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Signed, Venus hits the road


Created and written by Serena Rahhal and Reese Patterson, and featuring the voices of Rin, Michael McKitt, Jamie Kim, Shari McNeill, and Audio Verse Award winner Emma Sherr-Ziarko of Wolf 359, Signed, Venus is about a pair’s journey to uncover the identity of an anonymous, travelling writer.

Set in the fictional country of Conclaire, a setting marked by isolated, distinctly cultured towns that have only a travel taboo in common, the only way for residents of Coast Venus to learn about the rest of the country is by reading Signed, Venus, an ongoing series of journals written by a convention-breaking traveller known as The Writer.

When Hayden, Signed, Venus’s biggest fan and most astute reader, becomes convinced that the latest instalment contains a hidden invitation to find The Writer, they persuade their partner Kameron to join them on a fun and light-hearted quest to track The Writer down. Along the way, they meet many of the colourful characters that The Writer thought to record in their journals, and soon begin to realize that things may not all be as the traveller made them seem.

“Working on Signed, Venus has been an opportunity to think about storytelling and all of its potential and limitations,” says Rahhal. “The Writer may be The Writer, but they’re far from the only storyteller in Conclaire. Signed, Venus explores the places where different stories rub up against each other; where they overlap, and where they veer off in wildly different directions.”Patterson adds, “We’re really, really lucky to have such a wonderful and brilliant cast to bring Conclaire to life.”


Signed, Venus is an audio drama podcast. A mystery road trip show with a touch of the fantastic and the fallacious. Signed, Venus is available on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, podcast apps, and as YouTube videos. Visit our website at

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Signed, Venus
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