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April 15, 2024:
April 8, 2024:
    Audioboom is to expand its sales division with the appointment of Molly Harvey as VP, Brand Sales (joining from SiriusXM and CBS Radio) and Shaun Wilson as Vice President, UK Sales (returning from Spotify and Sony Music).
April 3, 2024:
    The Pete and Sebastian Show has signed with Studio71. It was with Audioboom. It stars two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.
March 27, 2024:
    Tiffany Dean has been hired as The Podglomerate’s new Partner Manager. She was formerly Director of Sales Planning and Operations at Audioboom.
March 7, 2024:
January 17, 2024:
January 15, 2024:
    London-based podcast publisher Audioboom has just posted a trading update for Q4/23. Q4’s revenue, at $19mn, was up 37% quarter-on-quarter, and up 5% year-on-year. Downloads for the quarter were only down 0.75% year-on-year, in spite of the auto-download changes in Apple Podcasts.
January 3, 2024:
November 2, 2023:
October 20, 2023:
October 18, 2023:
    Podcast platform Audioboom gave a Q3 trading update. In Q1-Q3, the company made a total loss of $1.7mn though it says it will return to profit in Q4. It saw a record average monthly download figure in the quarter of 126.6mn, up 18% on last year. It points out that it has honoured all creator minimum guarantees.
October 4, 2023:
September 18, 2023:
    Correction: on Friday we suggested that Audioboom had cancelled a minimum contract. As detailed in the company’s H1/23 financial report, the company has one onerous contract which it made provision for; but Stuart Last, the company’s CEO, tells us “We have not and will not cancel this contract. Audioboom has never cancelled a minimum guarantee that has been contracted with a partner. We honor our contracts with creators including payments of minimum guarantees within those contracts.” We’re happy to make this clear.
September 15, 2023:
    Correction: an earlier version of this story said that Audioboom had cancelled a minimum contract. As detailed in the company's H1/23 financial report, the company has one onerous contract which they made provision for; but Stuart Last, the company's CEO, tells us "We have not and will not cancel this contract. Audioboom has never cancelled a minimum guarantee that has been contracted with a partner. We honor our contracts with creators including payments of minimum guarantees within those contracts." We're happy to make this clear.
July 24, 2023:
    Found a 404 error in Podnews's archive? In an effort to maintain our archive as a usable, historical resource, we're automatically checking links and replacing any broken ones, where we can, with links to the Internet Archive. Here's an example from June 15, 2017; three broken links, with two rescued from the archive; and a Variety story focusing on Spotify, saying that “Exclusive audio content […] is not within our playbook.” Ha! Anyway, here are the technical details of how we achieved this if you're interested. We'd love feedback as to best practice.
July 20, 2023:
June 26, 2023:
    Podcast ad monetisation company Audioboom issued a profit warning. "the Company expects the revenue and adjusted EBITDA for the current financial year to be lower than previously anticipated", it said, adding: "The Company has adjusted the approach taken to calculating its minimum guarantee offers for podcast partners". Shares fell over 27%.
May 2, 2023:
April 20, 2023:
April 19, 2023:
April 18, 2023:
April 13, 2023:
April 4, 2023:
March 23, 2023:
January 20, 2023:
January 19, 2023:
January 18, 2023:
    The Australian Podcast Ranker for December was released by Triton Digital. SCA's Hamish & Andy lost their top spot - but then, they didn't release a single show in December; the #1 is now Casefile True Crime, produced by Audioboom and represented by ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia, which remains the top publisher; while SCA's LiSTNR remains the top sales house (just). Both claim they're #1 in press releases.
December 22, 2022:
November 30, 2022:
    First look: Spreaker has launched a programmatic ad quality tool, dubbed MAGDA, which automatically checks ad categories to make sure they're accurate. It was successfully trialed during the midterm elections by Audioboom. The tool - the Machine Augmented Guard for Dynamic Advertising - is also named after Magda, a programmatic specialist at Spreaker in Barcelona, and the first to work on ad quality control.
October 31, 2022:
    The Vox Markets Podcast has Stuart Last, the CEO of Audioboom, as a guest. He discusses the company's latest financial results and claims the company "outpaced their competitors in the fastest growing media sector of podcasting".
October 21, 2022:
    Audioboom's Q3 revenue is down by 5% year-on-year, according to the company's latest trading update - even though it saw a 9% increase in downloads. Revenue per thousand downloads is down by nearly 9%, and the number of brand advertisers has dropped by 10%. The company blames "headwinds impacting advertising demand".
October 17, 2022:
September 22, 2022:
    The Joe Cole Cast from BT Sport, hosted by Audioboom, is fascinating to watch on YouTube. It's recorded using two Shure MV7 microphones that are a) too far away, but possibly more importantly, b) aren't plugged in. To anything. At all. How does it work? How can we hear them, Nick Hilton wonders?
September 21, 2022:
    Who Wears the Pants is new from Audioboom, featuring 'social media superstars' Josh and Abbie Herbert. The show looks at what happens when Abbie Herbert, an international fashion model, and Josh Herbert, a touring musician, settle down in the suburbs and experience life after marriage and having a baby.
September 13, 2022:
August 31, 2022:
July 19, 2022:
    Audioboom's H1/22 financials were released, showing revenue was up 79% on the same period last year. Profit was $2m, up from last year's $0.2m, and the company's doing 124m downloads a month (up 35%). Shares fell, though, after the company noted "a softening in advertiser demand for Q3/22" because of lower consumer spending.
July 12, 2022:
May 27, 2022:
April 21, 2022:
April 12, 2022:
    Audioboom released a Q1/22 trading update. For the quarter, revenue was $19.7m (more than double year-on-year) and the company earned $0.9m EBITDA profit (30x higher year-on-year). It said that it has contracted revenue of $60.5m for this year already: more than it brought in during the whole of 2021.
February 25, 2022:
February 21, 2022:
February 17, 2022:
February 14, 2022:
January 17, 2022:
January 13, 2022:

