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Crooked Media launches new narrative podcast This Land to explore the dramatic history of Oklahoma tribal land rights

PRESS RELEASE — May 24, 2019

Journalist and Cherokee Nation Citizen Rebecca Nagle Examines Carpenter v. Murphy Supreme Court Case in Crooked Media’s New Narrative Podcast

Los Angeles CA, USA—Today Crooked Media announced the launch of the narrative podcast This Land, a documentary-style show revolving around two seemingly unrelated Oklahoma murders that occurred over 150 years apart. Over the course of the eight-episode run, journalist and Cherokee Nation citizen, Rebecca Nagle will take the audience through an in-depth look at a murder case once believed to be “open and shut” that prompted a high-stakes investigation into who legally owns half the land in Oklahoma. Click here to listen to the podcast’s audio trailer.

‘This Land’ explores Native American rights and tribal sovereignty through Nagle’s lens as a Native woman with a surprising personal connection to the story’s characters. Having fought for years to ensure her family’s legacy remains an integral part of the American narrative, Nagle gives an insider’s look into the devastating impact of government land allotments on Native people. In addition to examining the history of land rights, ‘This Land’ will - in real time - explore the potential impact of the Carpenter v. Murphy case currently before the Supreme Court and as the final decision is handed down in June. Oral arguments for the case to determine the territorial boundaries of the Creek Nation within eastern Oklahoma began in November of 2018.

“‘This Land’ is an incredible story that spans generations of my family and will delve deep into how one unique murder case could have a profound impact on the rights of five tribes in Oklahoma, including mine,” said Nagle. “With this groundbreaking podcast, Crooked is one of the only mainstream media outlets producing Native stories right now. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Crooked Media to share it with audiences.”

While bringing this story to audiences, it was important to both Crooked Media and Nagle to partner with a Native crew, including Chickasaw Classical Composer, Jerod 'Impichchaachaaha’ Tate; engineers and filmmakers from FireThief Productions, and visuals by Cherokee artist, Keli Gonzales.

The series will debut Monday, June 3, with new episodes dropping each week. Listeners can follow along to find out what’s at stake, the Trump administration’s involvement, the larger right-wing attack on tribal sovereignty, and how one unique case could result in the largest restoration of tribal land in US history.

Crooked Media’s Chief Content Officer Tanya Somanader notes, “This is not a story you’re likely to hear because there are too few people who can tell it. Rebecca has spent her life trying to share the history of her tribe and others, and what happened to the land that belongs to them. But such truths are so often marginalized or ignored by the very people who need to hear them most. That’s why we at Crooked are so proud to have collaborated with Rebecca to share her perspective, and her connection to this story, in a meaningful way. As Americans, it’s our history too and as “This Land” will show, there will be larger political consequences if we fail to hear it now.”

For more information about ‘This Land’ visit and

About Crooked Media

In 2016, a sane conversation about politics was most needed but hardest to find. Cable news panels, you may have noticed, are not the best. Twitter is a great place to slowly lose your mind. Everywhere, the work of excellent journalists competes with clickbait, fake news, and whatever Donald Trump is tweeting about. We need a better conversation about politics in this country. That’s why we launched Crooked Media — to talk about politics in a way that doesn’t make you want to throw your phone out the window – with shows and analysis and other forms of sweet, sweet content that inform, entertain, and inspire action. No, we’re not unbiased, we’re not always serious and we’re certainly not always right. But we promise a no-bullshit conversation about politics and culture where you can laugh, cry, scream, ridicule us daily, share your ideas, and hopefully decide that you want to help fix this mess too. That’s it. End of mission.

About Rebecca Nagle

Rebecca Nagle is an award-winning advocate and writer focused on advancing Native rights and ending violence against Native women. Nagle is a citizen of Cherokee Nation and a two spirit/ queer woman. You can find her views on issues of Native representation and tribal sovereignty in Washington Post, USA Today, Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post and more. In 2016, Naglewas named one of the National Center American Indian Enterprise Development’s Native American 40 Under 40 for her work to support Native American survivors of rape and abuse. Nagle lives in Tahlequah, OK where she works for her tribe on language revitalization by day and does freelance writing by night.

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This Land
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