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Contemplative Sci-Fi Podcast Series Crowdfunds Second Season

PRESS RELEASE — October 10, 2018 · 1.6 minutes to read

Tides, the contemplative sci-fi audio drama by Jesse Schuschu and Ayla Taylor, finished its first season with a bang in August, to rave reviews from the indie podcasting sphere. The creative duo are currently raising money through an Indiegogo campaign to fund their second season.

The science-forward survival adventure story follows biologist Dr. Winifred Eurus, a member of the first expedition to an Earth-like moon wracked by extreme tidal waves due to its orbit around a nearby gas giant. Her submarine is destroyed by the tides, leaving her alone to walk to higher ground before the wave comes back. As she observes the alien ecosystem, she gradually realizes that this planet may hold more surprises than it seems.

“It’s a fantastic addition to the sci-fi genre in audio drama, bringing actual science, engaging dialogue, and fantastic performances from both Julia Schifini and the supporting cast.”​ -- Wil Williams. ​Wil Williams Reviews

The second season is going to be even more ambitious than the first, with three new cast members, more complicated sound design, and a total of 12 episodes. The campaign goal is $3000, with a stretch goal of $4000. The money will be primarily used to pay the cast and crew for their time and hard work.

“The first season of Tides has built up a tale of confronting hostility and the unknown, both on an alien planet and within a team. The investigation into an alien planet is a strange mirror of what it’s like to navigate the human ecosystem.” - Elena Fernández-Collins, ​The Bello Collective

The rewards are varied and exciting. From the lower tiers offering exclusive production updates, behind the scenes recording, and in-character field notes, to tiers offtering exclusive physical rewards, such as stickers, thank you notes and T-shirts. The higher tiers offer the chance to sit in on a recording session, have Dr. Eurus name an alien after you, or even provide a prompt for a mini-episode.

“Tides is about life - strange and complicated, difficult to categorize. It clings to existence in impossible places and struggles, always, to reach out.”​ --Jesse Schuschu (Writer and Co-Director)

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