Thank you to Audioboom, who have increased their support and become a gold supporter. Our Editor has a history with the company, or a previous incarnation of it; the company allows you to host, distribute and monetise your audio, and reported a good set of results earlier this week. You can support us here.

January 10, 2022:
    A few hours ago, Audioboom released its 2021 results to the stock market. The company made its first net profit ($1.4m vs a loss of $3.3m last year), and revenue was up 125% year-on-year. In Q4, their revenue per thousand downloads was $55.85, up 49%. Stuart Last, CEO, said: "Achieving profitability on both an adjusted EBITDA and net basis is transformative, establishing a self-sustaining business funded for continued growth, and reshaping shareholder value."
November 11, 2021:
October 12, 2021:
October 8, 2021:
October 6, 2021:
September 15, 2021:
September 2, 2021:
August 31, 2021:
August 26, 2021:
August 17, 2021:
July 29, 2021:
July 21, 2021:
July 19, 2021:
July 15, 2021:
July 14, 2021:
June 23, 2021:
April 30, 2021:
April 22, 2021:
April 16, 2021:
April 15, 2021:
April 13, 2021:
April 12, 2021:
April 6, 2021:
    Audioboom has partnered with MAPP Media to expand their podcast monetisation efforts in the UK. Audioboom will focus on host reads; MAPP Media will 'deliver revenue through a second window sales model'.
March 10, 2021:
January 15, 2021:
January 6, 2021:
December 10, 2020:
    Australia has a new #1 podcast, according to the November Australian Podcast Ranker at least: Audioboom's Casefile, represented by the #1 network, ARN's iHeartPodcastNetwork Australia. Overall monthly downloads dropped by 6.5%. An incomplete ranker, it measures participating publishers only, and still doesn't include the country's largest podcaster, the ABC.
October 14, 2020:
October 8, 2020:
October 2, 2020:
July 22, 2020:
July 16, 2020:
July 10, 2020:
    Audioboom has closed its Indian office. "While the podcast market in India has grown over the past 5 years, it has not become big enough for us to sustain an operation there. Our hosting platform will still be available to podcasters in India of course," CEO Stuart Last tells Podnews. "We're still focused on global expansion, but need to be smart in how we do that. The US and UK remain our core regions, but we are the biggest international podcast publisher in Australia, and we are currently developing a new partnership in Canada that will grow podcasting there."
June 19, 2020:
June 18, 2020:
June 16, 2020:
    The latest Australian Podcast Report has been released by Triton Digital. ARN's iHeartPodcast Network Australia is the #1 publisher, with 8.4m downloads in May. Audioboom and West Australian Newspapers are new publishers in the report. The ABC, the country's largest podcaster, was promised to be joining "in a few months" back in October, but is still absent. They did not respond to our request for comment. The ranker only measures participating publishers.
June 15, 2020:
June 5, 2020:
June 4, 2020:
May 29, 2020:
May 18, 2020:
April 8, 2020:
    Audioboom's revenue for the first three months of this year was up by 40% from the same time last year, according to a trading update. The US$4m secured loan that the company obtained (Feb 13) wasn't used. The company has also started using Voxnest's IAB-certified measurement.
March 2, 2020:
February 19, 2020:
February 13, 2020:
January 29, 2020:
January 20, 2020:
January 15, 2020:
    Audioboom has renewed the sales contract for the next 24 months for "one of its most popular entertainment podcasts" with a financial guarantee of US$1.75m. An unusually opaque press release doesn't say who, other than "over the past year this podcast has been downloaded more than 140 million times", and promises further podcasts from "the content partner".
January 13, 2020:
December 20, 2019:
December 5, 2019:
    Headliner is now integrated into Audioboom, for easy production of little social media trailers for podcasts. Headliner now has over a dozen integrations, they tell us: you can also make Headliner clips directly from Podnews podcast pages.
November 8, 2019:
October 25, 2019:
October 11, 2019:
    Small Town Dicks - a podcast about the big-time crime that’s happening in Small Town, USA - has a special guest today: Paul Holes is a detective who solved the Golden State Killer case and others. The host is Yeardley Smith (who has a voice that might be a little familiar) (Audioboom)
