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Stephanie Lee

Question Everything with the new podcast, Truth Detective with Stephanie Lee

PRESS RELEASE · Norwalk, Fairfield County CT, United States ·

Stephanie Lee is an extensive researcher, an aspiring private investigator, and a purveyor of truth. Recently, Stephanie has re-branded the Talk, Tales, and Trivia podcast she started in August of 2016 to make a new podcast called Truth Detective with Stephanie Lee. The weekly podcast will be about current national and international topics that affect us all.

Stephanie Lee is your very own truth detective. She will be uncovering the good, the bad, and the ugly…researching, and questioning everything about culture, society, people, places, our justice system, and corruption in private corporations and government agencies. No stone goes unturned.

Truth Detective with Stephanie Lee will bring you sometimes controversial or seemingly conspiratorial topics, but also feel-good stories discovering and uncovering the people and topics that have satisfying and happy results we all need and love to hear about.

Giving listeners the truth and honesty are the motivation for Truth Detective with Stephanie Lee. This podcast will be giving you the straight facts and evidence. Every episode peels back what’s currently happening in the nation and the world or, perhaps, a warning of what might happen if we become too complacent. Sometimes these topics get very little, if any, media attention or have not yet been talked about. And they must be talked about now more than ever.

These topics might leave you asking questions and wanting to know more. It’s great to ask questions. Question Everything! That’s when the real truth comes out.

The facts and possible solutions are there to explore and discover. And with every weekly episode Stephanie will be giving call-to-actions that listeners can take away and use to further their knowledge and take personal actions to make the move forward with positive steps.

Be a part of the Truth Detective movement.

Don’t miss an episode of Truth Detective with Stephanie Lee. QUESTION, EXPLORE, AND UNCOVER.

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Truth Detective
By: Stephanie Lee
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