The Sound and the Story returns for a second season

The Sound and the Story returns for a second season

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The Sound and the Story is a podcast about music. I, David Kalison, dive deep to uncover the story behind and inside your favorite records. I take artists at their words. Are you ready to listen?”

“More compelling than even the subject matter, the nature of the podcast feels intimate, secretive, like a whispered confession of intense fandom.” — Ashley Lusk, Editor at The Bello Collective

The Sound and the Story discovers the emotional truth inside and influences behind your favorite albums. Did you know Weezer’s Pinkerton is based on an opera? Did you know Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is basically a gossipy scenester soap opera? Do you know what Bon Iver means when he sings…actually, do you know what Bon Iver is singing at all? The answers to these questions and many more are found within the episodes of The Sound and the Story, now on Podcast Advocate Network.

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“The richness of the stories and backstory behind each album is a joy to listen to and makes you appreciate the artist and music on a whole new level. Would recommend to any music fan, whether you know the albums or not.” — iTunes review by njamin1414

Season two will continue merging personal stories and anecdotes with the stories hidden in the lyrics and feature many listener requests plus a new type of episode, the 7" Single Series, that goes into one song by a lesser known artist (and maybe even an interview with that artist too). The first episode, which drops September 3, 2018, focuses on David’s absolute all-time favorite band, Jawbreaker: how they started in the East Bay punk scene (alongside Green Day and others), how selling out was a capital offense, singer and guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach’s poetry, the band’s reunion, and seeing them for the first time. The much-requested second episode is a surprise for listeners, except for the following clue: “I can’t stand my own mind.”

“Drawing on his own experience while expertly providing those of the artists he examines, Kallison truly brings something new to the podcast world, and something I’m going to continue to follow.” —iTunes review by rayt206

David Kallison is a fledgling writer and creative entity in Austin, Texas. For food money, he does communications for an education nonprofit. He is currently working on a novel, which he hopes to finish before the apocalypse arrives and reinstates dinosaurs as the dominant species on Earth.

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