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New Creative Audio Platform 'Almost Tangible' Announces Premiere of Macbeth

PRESS RELEASE — November 6, 2018

‘All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, thane of Glamis!’


Power, war and betrayal- Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the iconic tragedy we all think we know. Almost Tangible’s new audio production creates an atmospheric experience unlike anything else. Recorded on location at Glamis Castle, Scotland, where Shakespeare set his story, this immersive audio drama is presented by a full cast of actors who gave physical performances, and employs the latest technology in sound recording techniques. ‘If you hear a dungeon, we’re in a dungeon. If you hear a river, we’re walking by a river.’ – James Robinson, Macbeth

Fully immersive and packed with real emotion, this is a new sensory experience for listeners.

Duration: 1 hour 58 mins in 4 parts / Directed by: Carl Prekopp / Free to download

Almost Tangible


At Almost Tangible we are harnessing the power of technology and the talent of some of the world’s finest artists, directors and technicians to bring you audio experiences unlike anything you have heard before. Our creative approach challenges traditional audio book platforms and creates a new category, the immersive audio experience. Our productions create immersive soundscapes which place the listener at the heart of the action. What you hear sounds real, because we take inspiration from the creative process of film-making, and produce on this scale, on location, employing new immersive sound recording techniques. We use binaural sound recording, which has re-emerged as the premier way of recording audio. Using dual microphones, it mimics the shape of the human head which gives the sound a sense of depth and reality as if the action is happening all around you. Each production is a collaboration with a full cast of actors, who move and breathe the script as they capture the narrative, this is storytelling like nothing else.

Founder Charlotte Melén says: ‘We’re building a community of actors, producers, directors and creatives who want to collaborate, experiment and do things differently. We’re on a mission to transform the audiobook category and immerse our listeners in new worlds - to do so we immerse ourselves. We record on location to create an authentic atmosphere and soundscape. We work as an ensemble, giving everyone the space and time to experiment. We capture everything using binaural technology that records spherically in 360 degrees, just like our ears are designed, and this gives listeners an entirely new aural experience.’

Following the release of Macbeth, Almost Tangible is developing new scripts specifically for audio drama.

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Almost Tangible: Macbeth
By Almost Tangible Ltd


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