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January 17, 2024:
December 14, 2023:
December 1, 2023:
November 17, 2023:

The Meteor, Audible, HBO, Apple, The Washington Post, Crimetown, The New York Times, Pivot, California Love and Lemonada Media.

November 8, 2023:
    In London, Audible and Multitrack are running free production workshops next year, offering training on a variety of different off-mic roles, delivered by experts and leading industry figures across the audio sector. The organisers encourage applications from individuals across the UK that face barriers on entering the industry because they are: Black, Asian or ethnically diverse; LGBTQIA+; those from lower socio-economic backgrounds; and people with disabilities.
October 25, 2023:

The Meteor, Audible, HBO, Apple, The Washington Post, The Daily, Crimetown, The New York Times, Pivot, California Love and Lemonada Media, to name a few. Help them continue celebrating the most innovative, creative, and transformative work that shapes the online zeitgeist.

October 20, 2023:

Stitcher, Audible, The Daily, WaitWhat, Pivot, California Love and Lemonada Media, to name a few.

October 19, 2023:
October 16, 2023:
    The Times writes How to make big money from podcasts. We learn that Persephonica's Political Currency is recorded at Acast's offices in London; we also discover that Steve Coogan's CH Podcasts business, which makes an Audible-exclusive show, paid £1mn in dividends last year.
October 12, 2023:
October 11, 2023:
September 26, 2023:
August 30, 2023:
    Your Mama’s Kitchen is now available wherever you get your podcasts. The new podcast from Higher Ground, which launched earlier this month on Audible, is now available everywhere with a partnership with Acast. The show is hosted by Michele Norris, and is a podcast about cuisine and culture, ingredients and identities, and the meals and memories that make us who we are.
August 17, 2023:
    The new Audible show Your Mama's Kitchen, mentioned below, is one of a trend of new podcasts which re-use existing RSS feeds (and Apple Podcasts IDs) for older, related shows. In this case, it re-uses Michelle Obama's "The Light" podcast feed (and Michelle Obama is the first guest). It's a good way to start with an audience who might like the new show. (It won't appear in any data purporting to show new podcast launches, though).
July 26, 2023:
July 12, 2023:
July 4, 2023:
June 29, 2023:
    A study by the Observatorio Nebrija del Español at Nebrija University in Madrid examined 263 original podcasts published last year by Amazon Music, Audible, Cuonda, iVoox, Podimo, Podium Podcast, Sonora and Spotify. The study discovered that 68% of original podcasts from these companies were only available with a paid subscription. Sonora led Spanish podcast production in 2022, with 84 original podcasts.
June 15, 2023:
June 14, 2023:
May 31, 2023:
May 17, 2023:
May 1, 2023:
April 5, 2023:
    The 27th Annual Webby Awards nominees have been announced. Voting for the People's Voice Awards kick off today. A new award, Webby Podcast Company of the Year, will recognize the company with the most nominations and wins across the podcast categories. Organisations in contention include Audible (13), Wondery (8), WaitWhat (7) and iHeartMedia (5).
March 24, 2023:
    Audible has announced the launch of Dolby Atmos on the platform, and a launch of more than 40 shows mastered in spatial audio. "Dolby Atmos expands the possibilities of audio storytelling through the ability to place sounds in a multidimensional space, drawing listeners into a deeper, richer, and more lifelike spatial sound experience that fully engrosses them in each story."
February 20, 2023:
    Now that Apple Podcasts is implementing the code to stop using "AppleCoreMedia" as its useragent in some circumstances, here are the other apps that need fixing, according to John Spurlock: Podbean, Castro, Fountain, Podcast Republic, Moonbeam, Playapod, Pods, Bullhorn, Luminary, Listen App, and Audible. That means all those apps appear smaller thank they should be in podcast analytics.
February 10, 2023:
February 2, 2023:
    Michelle Obama is also doing an exclusive: but an Audible Original, and exclusive to that platform. The Light Podcast starts in early March. The Obama-owned production company Higher Ground signed the deal with Audible in June.
February 1, 2023:

Stitcher, Audible, The Daily, WaitWhat, Pivot, California Love and Lemonada Media, and shows like Song Exploder, And That’s Why We Drink, Ologies with Alie Ward and more.

January 20, 2023:

Thank you to Gilded Audio, who have become our latest supporter today. The only award-winning podcast production studio to ever send us a picture of their logo in cheese, they describe themselves as good-natured and trustworthy, producing shows for Spotify, Audible, Accenture and Chobani (so we assume a picture of their logo in greek yoghurt is coming soon). You can be like them - not the cheese but the support - by following this link.