October 7, 2019:
    Podcast publisher Audioboom has published its financial results for Q3 2019. Revenue was $5.7m for the quarter (up 86%); the company has 45% more advertisers year-on-year; and it's earning $27 CPM.
October 4, 2019:
    Sue Perkins: an hour or so with... was launched yesterday at the IAB Podcast Upfronts in the UK. The comedian and writer, known as a host of The Great British Bake Off, features Mary Berry as her second guest. (Audioboom)
October 1, 2019:
September 30, 2019:
September 27, 2019:
September 26, 2019:
    Earlier this month, A Life Lived, produced by Muddy Knees Media for Audioboom, featured a chat with Sir Roger Moore's daughter Deborah. A story in The Daily Star, then The Daily Express, The Sun, the Daily Mail and Metro, all quoted from the podcast without any credit - the story even making the front page. Unlike the Australian plagiarism example from Monday, the newspapers didn't even acknowledge she was speaking in a podcast, leading many to erroneously think the Daily Star had got the scoop.
September 25, 2019:
September 16, 2019:
    Money Bites launches this Thursday: from Smart Money People, a popular review website for UK financial services. It describes itself as the podcast "that finds the funny in finance". (Audioboom)
September 5, 2019:
September 4, 2019:
August 23, 2019:
August 22, 2019:
    Limitless with Josh Patterson interviews guests who have pushed through physical and mental barriers and defied the odds. Josh completed a record-breaking mission of travelling from John o’ Groats to Land’s End in a wheelchair. (Mags Creative / Audioboom)
August 12, 2019:
July 18, 2019:
    Audioboom's revenue is up by 171%, the company announces today, revealing its financial results for the first half of 2019. The company says it's growing four times faster than the wider industry, and on the way to profitability. 88% of Audioboom's revenue comes from the US market, but it also says it's successfully growing its UK business.
July 12, 2019:
July 11, 2019:
    Stitcher and Wondery have announced an expansion into the UK marketplace. They've hired Ruth Fitzsimons (ex Audioboom) as Managing Director of the joint venture, named Podfront UK. The company will "open a new path for podcasters to monetize their shows within the U.K. marketplace and will source high-quality podcasts and talent out of the U.K. for a growing international audience".
July 9, 2019:
    The RadioToday Programme has, in this edition, guests from Audioboom, Fix Radio and Somethin'Else talking about the UK podcast industry. Listen from about 14 minutes in for the podcasty stuff. (RadioToday / Audioboom)
June 27, 2019:
June 20, 2019:
June 7, 2019:
    Audioboom has expanded their ad sales team, hiring Jessica Landman (New York Public Radio) as Sales Director and promoting Jordan Imsho to Junior Sales Director.
June 3, 2019:
May 29, 2019:
    Brexitcast stars Chris Mason and Adam Fleming are on the RadioToday Programme this week, "explaining what makes their podcast so successful". (Audioboom)
May 1, 2019:
    Audioboom has a new logo. (See it below).
April 29, 2019:
April 17, 2019:
    I don't give a rip is a new podcast with the stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas, along with TV personality Amy Vanderoef. "My mouth is unfiltered and so is this podcast!" said D’Andra Simmons in a press release. (YEA Networks / Audioboom)
April 4, 2019:
    Audioboom have posted record quarterly revenue of US$4.6m. The company has also signed a number of new shows, and says that its revenue per thousand listens is up 67% to $23.77.
February 27, 2019:
February 14, 2019:
    One of the hosts of Fantasy Football Hangover contacts Podnews in the hopes we'll cover his light-hearted podcast - which delves into the world of Fantasy Premier League (which apparently over 5 million people play worldwide). He starts his email asking if it can "feature on the HotPod": so loses the game instantly. (Audioboom)
January 28, 2019:
January 24, 2019:
    Too Late To Die Young claims it's one of the first podcasts to be aimed at an over 60 audience: hosted by Nina Miskow, each episode interviews a high-profile guest who is at that time of life when they are closer to the end than the beginning. 'If you want to know about living your best life, learn from those who have lived theirs', says the description. (Audioboom)
January 22, 2019:
January 11, 2019:

