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February 9, 2024:
    Spotify is removing Music + Talk, which allowed you to present a music show (launched as “Shows with Music”); interactive audience tool Voice Messages, remote recording tool Record with Friends, and Background Music and Sounds. The company tells us it’s a shift away from legacy creation tooling, and towards tools for better audience growth and engagement.
January 8, 2024:
    Ten podcast companies are still not certified for the latest version of the IAB’s podcast measurement guidelines v2.1, in spite of being asked to do so by the end of 2022. More than a year later, the IAB’s list of compliant companies still shows AdsWizz, Anchor (now Spotify), Buzzsprout, Captivate, Chartable, Libsyn, Megaphone, Podbean, Podtrac and Simplecast as only compliant to v2.0 of the guidelines, something that means “they will lose current status”, according to the IAB Tech Lab.
December 5, 2023:
    What’s the future for IAB Podcast Measurement? In November 2022, we reported that the IAB’s v2.0 certification would no longer be valid after Dec 31 2023. As of today, some of podcasting’s largest names are still only compliant to v2.0, and all will lose their claim to certification by the end of the year unless recertified: Adswizz, Buzzsprout, Captivate, Chartable, “EmpireStreaming” (now Soundstack), Libsyn, PodBean, Podtrac, Simplecast, and “Anchor” (now Spotify Creator Studio).
September 11, 2023:
August 28, 2023:
    Launched Sept 2020 in Podnews, NPR ends localised versions of the Consider This podcast this week, which they claimed at the time was the "first localised daily news podcast". Localisation "did not prove sustainable", said a spokesperson; Current reports that the production process wasn't scalable; audiences didn't value it much anyway; and NPR is moving to Megaphone which means the use of different tools. Consider This continues, with national content (featuring anchors like Mary Louise Kelly, above)

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Podnews articles

Is Podcasting 2.0 clear enough?
Is it clear enough to explain Podcasting 2.0?

The company asking podcast directories for money
A copyright enforcement company is sending bills to podcast directories for reproducing images from RSS feeds - and asking for just enough to avoid a lawyer.

Goodpods adds, then removes, AI-written descriptions
The descriptions weren't always accurate, sometimes misleading, and done without creators' consent or knowledge

Backtracks closes - the email to customers
A copy of an email sent to customers

Indonesia: a podcasting deep-dive
A deep dive into the Indonesian podcasting market, and what shows will work there

Have the number of new podcasts really “plummeted”?
Are there really 80% fewer new podcasts?

How many podcasts are there?
What's the total number of podcasts out there? And how many episodes? And how much has podcasting grown in the last five years?

How can I charge for my podcast?
From Supercast to Supporting Cast, and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions - how you can charge for your podcast

How to report a pirated podcast
If your show's audio has been copied by someone else, and you need to get it removed under DMCA or copyright takedown, here's how and where to do that.

How I make... Hit Different
Courtney Carthy dives into his bag of tools for producing a hit podcast

Mythbusting: is Anchor full of dead shows, and does it matter?
Is Anchor really full of dead shows? And what would it mean if it was anyway? Is that really a bad thing?

Is it a lemon? Apple's botched podcasts rollout
A month later, how's the new Apple Podcasts? Not good, it turns out. We ask publishers how things are going.

How to do value4value and earn Bitcoin from your podcast
Got a podcast? You can earn Bitcoin from it, right now.

How podcasts are helping Caribbean people during the pandemic
The podcast boom has revived Caribbean storytelling in a time of uncertainty.

How to pirate someone else's podcast onto Anchor
Pirating someone else's podcast is easy - you don't even need to know the RSS feed of the podcast you want to pirate. Let us show you how: and what Anchor ought to be doing.

Anchor could automatically delete your account without warning
The robots are coming - Anchor removed an entire account within two hours of posting one piece of new audio.

Are Anchor podcasts different?
Is Anchor full of dead podcasts and rubbish? Or is there a plan here for Spotify?

How much does Anchor add to Spotify's bandwidth bill?
Bandwidth isn't cheap: for many podcast hosts, it's the biggest bill they have. We were curious: how much does Anchor add to Spotify's bandwidth bill?

Advertising A Podcast, Part 3
Promo ad swaps, episode drops and crossovers

How to encode your audio: MP3 or AAC / M4A?
What should you use for your podcast?

