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New book released: Step-by-Step Podcasting For Business

PRESS RELEASE · London England, UK ·

Step-by-Step Podcasting For Business is a new book designed to help businesses get to grips with the world of audio marketing and communication, out now in ebook and print.

In recent years, many UK business and organisations have embraced podcasts as an exciting and growing opportunity to connect with customers, audiences and individuals in depth.

This book aims to support those making the leap with a no-nonsense overview of planning, strategy and production, as well as guidance on how to market and experiment with your podcast content.

Whether the goal of the project is to educate, entertain or to shift perceptions, audio can be a powerful tool for businesses to incorporate into a wider communications strategy.

Author Katharine Kerr says it’s never been more important for creators to speak from the heart:

“In turbulent times, discerning podcast listeners value quality programmes that connect them to our shared human experience. Original, surprising, gripping or delightful audio can be the remedy to our intense, screen-heavy world.”

Step by Step Podcasting For Business guides the reader through the key questions each business should ask itself before launching a podcast. With a strong emphasis on strategic planning and clear goal-setting, the book guides businesses through the different tasks and insight required to kick-start a podcast campaign.

It also outlines some practical basics of production and recording, so that beginner podcast creators can explore options and feel empowered to hire in professional help or get hands-on in house.

“The human voice, sound and our imaginations the most powerful communication tools we have available. They allow us to connect with an individual’s real decision-making engine: emotion”

For businesses just beginning their journey, as well as those who want to add strategy and insight to their output, this book aims to demystify the world of podcasts and help decision-makers confidently choose where to invest time and energy.

Audiobook version is forthcoming. Find out more about the book and join the mailing list for updates via the Podcast Pioneers website, and follow @podcastpioneers on Twitter.


Podcast Pioneers is an audio production agency based in London and working across the UK. We create high-end programmes with strategy and design to make award-winning podcast campaigns that deliver real change. ​Our people are energetic, innovative and bright. We strive to move people and make them think and feel differently. We make colourful podcasts and care about the change we create.


Katharine Kerr is a writer, producer and founder of Podcast Pioneers. After a career in network commercial radio production she left radio to pursue writing and journalism, but couldn’t quite leave behind the incredible storytelling power of audio!

After successfully helping other UK production companies develop their branded audio content into award-winning programmes, she eventually turned a side-project into the business we now know as “Podcast Pioneers”, uniting intelligent strategy with colourful, change-making audio storytelling.


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