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Podcast asks Where Are You Going - on that Routemaster bus?

Press Release · London, UK ·

From July to the end of August on route T15 from Tower Hill to Trafalgar Square, multi award-winning podcast Where Are You Going? is collaborating with Londoner Buses to capture the untold stories of its Routemaster passengers.

The show’s host, Catherine Carr, has travelled the world asking strangers that one simple question and has uncovered heartbreaking, funny and sometimes jaw-dropping stories about their lives. The podcast, described by the Financial Times as ‘utterly compelling’ and named ‘Podcast of the Year’ by the Radio Times has been running since April 2023. Now, Carr is taking her microphone onto London’s Routemaster bus for the first time to discover more stories that will enthrall the podcast’s thousands of fans.

Catherine Carr said, “It’s amazing what stories are unlocked by asking one, simple question, ‘where are you going?’. I have met Londoners on their way to and from work and tourists visiting from Hungary, Mexico and Gibraltar on board the buses and each one of them went on to tell me completely unexpected things about their lives.

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I met a woman from Gibraltar, who went to work on the island for two weeks and who was still there forty years later! She was onboard enjoying a friend’s 50th birthday. She told me about the real divisions created on the rock by Brexit and how to survive living in small communities. Their top advice: “Join in!””

The show is produced by award-winning content production company, Loftus Media, and is the brainchild of Director and Executive Producer, Jo Rowntree, who said, “The success of the podcast is the ability to allow the listener to step into the lives of others, for just a few minutes. Especially in these divided and sometimes fractious times, it’s really refreshing to connect with strangers this way. You get to ‘meet’ people you might never get the chance to know in real life! We know new and existing listeners will find something to connect with in these passengers’ stories.”

As the podcast’s tagline says… ‘you just never know’.


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