Some unusual terms and conditions from podcast companies
We discover some of the more strange clauses from podcast hosts and similar companies

Who's the best podcast host - how to choose
One of the most-asked questions on podcasting forums is "which podcast host should I use?" So, here's the answer.

Anchor bypasses Apple Podcasts approval process with copyright violating podcasts
Anchor's special deal with Apple lets anyone post anything, seemingly

Submissions and Disclosures
How to submit stories to Podnews; and our relevant editorial disclosures

Root of Evil launches: Q&A with Tyler Moody
We spoke to Tyler Moody, the GM and VP of Turner Podcast Network, about the company's new podcast Root of Evil, and the state of the industry.

Our take: Spotify in talks to buy Gimlet Media. Good plan?
Spotify is in talks to buy Gimlet Media for $230m. Is it worth $230m? What next?


Anchor Education, How To
Entrevista Pandemia
Anchor Education, Language, Learning
Apr28,2020 12:48PM
Anchor Education, Language, Learning
I’m telling you about anchor and what you need and all about it.
Anchor Education, Courses
การสอน Anchor
anchor Arts, Books
anchor Arts, Books
Anchor Kids, Family, Education
Anchor Business
The excitement of anchor
I Should Start a Podcast
I Should Start a Podcast Technology
It’s a great time to start podcasting. It’s never been easier to record, publish, and distribute a podcast that everyone can listen to. But it can still be tricky to get started and make your show sound as good as possible. John Lagomarsino from the Anchor production team is here to help!
Left Anchor
Left Anchor News, Politics, History
Philosophy, politics, and the left.
Speaking of Work
Speaking of Work Society, Culture
Personal journal everyday.
Anchor Faith Church
Anchor Faith Church Religion, Spirituality
Located in America's oldest city, Saint Augustine, Florida, since 2004, we're here to see people anchored to Christ to live life by faith. If you're in the Saint Augustine area, join us for our weekend services on Sundays at 8:30a and 11a, and our midweek service at 7:30p on Wednesday nights. If not, subscribe to the podcast to get notifications on new messages every week!
Save Kerala
Save Kerala Health, Fitness
Save Kerala
The Anchor Sunday Sermons Podcast
The Anchor Sunday Sermons Podcast Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
The Anchor is a Sunday sermon podcast ministry from Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California.
Anchor Entertainment Rundown
Anchor Entertainment Rundown Society, Culture
All the latest entertainment news, rumors, and recommendations, updated daily!
DayToday News
I discover the day today facts and the dark happenings which is going on in our society in this era.
Eagles, Globes, and Anchors
Eagles, Globes, and Anchors Government
Welcome to Eagles, Globes, and Anchors the strategically-minded podcast of the Marine Corps War College, covering the intersection of strategy, security, and warfare. You can follow the Marine Corps War College on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @mcwarcollege. Check out our website at
The Anchor
The Anchor Sports, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchored with April Vokey
Anchored with April Vokey Sports, Wilderness
Join renowned angler April Vokey as she explores fishing, hunting, foraging and homesteading through intimate, face-to-face conversations with some of the outdoor world's most influential people. Her intense curiosity drives her to take a behind-the-scenes, vulnerable and honest approach with her guests that often ends up uncovering never-before-heard stories. An Anchored Outdoors production.
The Anchor Point Podcast
The Anchor Point Podcast Wilderness, Podcasts, Sports, Health & Fitness
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
What-Not: The Podcast
What-Not: The Podcast Arts, Religion, Spirituality
Recovering the joy of theology. What-Not is a podcast from Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller. All the theology ends up at
Table Talk with Anchor
Table Talk with Anchor Society & Culture, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Test Podcast Anchor
Test Podcast Anchor Business
This is a test podcast
Anchored by the Classic Learning Test
Anchored by the Classic Learning Test Education, Society, Culture, Kids, Family
Anchored is published by the Classic Learning Test. Hosted by CLT leadership, including our CEO Jeremy Tate, Anchored features conversations with leading thinkers on issues at the intersection of education and culture. New discussions are released every Thursday. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
Jakecast by Jake Harris
Jakecast by Jake Harris Comedy, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
ANCHORS OF ENCOURAGEMENT | Adoption, Adoptive Parents, Parenting, Journaling, Biblical Encouragement, Healthy Relationships
