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Veritonic Extends Long-Form Content Analysis Solution to Video; Delivers Audience Insights to Creators

Press Release · New York, NY, USA · via Veritonic ·

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio analytics and research platform, announced today an extension of its groundbreaking Long-Form Content Analysis solution to video. Similar to publishers of long-form audio content including podcasts and audiobooks, this cutting-edge solution now empowers publishers of video content including news, live TV, video games, films, YouTube programming, and more to unlock the full potential of their content.

By harnessing Veritonic’s advanced long-form analytics capabilities, publishers can now achieve continuous optimization of their programming and gain unparalleled insights into what truly resonates with their audiences. From identifying trending topics to recognizing standout talent and optimizing commercial blocks, Veritonic’s long-form content analysis solution is revolutionizing the way that publishers understand and engage with their audiences through video.

In the case of live news, Veritonic’s solution empowers publishers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their rating spikes across both local and national streams. By leveraging long-form content analysis, publishers receive specific insights into the segment, correspondent, topic/subtopic, and individual words that drive ratings, eliminating the laborious task of manually sifting through vast amounts of content for data points.

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Moreover, Veritonic equips publishers with the ability to analyze their competitors’ programming, providing a crucial edge in the industry. Publishers can leverage the platform to effortlessly search by topic, talent, host, and date/time to identify the highest and lowest-performing segments. This strategic advantage enables publishers to maintain their competitive edge and optimize their content offerings while enhancing audience engagement.

“We remain committed to providing our clients with the actionable data and insights they need to make informed marketing and business decisions across all channels” said Scott Simonelli, CEO and Founder of Veritonic. “Where audio and video often go hand-in-hand, extending long-form content insights to video enables us to super-serve our clients, and to continuously innovate and evolve our proprietary methodologies and AI to support the provision of sophisticated data and analytics across all formats.”

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