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April 24, 2023:
August 30, 2022:
April 18, 2022:
    Pod Chat this week features AJ Churchill from Apollo, a fiction podcast app - how it's driving podcast findability, and the future of podcast apps.
February 28, 2022:
    On Friday, we mentioned Apollo, a podcast app just for fiction podcasts. Today, another example: Businesswise is an app from Austin TX "designed to upskill your team", containing business-related podcasts. You'll find Android and iOS apps in the app store.
February 25, 2022:
    Apollo is a new podcast app just for fiction podcasts. Boasting a human-curated library of more than 7,500 shows, it promises "shows sorted by season, and episodes in the correct order", and has launched in beta for both iOS and Android. We think it's a great example of a niche podcast app that could help raise the profile of fiction podcasting (and, perhaps, lead to new business models).
December 20, 2021:
    Apollo is a new podcast app: but just for fiction podcasts. It features curated playlists, eighteen genres, and more tools specifically for fiction podcast listeners.
April 16, 2020:
    Saving Apollo 13 👨‍🚀 tells the story of NASA's Apollo 13 mission, told by a forensic engineer, Sean Brady. It’s the story of the spacecraft that failed en route to the moon, and the feats of human ingenuity that saved the lives of the 3 men aboard. Produced by Wavelength Creative, it's also bravely using an emoji in its title. 🤞 that it all works.
February 20, 2020:
June 18, 2019:
    CNN Films have launched Apollo 11: Beyond The Moon, a podcast comemmorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar mission. Presented by Brian Stelter, it contains new interviews with astronauts and scientists, and accompanies the documentary feature Apollo 11, which is broadcast next week. (WarnerMedia Podcast Network / knit)
April 30, 2019:
    Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel is a fun idea - a fictional talk show on a radio station in 1969, telling the story of putting a man on the moon. Come for the story of Apollo 11; stay for the 39 cent bacon. (Houston Chronicle / Libsyn)

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