ANCHORS OF ENCOURAGEMENT | Adoption, Adoptive Parents, Parenting, Journaling, Biblical Encouragement, Healthy Relationships Kids, Family, Parenting
Biblical Encouragement for Adoptive Parents Did you finally realize your dream of having a family only to have your happily ever after turn into a nightmare? Are you constantly second-guessing your parenting, anxious about whether your child will make good choices and remain faithful? Do you wish more than anything that your child would know Christ and just turn out ”OK”? Have you neglected yourself to the point that it’s taken a personal toll on you? Hi Neighbor! Welcome to Anchors of Encouragem
eDucando Geek Anchor
eDucando Geek Anchor Technology
eDucando Geek Anchor es un subpodcast de eDucando Geek gracias al cual voy a poder publicar con más frecuencia y facilidad. Si quieres escuchar todo el contenido completo lo puedes hacer desde
The Telles Podcast
The Telles Podcast Entertainment News, Podcasts, News
The Telles Podcast
L'Époque Canadienne: À la Découverte des Livres Québécois
L'Époque Canadienne: À la Découverte des Livres Québécois Books, Podcasts, Arts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Upstream: The Software Supply Chain Security Podcast presented by Anchore
Upstream: The Software Supply Chain Security Podcast presented by Anchore Technology
UPSTREAM is a podcast for those curious about the security of the software supply chain. In each episode, host Kim Weins speaks with experts, practitioners, and thought leaders about concrete ideas and approaches to improve software supply chain security. This podcast is for everyone inside and outside the world of security. Upstream is brought to you by Anchore.
Anchor Talks Be Active
Anchor Talks Be Active Non-Profit, Podcasts, Business
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
The Anchor Bible Church Podcast
The Anchor Bible Church Podcast Religion, Spirituality
Devoted to God's glory, God's grace, God's gospel and God's guidance. The Anchor Bible Church in Redlands exists to proclaim the greatness of God, the sufficiency of His Word, the hope of His gospel and the joy of His church.
Blessed + Bossed Up
Blessed + Bossed Up Business, Entrepreneurship, Education, Self Improvement
The BBU Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches purposeful women how to be uncompromising in their faith, business, and total life success with God as the CEO. Get ready to be empowered, emboldened, and receive divine strategy to fulfill God’s plan for your life and business. Your host + sister in Christ and success, Tatum Temia Ayomike, is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, author and devoted Christian who has committed her life to help women bridge the gap between faith and business. He
El Cambio Esta En Ti
El Cambio Esta En Ti Self-Improvement, Podcasts, Education
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor Talk Podcast Dr. Dan Davidson
Anchor Talk Podcast Dr. Dan Davidson Technology
Sharing tips, tricks & tutorials - all things podcasting and content creation! Dr. Dan Davidson leverages his advanced understanding of Anchor to produce over a dozen podcasts with the platform. Connect at / / / and Facebook Groups at and / Support this podcast:
Madrid Brillante
Madrid Brillante Courses, Podcasts, Education
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
The Overton Anchor
The Overton Anchor News, Politics
Politically marooned traditionalist Canadian, providing you with the counternarrative talking points. Unapologetic & authentically myself. Glorious & Free!
Drop The Anchor
Drop The Anchor
Drop The Anchor
Mother's Quest on Anchor
Mother's Quest on Anchor Kids, Family
One to ten minute messages reflecting on my quest as a mom and inviting you to do the same. Make sure to tune into full-length episodes of Mother's Quest on all your favorite podcast apps or find show notes at
The CMA Show
The CMA Show Education, Podcasts, Business, Management
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Startups- Sunny Side Up
Startups- Sunny Side Up Business
15 minutes of concentrated analysis and advice from startup founders, B2B marketers, sales and product leaders.
Paul Colligan on Anchor Podcasts (A Spotify Company) - Is This A Good Idea?
Paul Colligan on Anchor Podcasts (A Spotify Company) - Is This A Good Idea? Technology
Paul Colligan, Author of How To Podcast, and CEO of The Podcast Partnership, is trying out Anchor. Here is what he thinks. he promises to tell the truth, the good and the bad, of publishing your Podcast on Anchor.
The SCREAM Podcast
The SCREAM Podcast TV & Film, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor Church
Anchor Church Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
