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Maiven announces the first self-service AI-powered video testing platform

Press Release · Wixom, MI, USA ·

Maiven, a leader in AI-powered video testing software, has launched a Beta version of its latest release that helps video creators learn how their audience will respond before publishing their video content. Cutting-edge facial recognition detects and tracks five key human emotions (calm, surprised, happy, unhappy, confused), second-by-second. Advanced eye tracking overlays heat maps that reveal where viewers’ collective eye gaze is concentrated the most, second-by-second. “Traditional focus groups are slow, costly, and often skewed with unwanted bias. Maiven strips all of that away and reveals how viewers feel about the stimulus and what they notice the most,” said Kishen Kavikondala, Maiven CEO.

Tested for Marketers, by Marketers

As marketers and creators’ reliance on video continues to increase, Maiven set out to develop an easy, cost-effective way to learn how viewers will react to video content, allowing for an opportunity to make changes to a video to ensure it will be as effective as possible. “We tested a 1-minute video for a work boot company. Through the emotional response and eye gaze data, we learned that our audience was too focused on the power tools that happened to be in the video, “ said Adam Wilson, Founder of ad agency D/CAL. “Our Maiven post-survey indicated that our audience thought it was an ad for a power tool brand. So, we re-edited it with more focus on the boots. It’s like if Survey Monkey did focus groups for videos. It’s that easy.”

One of Maiven’s key differentiators is that it intentionally doesn’t offer the predictive analysis that other platforms do, making Maiven the most affordable AI-powered video testing platform available. “Maiven will not predict future sales of your product like other platforms claim they can do. Instead, we have invested in an advanced generative AI solution that gives our customers the emotional response and eye gaze data they need to determine how best to optimize their video content at a cost many times lower than our competition,” added Mr. Kavikondala.

Unlocking Insights: Discover Your MaivenMoment™

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As part of the free downloadable report from each video test is a unique feature the company calls “your MaivenMoment™” - the exact second in a video where the emotional response piques and the exact second where the highest concentration of audience eye gaze was detected. “It often surprises people when they see their MaivenMoment™. Sometimes, they think the heat map will show that their brand mark was seen, only to find that the audience has 
noticed something else entirely. We truly are at the forefront of delivering real, actionable, insights,” said Sundhar Sarma, Maiven’s Director of Product Development.

Maiven offers complimentary beta accounts with three free tests, requiring no credit card information. Soon, users will have the flexibility to purchase single tests for $125 each, opt for “Test Blocks” bundling multiple tests, or subscribe to the top-tier monthly plan priced at $1200 per month, allowing for up to 15 tests per month.

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