Tumble Media launches consulting services for children's podcasts

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The kids’ podcast market is emerging as a bright spot in podcasts and children’s media, offering the opportunity to deeply engage with kids and their families through screen-free storytelling. That’s why Tumble Media is now offering consulting services for kids’ podcasts - bringing unmatched expertise, experience, and research to help companies and individuals answer essential questions and create high-quality audio content for kids, families, and schools.

The personalized services include providing data-backed advice on entering the children’s podcast space, podcast strategy development, podcast concept development, educational alignment and curricula development, as well as advising existing kids’ podcasts.

Tumble Media is a recognized leader in the children’s audio space, focusing on children’s podcasts and educational audio. Co-founders Lindsay Patterson, Marshall Escamilla, and Sara Robberson Lentz have over a decade of experience in podcast creation and research.

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“We believe in audio for kids, and we have the data to back it up,” says Patterson, Tumble’s CEO. “Our goal in consulting is to make it easier for creators and companies to create high-quality content, and make an impact in the kids’ podcast space.”

Patterson, along with Escamilla and Robberson Lentz, began producing Tumble, their first podcast for kids in 2015. They quickly recognized the necessity of research to understand kids’ podcast audiences and behavior. As a result, Tumble has played a pioneering role in creating and disseminating vital data that has helped shape the kids’ podcast industry, including the first-ever survey into kids’ and family podcast listening habits, and Edison Research’s Kids Podcast Listener Report - the first national survey of podcast listeners ages 6-12.

Tumble Media continues to do groundbreaking research, collaborating with scientists on a National Science Foundation-funded grant to study the power of podcasts in classrooms. The study uses Tumble Science Podcast for Kids as a platform to study best practices in both classroom podcast listening and creation.

“Podcasts are an underutilized medium in education,” says Robberson Lentz, who serves as the principal investigator on the NSF grant. “Through our research collaboration, we’ve already learned so much about how to connect teachers with audio and educational materials that make a difference in the classroom.”

Escamilla, who has 17 years of experience as a classroom teacher, agrees. “We have seen incredible engagement with podcasts for kids, and the data confirms what we’ve been hearing anecdotally from teachers and parents for years,” he says. “We’re excited to help podcast creators determine what will best serve their listeners.”

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