TO HELP PEOPLE PURSUE JESUS IN EVERY AREA OF THEIR LIFE.Rob McWilliams is Anchor Church’s Lead Pastor. Rob has been on staff since 1985 as an executive pastor, and, alongside his wife Debbie, has served faithfully overseeing various ministries. They are the parents of three children and they're extremely proud grandparents of seven amazing grandchildren. Rob is known for his enthusiasm for loving and serving God, his strong desire to help people live the life God fully intended them to live, and his love
Let's Talk Fish -  Weekly show talking all things fishing anchored by Bryan Thrift, Matt Arey, and Jeff Walsh.
Let's Talk Fish - Weekly show talking all things fishing anchored by Bryan Thrift, Matt Arey, and Jeff Walsh. Sports, Wilderness
Let's Talk Fish is a live show anchored by Professional FLW Angler Bryan Thrift and Elite Series Pro Matt Arey, along with Southern Redfish Cup Owner, Jeff Walsh that allows fans to gain access to years of experience, knowledge, equipment reviews, technique suggestions and even submit questions to be answered live on the show.
Anchor Church
Anchor Church Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor Down with Andy Burgess
Anchor Down with Andy Burgess Society, Culture
Andy is a filmmaker/YouTuber/content creator based in East London who found his love of storytelling on Snapchat creating short vertical films for his followers. Now Andy travels the world creating travel explainers for his YouTube channel and other brands like Red Bull. Anchor Down is a weekly podcast about the process of continuously growing as a creator. Having casual, insightful & honest conversations with creatives from all walks of life about how they grew their brand/businesses, and how togethe
Meu primeiro baby podcast da
Meu primeiro "baby podcast" da Business
Não disse nada apenas, umas palavras para testar toda a experiência. Cover art photo provided by rawpixel on Unsplash:
Pulpit Hour
Pulpit Hour Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Steady Anchor Podcast
Steady Anchor Podcast Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Podcast by Steady Anchor Podcast
Anchored: Learn to Build
Anchored: Learn to Build Education, How To
Welcome to Anchored Podcast: A podcast designed to help new entrepreneurs build their online creative business. Led by LA-based creative and entrepreneur, Donovan Antonio, who has acquired unprecedented success running his own creative agency, now looks to invest into the podcast sphere by giving free practical tips and nuggets of wisdom to help those starting their business.
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh Wilderness, Podcasts, Sports, Business
Anchors Aweigh is a podcast for all boaters, from aspiring to experienced. Featuring in-depth conversations with boating experts and industry leaders, and packed full of tips, tricks, gear, and industry info, boaters of all levels will come away with new skills and knowledge each episode.
SFS Anchor Demo
SFS Anchor Demo Education
Headphone and Built-in Mic Comparison
ANCHOR + WAVES Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
As women, we are all unique, and yet we share common ground as we navigate the calm and the storms that life brings. Whether single, married, young, or old, we desire this podcast to be a companion on your journey, a reminder of the Anchor available in every season of life. Through stories, teaching, interviews, and panel discussions we hope to be a source of strength, encouragement, and community.
What Is This Anchor App?
What Is This Anchor App? Education, How To
I found this app on accident. I am developing another podcast and I was doing some research. It hit me today like a wet mop to the face! I have plenty of time on my hands now and why not do two podcasts only for this one I will use Anchor exclusively and only using a $30 headset mic! This should be fun. We'll deep dive into the app and see if we can't get everything out of this bad boy! Oh and we will have plenty to laugh about along the way! Join me on this adventure won't ya? I promise I won't make a fool
Anchor Bend TX
Anchor Bend TX Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Helping people find the upside in life, advance daily, and live moment ready!
Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor Church Tacoma Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Teenagers Anchor
Teenagers Anchor Education, Self Improvement
Teenagers are the most important people in every country. This podcast focuses on all the problems teenagers face daily. This is a podcast for teenagers by a teenager.
tECH tALK tIPS - Anchor ⚓️
tECH tALK tIPS - Anchor ⚓️ Technology, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchored & Activated™️
Anchored & Activated™️ Business, Careers, Education, Self Improvement