Thank you to 2019's new subscribers, including folk from Luminary, Himalaya, iHeart Media, RTBF, Audioboom, Pandora, Panoply, and ABC Australia.

January 10, 2019:
    If you fancy a Weekly Dose of BS, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Dallas" promise you an anything-goes, unedited, uncensored weekly podcast. (YEA Networks/Audioboom)
January 4, 2019:

Welcome to our recent new subscribers, including folk from Spotify, Havas Edge, Audioboom, Vox Media, Gimlet Media, and broadcasters BR, NPR, SRF, ITN and NPO. Tell your colleagues!

December 21, 2018:
December 5, 2018:
    Audioboom have also announced new talent partnerships, including TV and radio broadcaster Jonathan Ross, top selling Sony recording artist George Ezra, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, plus journalist and television personality, Nina Myskow. They've also announced more hosting deals, including from Metro, the UK's highest-circulation newspaper.
November 27, 2018:
    We note that the RSS feeds for most PokerNews podcasts have been removed (they use a mix of hosts including AudioBoom and Podbean). PokerNews Romania still exists at the time of writing, hosted on Podbean, and the latest episode starts with Bennie Goodman's Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing).
November 20, 2018:
    Influencer Update profiles Danny Pená, the host of Gamertag Radio, which has been podcasting since February 2005. (Audioboom)
October 30, 2018:
    The WTM Insights Podcast contains global travel trends, analysis and updates, and is run by a travel trade show. (Audioboom)
October 2, 2018:
October 1, 2018:

Welcome to our new subscribers last week, including excellent folk from Acast, Simplecast, MDR, Pocketcasts, Westwood One, the BBC, Audioboom, Bauer Media, Prisa Media and Communicorp UK.

