New podcast The Deposition presents a dramatic reading of the entire Musk deposition he wanted kept secret

New podcast The Deposition presents a dramatic reading of the entire Musk deposition he wanted kept secret

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On March 27th, 2024, Elon Musk was deposed in a defamation lawsuit filed by Ben Brody, who Musk twote about speculating Brody was a disguised federal agent in a “false flag” situation (he was not, obviously). Musk and his lawyer, Alex Spiro, attempted to retroactively make the deposition confidential. It was not.

It is, though, extremely funny. The Deposition, a new podcast by Hug House Productions, uses the transcript of the deposition in full as its script. Part reenactment, part reaction, the direction given to the actors is simple: Play your parts as seriously as you can until you absolutely cannot. The Deposition keeps in all of the character breaks, laughs, and incredulity the actors experience while reading – while also making sure the audience knows what this case is about and what was actually said.

“It’s an important story, an important look into how depositions work, and something most people might not be fucked up enough to read in full like we did when we pitched the project to our team,” says showrunner, Hug House CEO, and voice of The Court Reporter, Wil Williams. “It’s unbelievable. Not a single page of the deposition lacks a moment of pure absurdism. We cannot wait to bring that to our audience in a way that is hopefully more fun and cathartic than just reading it on the page.”

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The Deposition releases its first episode on the Fourth of July, 2024, with weekly releases following. This limited series includes four episodes, plus a full mastercut of every individual episode stitched together for those who want to experience it the way it was given – more or less.


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