The Anchored & Activated™️ Podcast is hosted by TaSheena Braxton. This is a podcast that provides a safe space for women of color to heal, love, and grow as they navigate leadership. TaSheena went from a struggling single Mom, to becoming a sought after thought leader and Executive & Team Coach. She helps WOC overcome imposter treatment, build their leader identity and gain brand confidence, so that they are positioned for new leadership opportunities. You can find her on IG @CoachTaSheena or
The F Word: Foster Care
The "F" Word: Foster Care Kids & Family, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Hope & Anchor Church Podcast
Hope & Anchor Church Podcast Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Listen to sermons at Hope & Anchor Church in Springfield, MO
Exvie Extras, the @anchor companion to the Exvangelical podcast.
Exvie Extras, the @anchor companion to the Exvangelical podcast. News, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
D&D Classic Rock and Roll Chat (A Spotify & Anchor Exclusive Podcast)
D&D Classic Rock and Roll Chat (A Spotify & Anchor Exclusive Podcast) Music
(On and After 12/2020, A Spotify and Anchor Exclusive Podcast) Here we discuss Classic Rock! Including all of the genres or artists that fall under the classic rock umbrella, including grunge rock, progressive rock, pop, metal, alternative, hard rock, southern rock, folk rock, and modern rock. Everything from album discussion, to our love for certain songs or bands, to timeless moments, in a friends and fans chat style! (AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON SPOTIFY) #podcast #rockandroll #rockon #ddclassicrock
NFT: Anchor Movie Talk
NFT: Anchor Movie Talk TV & Film, Podcasts
Presented by The National Film Tribune... The online source for movies, television and breaking news in the world of entertainment and fandom! Hosted By William Christian Praise. Use the website to discover more articles and news.... Thank you and stay tuned send messages leave feedback.
Miguel Ortiz Radio Station on Anchor
Miguel Ortiz Radio Station on Anchor Society, Culture
Whatever that happens here and there. Todo lo que sucede aquí y allá.
The Anchor Down Low Podcast
The Anchor Down Low Podcast Education, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Growth Over Comfort
Growth Over Comfort Society & Culture, Podcasts
Welcome to Growth Over Comfort podcast where we intend to have those uncomfortable conversations that help us grow. Support this podcast:
Anchored In Love
Anchored In Love Religion, Spirituality
Birthed during a season of great personal change, challenge and circumstance, Anchored In Love (AIL) was encouraged by my husband, motivated by my mama, and set to serve any willing to listen.Through sharing personal walks of endurance and perseverance, my prayer is that this can become home to any who are seeking restoration or healing extended from the hearts of people who are currently experiencing it themselves.
Anchored Abode Podcast
Anchored Abode Podcast Religion, Spirituality
Striving to change the world, one abode at a time... starting with my own. We are a husband and wife podcast team intending to be your go to for good Christian podcasts on a wide variety of topics. We hope to encourage you in your walk no matter where you are at as we are right there with you journeying through life. As a married team, we are able to offer a viewpoint for the men and the women on different issues to better understand. If you have an idea for the show, please pop over to our website (http
Anchor Church City
Anchor Church City Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchoritis Arts
Drop Yer Anchor here for a podcast about the exploration of ideas and self discovery! It’s a podcast that isn’t about pirates, but rather: Life, Creativity, Motivation, and sometimes some really nerdy stuff. Anchoritis is hosted at - if you've caught the anchor bug come and join me on the platform to be able to comment, call-in to the show, and much more! Support this podcast:
Anchor Point Church
Anchor Point Church Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor of My Soul Podcast
Anchor of My Soul Podcast Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Anchor of My Soul Podcast is a ministry focused on the person of Jesus and the living relationship that we can have with Him.
Drop Anchor Podcast
Drop Anchor Podcast Personal Journals, Podcasts, Society & Culture, Education, How To
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Raise The Anchor
Raise The Anchor Business, Entrepreneurship
Raise the Anchor - Inspire a change within! With host Melissa Burbridge has in-depth interviews with individuals who have made the bold decision to take control of their own journey. Guests featured in this show have made major career changes. Each guest’s story is uplifting and inspirational. Join Melissa and inspire a change within. To learn more about our business and how we can help check out our website at:
My Anchor Church