September 27, 2018:
September 24, 2018:
September 14, 2018:
    Feminists Don't Wear Pink is launched today: "Journalist and activist Scarlett Curtis interviews inspiring women about what feminism means to them, and why it matters." (Audioboom)
September 7, 2018:
September 5, 2018:
September 3, 2018:
    Audioboom has a new non-exec Chairman: Michael Tobin is on multiple tech boards, and was CEO of Telecity, a datacentre and co-location company. Audioboom claims to host over 14,000 content channels.
August 17, 2018:

Welcome to new subscribers from great companies like Audioboom, RAJAR, the Financial Times, AdsWizz, MPR, Pandora and Gimlet Media.

July 19, 2018:
    Audioboom have published positive half-year results, showing that revenue is 43% up vs this time last year; operating loss has reduced by 18%; total downloads have increased by 14%. The Board also claims that they have enough funding to see the company through to profit.
July 18, 2018:
    Audioboom have two new hires - former UK radio exec Mike Newman (Free Radio, Gem 106) is their London Head of Content Partnerships, and former advertising exec Umesh Barve is their Head of Partnerships in India.
July 13, 2018:
July 10, 2018:
    Yesterday, we linked to a tweet saying Audioboom were up to date on payments; but after we published a link to it, it was deleted - along with the Twitter account it was from. (The author of the tweet says, on her LinkedIn page, that she left Audioboom in Aug 2015.) Stuart Last, the COO of Audioboom, tells us:
July 9, 2018:
July 5, 2018:
June 26, 2018:
June 19, 2018:
June 15, 2018:
    Audioboom are back on the stock market, after being suspended earlier this year. "Audioboom shares plunged on Thursday, trading down 32% at 2.45 pence, after being restored to AIM trading."
June 8, 2018:

Welcome to our new subscribers this week, including excellent new folks from Saycaster, Slate, Patreon, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Europe 1, Westwood One, Adlarge, Audioboom, Global, the Carnegie Corp, iHeartMedia, WNYC, RadioMedia Finland, and AdResults Media.

May 31, 2018:
    Audioboom has been given another loan of £500,000 (US$665,000) by shareholder Nick Candy. There appears to be a deadline of 30 June for the company to achieve further fundraising. Data: "The platform receives over 60 million listens per month". The shares continue to be suspended; their proposed takeover of Triton Digital failed earlier this month.
May 25, 2018:
May 18, 2018:
May 17, 2018:

Welcome to our new subscribers this week, including lovely people from ABC Australia, Spotify, Midroll, Harper Collins, Audiogram, KQED, Havas Edge, Penguin Random House, Whistledown Productions, Slate, Audioboom, the BBC, Turner, Univision, Spreaker, SRF Switzerland, Bauer Media, Global, Somethin'Else and Townsquare Media.

May 16, 2018:
May 15, 2018:
    BREAKING: The Audioboom takeover of Triton Digital is no longer going ahead. The note released to the markets notes a £1m loan that Audioboom got in February, says Audioboom only has "sufficient working capital for a further period of up to four weeks from today's date", that the withdrawl will cost Audioboom a further £700,000 in a break clause, and that its "financial position remains uncertain". The note also warns of a possibility of winding up the company. Shares in Audioboom remain suspended. Audioboom's also announced they have a new CFO, Brad Clarke.
April 30, 2018:
    Audioboom is helping raise funds for the Starkey Hearing Foundation in a May fundraising drive, Better Hearing Month, leveraging its global ad network to help provide hearing aids and healthcare assistance to the deaf and hearing impaired in over 100 countries. Meanwhile, the company took a £1m loan last week for 'working capital'.
April 27, 2018:
    Audioboom's proposed acquisition of Triton Digital is continuing, according to a release. The company will 'make a further announcement' in 'the next three weeks'. Audioboom expect revenue to be around £4.7m for the twelve months 'till November, but lost £4.6m.
April 24, 2018:
April 5, 2018:
    Heard Well, a record label, has announced Heard Well Now, a new podcast - working with Castbox (and hosted with Audioboom). Surprisingly, it launches with 80 episodes. Eighty.
February 16, 2018:
    AudioBoom inventory in Canada will be sold by The Podcast Exchange, the company announces. In the same story, Audioboom reveals it has also hired Jenni Skaug as Sales Executive, who has over a decade of podcast sales experience.
February 5, 2018:
    Podcast platform audioBoom has announced a wave of new original shows. Stats: audioBoom hosts nearly 2,800 active channels, receives over 60 million listens per month, and has over 16.5 million users in the US alone.
January 23, 2018:

Thank you to audioBoom, Aiir and The Talent Squad for your kind support. Podnews is also supported by people, too - like Alison Barclay, Nathan Bashaw, Allyson Marino and Jason DeFillippo. You can support us on Patreon or directly via

January 3, 2018:
    And even more on analytics: audioBoom is switching to use IAB metrics. An FAQ for publishers says: "Your listener numbers will likely be lower in your dashboard, but you aren’t actually losing listeners. What may appear to be a decrease in listeners is really just a more accurate assessment of your audience." Of tangential interest: the FAQ also says that new app Castbox measures listening within its own app "for greater accuracy".
December 27, 2017:
    Newsweek publishes a look ahead into 2018 for podcasting from audioBoom's Brendan Regan. "64 percent of audioBoom’s listeners have bought a product or service they heard about through an audio show."
December 22, 2017:
December 20, 2017:
December 19, 2017:
    UK-based podcast host audioBoom has had a "transformational year", says a financial website. Their financial year ended Nov 30: 696m downloads (up 60%); 12,426 "content channels" (podcasts?); revenue £4.8m, US$6.4m (up 250%); but the company still made a loss of £4.5m (US$6m).
December 1, 2017:
    Podcast host audioBoom claims it's the first podcast network to become members of the IAB in the UK. They joined the IAB in the US in May 2017. New advertisers on audioBoom are being offered a 15% discount this month - email to find out what's on offer.
November 22, 2017:
October 10, 2017:
October 4, 2017:
    AudioBoom inks another distribution deal, this time in India, on Jukebox, a service run by a ticketing company.
September 7, 2017:
    audioBoom report quarterly revenues are up 329% year-on-year. More stats: Monthly users have grown 11% quarter-on-quarter; ad impressions are up 24%; quarterly revenue is up 32%. Yesterday, we reported that they're also killing their free accounts.
September 6, 2017:
    UK audio platform audioBoom kills the free account. US$9.99 a month will be charged from September 1, for up to 5 episodes a month and up to 10,000 plays per episode. Existing accounts will be frozen in October, and all content deleted by September 2020.
August 29, 2017:
    Event: Next Radio, London, UK; Sep 18. The "radio ideas conference", but speakers from Audioboom, the Australian ABC, the BBC, Edison Research, and many more covering podcasting too.
August 8, 2017:
July 28, 2017:
    AudioBoom, the UK-based podcast publisher, has struck a deal to get its podcasts in Deezer. The music service has 12 million active users worldwide.
July 27, 2017:
    Next Radio, the UK-based conference, confirmed more speakers yesterday, including Megan Lazovick from Edison Research and Alex Adey from AudioBoom. Alex will be talking about the rise of unofficial, fan-based podcasting; Megan will cover Edison Research's podcast consumer research. Also speaking, Valerie Geller who is currently working on an LA-based podcast, and Liz Jaynes from BBC Radio, talking about artwork's ability to generate clicks. Tickets are £149; it's on September 18th in central London.
July 7, 2017:
    AudioBoom email me to enthuse about their new Very Bad Words podcast. From ex-WNYC radio producer Matt Fidler, which explores fruity words and why they're a bit bad. Made it to the top 30 of the Apple Podcasts chart.
June 28, 2017:
June 19, 2017:
    After we reported that Spotify doesn't like exclusives, its exclusive podcast Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Light is now available everywhere. "With its break beats, its memories, its anguish and joy, [Mogul] is a potent story about the complexities of art and the American experience."
June 15, 2017:
    On-demand audio host AudioBoom opens a New York recording studio and launches a set of new podcasts. These aren't the first podcasts from AudioBoom, but may be the first from the US. Meantime, the company sees revenues up 447% in the last six months to "at least £1.8m". Fill rates for US live reads now at 70% (notable that they specify US here). Unique users also up significantly.
June 6, 2017:

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