The Ringer announces new Spotify-exclusive podcast, Ringer FC: Stadio

The Ringer announces new Spotify-exclusive podcast, Ringer FC: Stadio

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  • The Ringer has announced a new Spotify-exclusive podcast to its lineup, Ringer FC: Stadio. Hosts Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga will move their existing show to The Ringer’s Ringer FC Feed on June 22.
  • Ringer FC: Stadio will be available starting on June 22nd for free on Spotify as well as other podcast platforms. On July 6th the podcast will be exclusive to Spotify.
  • Hunn and Okwonga have previously hosted The Stadio Podcast, and will continue their unique show, now as a part of The Ringer Podcast Network to cover the world of football. Hunn and Okwonga will also be writing about football for The Ringer’s website.
  • Twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, a new Ringer FC: Stadio podcast will publish where the hosts will weigh in on the biggest storylines shaping Europe’s biggest football leagues, with an emphasis on England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and Germany’s Bundesliga. Their backgrounds in the fields of literature and music will make Ringer FC: Stadio a cross-cultural conversation full ofpop culture references across TV, movies and music.
  • Hunn and Okwonga are both Berlin-based Brits and the pair began working together on The Stadio Podcast in August 2019. Avoiding the usual match by match round-up format, Ringer FC: Stadio will move fluidly through various leagues and topics in the men and women’s game.
  • Okwonga is a writer, poet and musician, who has written about football, politics and race for ESPN, The Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times and many more. He has authored two novels about football and a children’s book about Raheem Sterling, with two more books due in 2021.
  • Hunn moved into football, initially in a podcast production role, following a background in music and production. He has produced and overseen the creative side of The Stadio Podcast, and has already written for The Ringer and guested on Ringer FC.

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