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Introducing a new podcast that anyone can publish to


Podfan is trying something new— and trying to solve one of the core problems of podcasting at the same time.


Discovering new podcasts is an old problem of podcasting, and something we’ve tried to solve many ways — with social podcast apps, an untold number of recommendation blogs, charts and category algorithms. But none of these solutions get to the root of the discoverability problem, which is that listening to a podcast is time-consuming!

Just consider the incredible odds that face a podcast being discovered- if somehow it manages to blip on your radar, it still has to pique your interest enough for you to queue it up in your podcast player — an incredible feat for any podcast. But then you have to put in the time to listen to it.

Enter the teaser episode

Do movie producers expect you to watch a movie based on the title alone? No, they distribute movie trailers! Why shouldn’t podcasts?

Movies are long, and so are podcasts. Time is the biggest obstacle preventing listeners from discovering a new podcast. With a teaser episode, you only need a few minutes or less to get a feel for the podcast. Listeners just get a taste! Caroline Crampton wrote about the value of short podcasts in Hotpod.

Introducing the Super Sampler

The Super Sampler is a podcast of just teaser episodes from many different podcasts. You can publish your teaser in it— for free! Here’s how:

With the Super Sampler, you can upload your teaser for free to a podcast dedicated to discovery and reach a broader audience!

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The Super Sampler
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