January 6, 2023:
November 4, 2022:

Stitcher, Audible, The Daily, Pivot, California Love and Lemonada Media, to name a few.

November 1, 2022:
October 21, 2022:
October 3, 2022:
    In the UK, October's Pod Bible magazine was released inside some copies of The Sunday Times, and is available to read online. It features interviews with cover star Brett Goldstein from Films To Be Buried With and Jolyon Rubenstein from The New Conspiracist. There’s also Helen Bauer picking her top 5 shows, and regular columns from Acast, Audible, Stak and Apple Podcasts. We like page 27.
September 21, 2022:
    Spotify's Nir Zicherman calls it an epic shift in a personal blog post. Former Spotify exec Michael Mignano calls it a big deal for creators in a Twitter thread, comparing it to Audible's "effective monopoly" and flat-rate pricing model.
September 19, 2022:
    Podland News has an 'extra' episode today, containing a full-length interview with Persephonica's Dino Sofos; a look at RedCircle's new dynamic ads system for creators with Mike Kadin; and more from Eric Nuzum about his time at Audible.
July 25, 2022:
    Cory Doctorow’s podcast this week: "Why none of my books are available on Audible", which he describes as "a short audiobook I produced to be distributed through Amazon’s ACX platform, explaining how that platform’s sloppy rights verification and mandatory DRM screws over writers."
July 21, 2022:
    NYT best-selling author Heather McGhee is to host The Sum of Us, a new podcast on Spotify from Higher Ground. The show is a road trip from rural Maine to the California coast, looking at the real impact of inequality and racism on everyday Americans. It's one of the remaining shows on Spotify from the Obama's production company; they signed a deal with Amazon's Audible in June.
July 13, 2022:
    AYR Media and Team Coco are producing Funny My Way, a six-part series highlighting the story of six Black comedians: how they made it to the top and influenced so many by doing it their way. Hosted by JB Smoove, it premieres on Aug 4.
June 22, 2022:
June 21, 2022:
June 16, 2022:
May 31, 2022:
April 8, 2022:
March 7, 2022:
January 20, 2022:
December 6, 2021:
    After dismal audience figures, the all-podcast radio format has been dropped by iHeartRadio from its two AM stations KABQ Albuquerque (in favour of Christmas music), and WSAN in Bethlehem PA (in favour of oldies). A radio executive described these stations to Podnews as "poorly executed and confusing" when they launched; iHeart-owned Inside Radio reports that both stations only managed a 0.1% market share. "iHeartPodcast 95.9" WEBG, an FM station, is still airing non-stop podcasts: that station, licenced to serve Mina NY (population 1,016) is audible in parts of Erie PA (pop 94,831).
November 23, 2021:
    The Campfire Studios crime podcast Abuse of Power has been acquired by Audible. The podcast was with Acast. A new season, exclusive to Audible, will premiere on Nov 25.
November 22, 2021:
November 19, 2021:
November 4, 2021:
    NewsCast, News Corp's podcast division, has hired Tiffany Dimmack as Audio Editor (ex Nova and Audiocraft), Nina Young as Audio Producer (ex Kidspot), and Hareem Khan as Audio Producer and Journalist (she'd worked at SBS and Audible).
June 24, 2021:
June 11, 2021:
June 10, 2021:
April 7, 2021:
    We've discovered an Amazon Music Podcasters portal has been quietly launched. It seems to be a way to add your podcast to Amazon and Audible, and has some promotional tools.
April 6, 2021:
March 31, 2021:
March 30, 2021:
March 17, 2021:
March 9, 2021:
February 22, 2021:
February 18, 2021:
February 11, 2021:
January 26, 2021:
January 8, 2021:
    How much is it to listen to a free podcast on Amazon? Apparently $8.95 according to Charlie Harding, who tweeted a screenshot of the Amazon website yesterday. The Verge covered the story. Amazon have removed those prices but have not responded for comment; however, Nick Quah's Hot Pod Insider has been told it was a technical error. Podnews's podcast appears to be free again, as we go to press.
December 31, 2020:

25% of this revenue is from licensing deals to TV, companies like Stitcher Premium and Amazon's Audible, as well as its own Wondery Plus service and licensing with overseas partners.

