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Who cares... about Ross and Patrick?

PRESS RELEASE — March 13, 2019

Brooklyn NY, USA—Comedian Patrick Holbert and wardrobe stylist / yoga teacher Ross Erin Martineau have been documenting the ups and downs of their marriage since 2017 on their weekly comedy/relationship podcast, Who Cares? …about Ross & Patrick. The show, which is independently produced, discusses topics as broad as sobriety, mental health, wellness, New York City, comedy, pop culture, politics, sex and sexuality, and polyamory. New episodes are released every Monday.

“Like any long-term relationship, our dynamic consists of inside jokes, references, secret languages, shared experiences, and the occasional argument,” said Holbert. “The way we interact at home is how we interact on the podcast. We thought why not share our experiences and insanity with an audience larger than two?”

The hosts, who just celebrated two years of marriage, are not your average married couple. Shortly after tying the knot, Holbert, who identifies as straight, admitted to his wife that he had developed a fascination with cross-dressing. Although cross-dressing is something he dabbled in more-or-less as a joke over the years, things came to a head when he revealed to Martineau, who identifies as queer, that he wanted to explore this aspect of his sexuality more earnestly.

The incident was a springboard for them to be more open and honest with each other, an aspect of their relationship that is a cornerstone of the podcast. “We want our listeners to feel like they’re a part of a hilarious hang with friends who transparently discuss things that may not be for polite company,” said Martineau. “Our listeners vouch that we have a funny POV and we’re proud that we’re not claiming to be perfect. It’s not like, ‘you need to listen to this podcast for the answers.’”

The show welcomes guests from all walks of life to discuss topics they’re fascinated by. But the main focus of Who Cares? is Holbert and Martineau’s evolution of their marriage and sexuality; both individually and as a couple. “We hope to engage with listeners who can relate to us and allow us to be a part of their entertainment diet,” said Holbert. “Our show is meant to feel like an inviting and permission-granting space for listeners from any background.”

Despite the show’s title, the hosts actually care a great deal about themselves and their guests. “We love interviewing friends new and old, from different walks of life, who inspire and excite us,” said Martineau. “In the coming months we’ll feature people we love from several areas of NYC life: Fashion, comedy, yoga, and art.”

About Patrick Holbert:

Patrick has been making his living in NYC since 2003. He has performed on Sirius XM and hosted the internationally syndicated TV show The Movie Loft. He has appeared on TruTV’s Hack My Life and Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel. The NY Times recently called him the “charming M.C.” of the children’s variety show he performed in from 2015-2017. He is currently performing his one-man comedy show Punch Line Drunk at colleges across the country. Patrick can be found on Instagram at @TheHolbertReport.

About Ross Erin Martineau:

Ross Erin Martineau has lived in New York City since 2004. She made her way from the service industry to creating a successful career as a freelance wardrobe stylist. She has accumulated a rich body of styling work, including vibrant fashion editorials for L’Official and Glassbook and still-life styling for Moda Operandi in the US and Paris. Ross has also styled several musicians such as singer Nicole Atkins for an appearance on The Letterman Show and the band Pussy Riot for a music video. Recently Ross became a certified yoga teacher. With a focus on music, movement, and human connection, her classes are punctuated by her gut busting cackle and the occasional F-Bomb. When she’s not in the yoga or photo studio, Ross resides in Bushwick with her husband and their houseplant Nicole Kidman. Ross is on Instagram at @rosserinstyles.

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