Rock Podcasters, Fans, and Members of Korn, Winger, Danzig, Tesla, Angel, Starz, and More Descend on Nashville for ROCKNPOD Weekend

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Nashville TN, USA—The Nashville ROCKNPOD Expo, now in its second year, returns to town this August with an expanded guest list and related events. ROCKNPOD Weekend starts with the ROCKNPOD Preparty featuring Frank Dimino and Punky Meadows of Angel, Tora Tora, Ron Keel, and Greg Mangus All-Stars performing at Mercy Lounge on Friday August 24th. The ROCKNPOD Expo takes place the following day (Saturday August 25th) at the Nashville Palace and features guests including current and former members of Korn, Winger, Danzig, Starz, Tesla, Keel, Angel, Tora Tora, and many more. The expo includes panel discussions, autograph sessions, vinyl/memorabilia vendors, and over 25 rock podcasts from all over North America recording on-site. The ROCKNPOD Afterparty takes place at The Basement that evening (08.25.18) and features performances by Black Heiron (Detroit), Neverwake (Pittsburgh), Jacob Cade (Denver), and Nashville’s own Denman. ROCKNPOD Weekend wraps up Sunday August 26th at Zanies with a comedy show featuring Craig Gass (King of Queens/Family Guy/Howard Stern), Earl Skakel (Comedy Central Roast Battle/Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here), and Courtney Cronin Dold (Writer, TBS, Comedy Central).


ROCKNPOD is the brainchild of BJ Kramp and myself. BJ hosts the awesome Rock and/or Roll Podcast and I co-host the Decibel Geek Podcast. After becoming friends with a number of other rock podcasts we always kept coming back to the same query; "Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all meet up?? Then, we thought about crowdfunding a podcaster meetup through our respective listenerships. That idea led to us deciding on Nashville as a good location to do the meetup. From there, it seemed natural to invite some of the rock-related guests that we’ve had on our shows to come to do interviews with some of the podcasters. On top of that, it seemed that the general public might like to see these rock stars and learn about podcasting. From there, we figured it would be cool to bring in vinyl and memorabilia vendors. ROCKNPOD was born in the most organic way.

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About Rock Podcasting - In today’s musical landscape, rock music (ie. guitar-based) is quickly being pushed off the mainstream radar. Mainstream radio promotes rock from a nostalgic point of view; choosing to focus on a handful of hits from classic bands and all but ignoring young, up-and-coming talent. Rock podcasting fills that gap.

Rock podcasts are hosted by true fans of the music and the following that many of these shows have is a testament to that passion. No longer “just a hobby,” rock podcasting is quickly becoming the go-to place for classic rock bands as well as young, guitar-based talent for spins, exposure, and promotion.

The audience reach of podcasts participating in this year’s expo numbers in the hundreds of thousands with TOTAL AUDIENCE DOWNLOAD NUMBERS IN THE TENS OF MILLIONS.

ROCKNPOD is now in its second year in Nashville. The first year was a definite success; bringing in over 25 podcasts from all over North America, numerous rock-related musicians and personalities for panel discussions, signing sessions, and interviews with the podcasts as well as vinyl and memorabilia vendors. Numerous friendships were made and the loose atmosphere made it a day to remember. That brings us to 2018.


The weekend kicks off on Friday August 24th at Mercy Lounge in downtown Nashville for the ROCKNPOD PREPARTY featuring Frank Dimino and Punky Meadows of Angel, Tora Tora, Ron Keel, and Greg Mangus All Stars. It’s going to be an incredible night of music! PLEASE NOTE - If you purchase a ticket for the ROCKNPOD PREPARTY you get automatic admission into the ROCKNPOD EXPO the following day! (This deal only available through 08.15.2018).

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The ROCKNPOD EXPO takes place Saturday August 25th at the legendary Nashville Palace! Over 25 rock podcasts recording on site! Rock musicians and celebrities including current/former members of Angel, KORN, Winger, Tesla, Tora Tora, Starz, Beautiful Creatures, Bang Tango, Kik Tracee, Loudness, KEEL, and more! Panel Discussions, Signing Sessions, and Pics with your favorite celebrities! Vinyl and Memorabilia dealers selling the best in Rock Merchandise! More guests to be announced as we get closer to the expo date! ROCKNPOD EXPO is sponsored by Blind Tiger Record Club, Rock Rage Radio, School of Rock Nashville, and School of Rock Franklin.

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The ROCKNPOD AFTERPARTY takes place at The Basement in downtown Nashville directly after the ROCKNPOD EXPO on Saturday August 25th! The Afterparty features Nashville’s own Denman, Jacob Cade, NeverWake and Black Heiron from Detroit to shred the walls down! The ROCKNPOD AFTERPARTY is presented by Rock Rage Radio and will be kicked off with a special appearance by Ralph Viera and Ian Wadley of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast!

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Closing out the weekend is ROCKNPOD COMEDY NIGHT! This awesome night of laughs featuring Craig Gass, Earl Skakel (Inappropriate Earl Podcast), and Courtney Cronin Dold (Pop! Podcast) takes place at Zanies Nashville on Sunday August 26th. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:30pm. Expect LOTS of KISS-related comedy at this event!

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Complete ROCKNPOD Expo Guest List (As of 07.13.18) - Subject to change

Brian “Head” Welch (Korn)

Troy Luccketta (Tesla)

Eerie Von (Danzig)

Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino (Angel)

Paul Taylor (Winger)

Tora Tora (Full Band)

Ron Keel (KEEL)

Brendan Harkin (Starz)

Gary Corbett (KISS, Cinderella)

Anthony Focx (Vince Neil, Beautiful Creatures)

Michael Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness)

Drew Fortier (Bang Tango)

Stephen Shareaux (Kik Tracee)

Danny Farrow (Punky Meadows)

Andre Labelle (Vinnie Vincent, Robert Fleischman)

Michael Wagener (Producer - Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Dokken, Warrant, etc)

Toby Wright (Producer - Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Sevendust, KISS, Alice in Chains)

Thom Hazaert (EMP Records)

Jacob Cade (Guitarist/Vocalist)

Craig Gass (Comedian, Family Guy, Howard Stern)

Earl Skakel (Comedian, Comedy Central Roast Battle, Showtime’s ‘I’m Dying Up Here)

Courtney Cronin Dold (Comedian/Writer TBS, Comedy Central, Pop! Podcast)

Taco Mouth (Nashville-Area Band)

mmhmm (Nashville-Area Band)

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