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We Fix Space Junk returns: Demands Love and Obedience


We Fix Space Junk announces the launch of its much-anticipated third season, returning to the digital airwaves on 3rd August 2020. In a joint press release with Automnicon, co-creator and head writer, Beth Crane shares, “We couldn’t have made this season without the incredible support of Automnicon.”

Automnicon Head of PR, Publicity and Employee Compliance, Bara Grantling, states that “funding the 100% factual and noble story of building and running our hegemonic empire was an easy decision on our part. As was our decision to have any critics of the piece taken into custody.”

The show’s co-creator and lead sound designer Hedley Knights submitted a written statement, approved in advance by Automnicon. “This season required so many [REDACTED] and despite the issues that arose with [REDACTED] we are so proud of our [REDACTED] for their [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] eternal thanks to Automnicon.”

On a slightly more serious note, the team had to overcome many new challenges in putting Season 3 together. “The lockdown has meant that there was no way to bring performers safely into our studio,” sound engineer Hedley explained. “So we found as many workarounds as we could! In some cases that meant shipping recording kits right across the country for our performers to use in their homes -- and this also meant teaching them how to self-record. But it was so important for us all to make sure the show happened. We Fix Space Junk’s central message is all about hope and perseverance, and succeeding despite difficult circumstances.”

After a hiatus of more than a year, the team behind the show are overjoyed to be releasing again. Writer Beth shares why creating We Fix Space Junk is so important to her: “We live in a world that can seem overcome by pain and difficulty, especially right now. Hope Punk recognizes the negative forces in the world while also shining light on the hopeful; the perseverance of hope and stories of humour and possibility.”

Automnicon’s Head of PR, Publicity and Employee Compliance gets right to the point, “You will love what we create. Or else.”

Beth says that getting back to working on the show again was a relief. “We’ve missed it so much -- where else would you get the excuse to work with your friends to make something you love, that’s also loved by so many people?”

With a new season also comes a whole new set of guest stars, with names from right across the Audio Fiction world (from podcasts such as Alba Salix, Caravan, Death By Dying and even long-running BBC radio drama The Archers). Luckily, in the world of podcasting, the likelihood that your actors will have a home recording setup is far more likely than in the worlds of film or theatre.

With hosting moved to Art-19, We Fix Space Junk will also, for the first time, be running adverts as part of the Fable and Folly Network. Taking inspiration from adverts from the early days of commercial radio drama (although not their love of ‘healthful tobacco’), Space Junk’s adverts are recorded in character, with their point of view seen through the unique lens of the Space Junk world.

Comprising writer Beth Crane and sound engineer Hedley Knights, Battle Bird Productions make engaging, immersive audio fiction. For more information, go to , contact us on or find us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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We Fix Space Junk
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