrations", including one powering Breaker's patrons-only episode functionality. That'll be removed on Feb 28.
February 7, 2020:
January 21, 2020:
    Social podcast app Breaker launches a redesign on iOS today, called Breaker 1.0. The new app (previous versions of Breaker made it to 0.9.21) features a simplified navigation, episode discovery, and a way of using it without an account.
December 13, 2019:
September 19, 2019:
September 16, 2019:
August 2, 2019:
    Social podcast app Breaker is beta-testing on Android. AndroidPolice get a sneak preview. (Thought: with Swoot, Breaker, and at least one other 'social' podcast app we're aware of in the works, any chance of a shared social graph between them?)
July 19, 2019:
July 16, 2019:
May 16, 2019:
December 20, 2018:
October 29, 2018:
    Meanwhile, podcast app Breaker has added a dark mode, "just in time for Halloween".
October 17, 2018:
September 28, 2018:
September 13, 2018:
    In an open letter to all podcast apps, in early August, Jerod Santo notes that Overcast gives the total subscriber count every time it checks your RSS feed: and asks for other podcast apps to do the same. Many apps have already started to do this. (We're seeing Feedbin, Breaker, Overcast and Newsblur in our logs). Seems like a nice idea.
August 17, 2018:
    Anchor's Listener Support (Aug 10) is now natively supported in podcast apps, the company has just announced. "Support on Anchor" buttons are now visible in versions of Breaker and RadioPublic, with support from Castro and Podcast Addict promised shortly. Podnews also already supports Anchor's Listener Support links - here's an example. Anchor is also marking up these links using the rel="payment" pattern so they'll be visible in a future release of Overcast.
August 7, 2018:
    iOS podcast app Breaker launches Breaker Upstream, "the first open marketplace for podcasters to sell their premium content directly to listeners". The new feature allows podcasters to offer premium podcasts and episodes for purchase inside the Breaker app alongside their existing free content.
June 13, 2018:
April 30, 2018:
    Podcast app Breaker blogs about its app redesign; while podcast search engine Listen Notes shares a postmortem on a short outage.
April 11, 2018:
March 12, 2018:
    Our podcast play pages (highlighted here with a play icon) now also have a link to subscribe within iOS app Breaker the social podcast app. If you have an app which lets you subscribe with a URL scheme, we'd love to add you; let us know how the scheme works, and also give us a square icon in SVG format.
August 22, 2017:
    The Google Home smart speaker is apparently going to have a little sister, like the Amazon Echo Dot. Also, Google released a new version of Android today, 8.0, though you can only get it on Pixel devices for now. (Upgrades are staged, but you can apparently force it by enrolling for beta, which actually gets you the final public build. We did that and it works). No additional podcasting functionality, but apparently much better Bluetooth.

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