December 9, 2020:
November 25, 2020:
November 18, 2020:
November 10, 2020:
October 28, 2020:
October 21, 2020:
    The second keynote session at Podcast Movement Virtual looked at emerging podcast markets across the world. Our Editor hosted it; panelists were Norman Chella from Malaysia, who hosts the Podlovers Asia podcast; Paula Rogo from Kenya, who runs the Pods4Africans newsletter; and Núria Net from Spain, from the boutique podcast publisher La Coctelera Music, currently in the middle of several productions for Podimo, Audible and others.
October 12, 2020:
October 8, 2020:
October 6, 2020:
September 9, 2020:
    According to Libsyn's The Feed, today is the last day to submit your podcast into Amazon Music/Audible to be there for the launch. Use your podcast host's distribution option, or this link if your podcast host doesn't have one. (If you wondered where Amazon makes its money, Benedict Evans has an illuminating piece today).
August 25, 2020:
August 13, 2020:
August 10, 2020:
August 7, 2020:
    A number of additional podcast hosts are now allowing you to submit your podcasts to the yet-to-be-launched "Amazon Music/Audible" podcast service (some people are giving a backstage link that works for anyone on any host).
July 23, 2020:
July 22, 2020:
July 14, 2020:
    Brad Schwartz, who became the new podcasting boss of Audible last month, has left the company after 'employees discovered an old sexual-harassment lawsuit in which Schwartz was named'.
June 5, 2020:
    Aha! UK broadcaster Alan Partridge (a character played by Steve Coogan) is to podcast from his shed. From The Oasthouse will be available from September, but there's a free episode on Audible for the next seven days. "All national treasures have a podcast," says Coogan, adding "it’s time for the UK to hear what a real award-winning podcast is like".
May 25, 2020:
    Amazon will be delivering podcasts soon, according to Bloomberg - the article claims they'll be put into Amazon Music; we'd assume they'd also replace TuneIn as the default podcast experience for Alexa speakers. Meanwhile at Amazon's Audible, they're said to be looking at a different price-point to allow access to Audible Originals shows but not to books.
May 21, 2020:
April 16, 2020:
March 6, 2020:
    A third of Australians (6.6m) listen to audiobooks, according to new research from audiobook company Audible. Of those already listening to audiobooks, the research claims that 90% agree it allows them to multitask or to be more efficient, says the company, which charges AUD $16.45 - (USD10.99) for monthly membership. Aussies most often wish they had read Game of Thrones, the research goes on to say, which luckily is included in an Audible membership rather than paying $31.50 for the first book. etc.
February 25, 2020:
January 3, 2020:
    Rocketship is back for a new season. It's a business podcast that has brought stories and advice to the startup community for the last 6 years: this season is all about product failure, like Google+, Webvan, and... Audible. (Rocketship / The Podglomerate / Megaphone)
December 20, 2019:
December 5, 2019:
    UK audio producer Listen has been recommissioned by Audible to make a further series of "A Grown-Up Guide To...", this time looking at the oceans. The company has also been commissioned to produce a show with Levi Roots and a careers show, The Careers Couch.
November 29, 2019:
November 21, 2019:
    Event: Audible Live: The Sun King in London, Wed November 27, is a panel event with David Dimbleby and journalists about Rupert Murdoch, to accompany The Sun King podcast.
November 5, 2019:
    Exclusive: Audible UK has announced the winners of their Audio Production Grant (which was announced in May). They will be awarded a £5,000 grant and will get free access to Audible’s state-of-the-art studios in Barbican, London to develop one of their own productions. The company tells us:
November 4, 2019:
September 26, 2019:
    Paradiso, a new international podcast studio, has launched. The company, made from executives from French pay-TV operator Canal Plus, entertainment company Konbini and ad company Havas, aims to produce twelve series by the end of next year for platforms like Spotify, Audible, Majelan and Sybel, in a variety of languages. They're already producing shows for Spotify and Sybel.
September 12, 2019:
    Amazon is trying to produce more Spanish-language podcasts. Prisa Group, a large Spanish media company, has rejected a deal with the company, which would have put a daily podcast into Audible.
July 25, 2019:
    In Apple Podcasts, this podcast looks good; and it has five stars too. Apple check all new podcast in their directory, right?
July 8, 2019:
    Audible has posted 145 jobs in the past month, Karen J tips us off. There are roles in many countries; and as this job makes clear: "In an effort to push the boundaries of spoken-word entertainment, Audible is now developing, commissioning and producing a wide range of high-quality, original, audio programs." It's 11 months since the Amazon-owned company eliminated almost all their roles from podcast-style programming.
May 30, 2019:
    EXCLUSIVE: Audible UK has announced an Audio Drama Production Grant for audio drama producers. Winners will be awarded a £5,000 grant and will get free access to Audible’s state-of-the-art studios in Barbican, London to develop one of their own productions. It's open to both established teams and emerging newcomers: the entry form includes script excerpts.
September 21, 2018:
    Poynter does some analysis on recent announcements from Buzfeed, Panoply and Audible to pull out of podcast content. "Everybody wants a 'Serial,' but nobody wants to spend 'Serial' money"
September 20, 2018:
    BuzzFeed has cut their podcasting team to focus on video, the Wall Street Journal reports. "As a result of the changes, most of BuzzFeed’s podcasts would be shutting down." The cuts only affect a handful of BuzzFeed employees. Last week, Panoply shut its content division; earlier, Audible did similar.
September 7, 2018:
September 4, 2018:
August 8, 2018:
August 7, 2018:
    Audible SVP Eric Nuzum has also announced he's leaving the company in the next few weeks. He writes: "It’s summer, and it’s ****ing beautiful outside". We hear he's not the only person to be leaving Audible's podcast division; if you know more, do let us know, in confidence.
July 31, 2018:
    AudioCraft, a conference in Sydney, is putting a session from June's conference into the AudioCraft Podcast every day. The first: Think Big with Audible. Master storytellers Jesse Baker and Collin Campbell show how they make, break, bend and completely redefine the rules of storytelling to pull off a gripping narrative podcast series.
July 27, 2018:
    None Of Our Business is a new Audible Original, available now in Canada and coming July 31 in the US from Audible. Comedians Gwynne Phillips and Brian Templeton interview a celebrity guest and turn one of their stories into a comedic sketch. "The result? Audio pandemonium."
July 24, 2018:
    New podcasts include Bad Reception, an Audible Original ("set entirely on the phone"); Good Carma, a three-part comedy podcast from Direct Line, a UK auto insurer, and comedian Richard Herring.
June 6, 2018:
    Audible is celebrating ten years in Berlin; the company moved from previous offices in Munich. There was a big party last month, including two gold discs being given to author Sebastian Fitzek and narrator Simon Hunter. The current #1 in Germany is "The tyranny of the butterfly" which sounds like a bad dream.
June 4, 2018:
    Finally: the US-based WIRED magazine says that some podcasts are 'accent-riddled', gets the words 'dialect' and 'accent' confused, weirdly claims Adnan Syed's American-Pakistani accent is similar to that of Norwegian Marit Higraf, and apparently 'Oohwdible' is how you pronounce Audible with an 'aloof' British accent. It really isn't.
May 17, 2018:
    In Germany, Audible is releasing a new audio drama, Die Meisterin, written by best-selling thriller and fantasy author Markus Heitz, and starring Bettina Zimmermann and Stephan Luca. It comes with an interactive Alexa skill.
March 23, 2018:
    Some data, from March 2017, about podcasting and audio books in France. At that stage, 39% of the country had listened to a podcast. OpinionWay, the company who conducted the research, has a (french-language) podcast, also called OpinionWay.
March 5, 2018:
    Also in the UK, ITN has launched their first podcasts with Audible. The Dark Web is all about online crime; and Real Crime is all about offline crime - some of the UK's most infamous cases.
March 2, 2018:
February 8, 2018:
    A Forbes blogger talks about "audio drama". "Unlike your Audible audiobook subscription (or your Netflix/Hulu subscription), audio drama subscriptions are completely free."
January 19, 2018:
January 4, 2018:
December 20, 2017:
    NYC-based podcast producer Midroll announces a Make-A-Wish podcast mini-series. Audible is donating US$1 per listener, up to US$25,000, to the charity, which helps children with critical illnesses.
December 5, 2017:
    In other Amazon news: Amazon launches in Australia. Audible, the audiobook and drama service, is also launched (books only). No Amazon Prime, nor any Fire TV sticks other than the basic one, and no Amazon Echo speakers. Surprisingly, lots of products are out of stock. They also don't sell digital radio receivers. Interestingly, they do sell Chromecasts, via Kogan.
November 22, 2017:
    Amazon Australia is to soft-launch at 2pm tomorrow, and be fully available on Friday. Up until now, Amazon has simply sold ebooks in Australia (population 24m), and to purchase a Kindle ebook readers, Amazon customers have had to go to Officeworks. This may mean Audible, Amazon's audio service, becomes available in the country.
November 6, 2017:
    Jon Ronson's Audible-exclusive documentary, The Butterfly Effect, is now available more generally, ad-supported, with Midroll (there are seven episodes in the feed).
June 22, 2017:
    Midroll announce that the anonymous TED podcast "Sincerely, x" - previously an Audible exclusive - will be generally available on July 20 (ad-supported).
June 16, 2017:
June 13, 2017:
May 31, 2017:
    Audible makes a USD$5 million fund to commission new audio drama from emerging playwrights. Fancy advisory board of folks from the theatre. A dozen playwrights will be chosen.

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