My Anchor Church Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Our Lead Pastors, Shaun and Teresa Blakeney have a heart to see revival happen in South Florida and beyond. They believe that Jesus is using His church to accomplish the mission of bringing hope to the hopeless. They believe that the church is God´s plan A for radical transformation in the hearts of all people... there is no plan B.
Anchor Faith Church Valdosta, GA
Anchor Faith Church Valdosta, GA Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Anchor Faith Church is advancing the Kingdom in Valdosta, Ga.
Anchor of Truth
Anchor of Truth Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
There have always been many voices saying “This is the way to know God.” Today’s media explosion has created more voices and more confusion. Why then another? Personal connection with other believers cannot be replaced by the mass media. It is much more satisfying to have a deep spiritual relationship with ten believers than to be in a crowd of ten thousand. Every individual is important to God, and His plan involves each one in a very real way. There are things that are important to God that can only
Anchor of Hope Baptist Church
Anchor of Hope Baptist Church Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
Sermons, songs, and more.
Anchor Of Hope | With Aaron Salvato
Anchor Of Hope | With Aaron Salvato Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Anchor Church
Anchor Church Religion, Spirituality
Welcome to the podcast of Anchor Church in Toledo, OH lead by Pastors Brent and Lauren Blake. We hope that these podcasts give you hope, peace, and encouragement throughout the week. To learn more about Anchor visit:
Soul Anchor
Soul Anchor Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Zeyehs Anchor
Zeyehs Anchor Health, Fitness, Alternative
Are you rustling about trying to find ways to live your best life? I am Marzeyeh. I am wife, Mother and passionate entrepreneur! I am here to tell you to stop forcing yourself to happiness and rid yourself of the pressure of the live your best life mentality. The storm will come and we need the tools to help us stay anchored in that time. I believe happiness is not a destination. but a force we can use to keep us in place. Join me on the journey of believing in yourself and fighting through the storm of lif
The ANCHOR Church
The ANCHOR Church Christianity, Podcasts, Religion & Spirituality
Sermons by Anchor Church Tacoma
Ms Ileane Presents The Anchor Show
Ms Ileane Presents The Anchor Show Technology
Welcome to The Anchor Show hosted by Ms. Ileane of This show offers top-level podcasting tips for podcasters who want quick and easy ways to grow their show. Get digital media news and tutorials to keep you inspired on your content creation journey. For detailed show notes and additional insights on the website: Become a Paid Subscriber:
Merkaba Carpet - Censored by Anchor/Spotify
Merkaba Carpet - Censored by Anchor/Spotify Education, Self Improvement
Anchor and Spotify (big tech) are censoring/deleting my work, so I am no longer posting here. You can find me here, now: 1) Patreon 2) Odysee MERKABA CARPET IS ABOUT... Spiritual awakening. Dark night of the soul. Ascension into 5D (multi-d). Navigation in the Now. Understanding intuition. Creating a new life. Awakened Relationships. Physics of consciousness/reality. Bridge consciousness and body, to heal and control
Anchored With Lara
Anchored With Lara Kids, Family
You are the exact mom your children need, and the motherhood you want is there - it’s just hidden! Grab my hand and listen to my short, sweet and actionable episodes every week to uncover a motherhood where you flourish!Grab your free resources for motherhood:
Celebrity News ReCap with Queen V
Celebrity News ReCap with Queen V Society, Culture
Kick back with your girl Queen V and Lee$h! While having fund and keeping you up to date on "Celebrity" trending topics and more. Support this podcast:
Success Champion on Anchor
Success Champion on Anchor Society, Culture
Thoughts, audio articles and badass vibes.
Coming To America..You will me on Anchor Spotify and other leading Podcast Platforms..
Coming To America..You will me on Anchor Spotify and other leading Podcast Platforms.. Society, Culture, Personal, Journals
Coming to this great country United States of an immigrant and the pros and cons of being an immigrant.aslo interviewing other people about there experiences. Support this podcast:
Anchored Religion, Spirituality, Christianity
This podcast discusses topics relevant to keeping our families secure in God's Word and what it teaches.
Joe Lemon Anchor Mini Shows
Joe Lemon Anchor Mini Shows Education, Self Improvement
Join Joe Lemon every week as he attempts to optimize his health, share growth hacking experiments, and seeks to live more productive.

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